Kotak Demat Account – Find Opening Process, Charges, AMC & more

Kotak Demat Account is a three-in-one Demat Account which includes Kotak Trading Account, and also its Bank Account aswell.

Being one of the most sought after financial organization in the country, Kotak Securities have a lot of services and facilities to offer to its clients in the stock brokerage arena.

The article below is a detailed analysis of the Demat and trading account offerings and the services of the same provided by Kotak Securities.

The article will include the details of Demat account, the process of opening a Demat and trading account with Kotak Securities, its features and charges and also about the benefits.

With a customer base of more than 12 lakhs, it is one of the biggest brokerage houses in the country as well.

Kotak Securities Offers

Kotak Demat Account

The Kotak Securities Demat Account comes in different types to suit the needs of the different clients and the traders.

There are eight kinds of Demat accounts that one can open as per the requirement.

  • The first is Auto Invest which is for the investments to be done in Gold ETFs. The advisors of Kotak Securities suggests schemes which are according to the risk profile of the investor.
  • Kotak Gateway is the Demat account for the Beginners with a lot of trading options and facilities like call and trade, SMS alert, news, and market reports and many other features.
  • Then comes the Kotak Privilege Circle which is for the traders who can keep margin money more than Rs.10,00,000 (in cash or stocks). This is for elite clients.
  • Kotak Freedom is an account for all kind of Mutual Fund investments.
  • Kotak Super Saver is a Demat account type where the brokerage charges are fixed and flat and the margin requirement is super low.
  • Then comes the PMS account where the investments of the clients holding these accounts are monitored and managed by the financial professionals who are experts in this niche.
  • The seventh type of Demat account offered by Kotak Securities is NRI Accounts where the NRI can invest in the investment vehicles of nation. It is an online trading platform.
  • Trinity Account is the three-in-one account that is offered by the Kotak Securities where all three accounts are linked together and are with Kotak only. This makes the fund transfer smooth and safe to a great extent.

Advantages of opening Kotak Demat account

  • You get to trade a wide variety of trading and investment options with the Kotak Bank Demat Account. There are mutual funds, equities, currencies, commodities, options and futures and even in IPOs.
  • There are more than 1400 branches of Kotak Securities in the country where the clients can visit ain regard to any of the issues they are facing, though everything is available online, and issues can also be resolved online.
  • The Demat account of Kotak Securities has in-built SMS alert facilities, periodical research and analysis reports are available to market pointers and stock recommendations are always available for use.
  • There is also a chat facility that you get directly from the trading terminal to chat with the customer care personnel in order to solve any of your issues or queries regarding trading.
  • An easy integration facility is provided to link different banks with the trading and Demat account for easy and flawless fund transfer.

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How to Open Kotak Demat Account?

To Open Kotak Securities Demat Account, you need certain documents which are –

  • PAN Card
  • Photographs
  • Bank Details – Cancelled Cheques
  • DOB
  • Address Details

The process of opening the account is very simple, and you need to –

  1. Click on the “Open Demat Account” button here on this page and you will get a pop-up form that you need to fill and submit.
  2. Once the form is filled and submitted, then you need to upload the scan copy of the documents mentioned above.
  3. Once these two steps are successfully completed, then you can expect a call from the Kotak securities executives and they will guide you about the remaining account opening process.
  4. Complete the process and verification of the application and the documents will be done at Kotak Securities and once your application is approved after verification, you will get your login details for the Demat account.


Kotak Demat Account Charges

The Kotak Securities Account Opening Charges is nil. Yes, there is no charge for opening the Demat account with this brokerage house.

In fact, there is no charge for opening any three of the account which are Kotak Demat Account Charges, Trading, and Bank account.

The Kotak Securities Demat account is opened under the depositories – CDSL and NSDL. So you get the best place for your shares and they are safe in these depositories.

Kotak Securities AMC & other charges

Take a look at this table to get better idea of charges levied by Kotak Securities:

Account HeadRateMinimum Payable
DematerialisationRs.50/- per request and Rs.3/- per certificate
RematerialisationRs.10/- for 100 sharesRs. 15/-
Debit Transactions0.04% of the value of securitiesRs. 27/-
Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)Rs. 50/-per month for Resident Indian
Rs. 75/-per month for NRI
Pledge Charges0.05% of the value of securitiesRs. 30/-
Invocation of Pledge0.04% of the value of securitiesRs. 30/-
Charge for Client Master change intimationRs.25/-

The Kotak Securities AMC or annual maintenance charge is Rs. 500 for the Trading account and Rs. 300 for the Demat account.

However, the maintenance charge for the Demat account can be waived off if there are offers that are frequently provided by the brokerage house.

However, if compared to another big brokerage house, most of them do not charge any maintenance for the trading account but Kotak does, but it provides services as well worth the fee you pay.

Kotak Trading Account

The Kotak Trading Account is a must for trading any investment options that are available with the brokerage house. The margin money that you need to keep in the trading account is Rs. 25000 as the minimum.

This can go up to Rs. 1000000 and above depending upon your transactions. The margin can be kept in form of stocks as well.

So, there is no restriction that you have to keep only cash in order to trade, you can use the stocks you have in your account for purchasing other stocks.


Kotak Securities Demat Account – Conclusion

The Kotak Securities Demat Account provides a world of opportunities for the traders – whether they are beginners or pro-traders, there are various Demat accounts and facilities in them that they can opt for as per their requirements.

Kotak Securities is undoubtedly one of the famous stock brokerage houses in the country and that is evident from its huge customer base.

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  • April 11, 2020 at 12:57

    Want to open demat account .Already saving account is in kotak. Did not understand that Rs 25000 should be in trading account. And i am the beginer. Please Clarify.
    Sanjay Das


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