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Traders of these days are more open to online trading. In fact, they feel at ease to conduct the trading online as it gives them the liberty to trade at their own convenience.

Today you can see that some of the best trading platforms like KIFS Odin Trading Terminal are light and super interactive. Therefore it is not time-consuming. At the same time let the traders garner all sorts of development pertaining to the trading industry.

Indeed the KIFS has overwhelmed the traders with its underlined features and highlighted advantages. Hence, let’s get a glance of its outstanding performance in the trading arena.

Kifs Trade Offers

KIFS Odin Trading Terminal Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

KIFS Odin Trading Terminal Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.2/10
Usability 7.1/10
Features 7.2/10
Speed 7.1/10
Performance 7.1/10
Overall Ratings 7.1/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About KIFS Odin Diet Terminal

Traders do seek EXE Based platforms that should be authentic and at the same time simple enough to comprehend.

In that context, the name KIFS Odin Diet Terminal always steals the limelight with its revolutionized notion of investing and trading. Indeed, it is one of the well-accepted technology-oriented top-notch trading platforms in the market so far.

Worthy to mention that today the KIFS Odin Trading Terminal apprises the traders for being the smartest, knowledgeable and analytical platform in India.

Their ultimate attempt is to devise an innovative web-trading platform with high-end attributes which would make the trading experience easy for the retail traders.

The KIFS Trading Terminal turned out to be the updated trading platform in the entire country. In fact, it has enriched its interface with rich tools and learning devices that endeavors to make any trader technically aware of the functionality of each of the tools.

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    KIFS Trading Terminal – Top Features

    The KIFS Odin Diet Terminal has few sets of remarkable features let’s go through the following to know about that.

    Offers easy and smart trading

    The EXE Based platform is a boon to the modern online traders because they inspire the traders to learn to trades and scrutinize that in a professional way. Thus in a way, they help the traders to trade easily and smartly

    Learn strategy

    There are traders who usually trade based on guesswork. However, the KIFS trading platform won’t allow you trade on hypothesis because the available trading tools are very much useful and functional which help you create your own trading strategy based on facts and data.

    Let your research

    As you roll up on the EXE Based platform you will see all sets of handy tools and features that ease the task of carrying out research as well

    Personalized tips and tricks

    Suppose as a trader you are new to the platform but no need to ponder or need to get handy tips from other traders. As the intuitive and interactive interface allows you to customize your own tips. In addition to that, you have the freedom to access any type of tools you need to reach the pinnacle of profit.

    Link with social media

    Indeed it is one the first EXE Based platform that gives you a chance of linking with your social media accounts. In fact, you can use the platform as your own tool to escalate growth.

    You can share easily and freely by networking with a large number of contacts at a time. Thus, it also facilitates you to increase online visibility by sharing your trading tips. And at the same time come to know about the trading tips of the other potential traders as well.

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    How to Set-up KIFS Odin Diet Terminal

    In order to activate the KIFS Odin Diet you have to go through the some of the vital steps below:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is type the kifstradecapital.com.
    2. Then once you land up on the site and visit the download section. There you will come across the option Odin diet set up for individual user Just click that.
    3. Else you can directly visit the link https://kifstradecapital.com/download/.
    4. Once you visit the download URL it will start downloading on your system.
    5. You have to Save the https://kifstradecapital.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/CLI32BIN_SP21_MIG_Setup.exe
    6. In order to start the set up just press double click on the -Diet-Setup.exe file.
    7. Once you are done, you will come across the Odin Ribbon Diet set up wizard. There you will see the next option just click that.
    8. Then accept the license agreement
    9. Once done choose the installation type like for you or for everybody.
    10. Select the desired one and then press next.
    11. Once you are done it will show that the Odin Ribbon Diet is getting installed on the computer.
    12. In the process, you will see that it shows extracting files from the archive. Eventually you will see copying new files.
    13. Finally, you will see an icon appears showing that the installation has been done.
    14. But you will also get one option repair Microsoft Visual C++2010* 86 redistribute to its original state.
    15. Once you saw that just click it and then press Next. Then you will see it shows repair is complete.
    16. Thus you will see the Odin Diet appear as a shortcut icon on the desktop.

    How to use KIFS Trading Terminal?

    Now using the KIFS Odin is very easy.

    1. First, you have already installed it.
    2. As mentioned in the set-up it appears as the short icon on the desktop.
    3. Just click that.
    4. Once you click the Odin diet then enter the User code and the password.
    5. Then click portion security download to assure all the options are ticked. If so then automatically the software will update the copy.
    6. Once done you have to enter the two-factor authentication password which you will receive during the time of opening the account.
    7. Now when you enter you will two option one is the INT and the other is the broadcast.
    8. Make sure that both the INT and broadcast are green.
    9. Like this, you can go exploring to check your orders.

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    Advantages of KIFS Odin Trading Terminal

    • It is light in weight, secure and simple web trading application.
    • It does not put a restriction on the trader that they have to trade on a particular domain. On the contrary, the traders can choose any trading sector like BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX.
    • The trading application ODIN Diet is most sought in the particular trading segment like the MCX.
    • It leverages the traders by offering a flawless integration with another type of apps like the Analysis, News, Advance charting, Back office, E mutual fund as the E Ipo.
    • It is well integrated with the back office and depository account.
    • The trader does not have to take the hassle of selecting any product prior to placing the order.
    • The trader can get to see everything on a single screen. That means he can get the view of the ledger balance, open positions, Demat account, margin available and used on that screen only.

    KIFS Odin Diet Terminal – Conclusion

    Thus, the KIFS Odin Diet is a well-known and powerful trading platform available for the desktop. Other than that the trading platform has the option of optimizing the bandwidth.

    In addition to that, traders don’t have to limit them when it comes to watching the scrips that means they can watch as many as they want actually.

    Unambiguously it is powerful because the trading platform is capacitated to handle connections from multiple servers at one time. It is significant to say that it is highly secured as well that means the trader has to pass two-level verification process before entering.

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