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The distinguished broking company that rose to popularity with its arrays of products and services is none but the Arihant Capital.

Users having the Arihant Demat Account, will surely turn out fruitful for the investors, as they can explore various types of investment plans.

In fact, the investors, as well as traders, get the opportunity to access the robust online trading platforms, which are again a plus point for the Arihant Trading Account holders.

The company offers complete assistance based on research so that the customers can both manage and handle their portfolio very easily. So in this article will learn a more on the Arihant Demat.

Arihant Capital Offers

Arihant Demat Account

The Arihant Demat Account has sets of positive sides let’s get to it at once:

Upgraded charts option

You will get an option called the advance charting and according to this, you will get a detail view about the performance of the particular site.

Access GTD order

As per this facility, the investor can both purchase and sell the order at a particular time according to the validity as mentioned by the user.

Bracket order facility

This is a wonderful benefit for the Demat account holders because the investor can place the actual order in addition to the square-off profit and the stop loss.

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    How to Open Arihant Demat Account?

    In order to Open Arihant Demat Account, the user need to keep the tap on the following points.

    1. Click on the link below that says “Open Demat Account”.
    2. A Pop-up will appear, Fill up the Pop-up form with your correct details.
    3. You will get a call from Arihant KYC team.
    4. They will guide you & will share a EKYC Link
    5. You have to submit all the details and the KYC proof.
    6. Make sure that you upload the voters id, PAN and the Adhaar card.
    7. Once you are done with the upload process, you will receive a call from the end of the company.
    8. The relationship manager will get in touch with you over phone to verify the details you submitted are true to the submission or not.
    9. Once the process is completed you will have your Demat or the trading account ready in just 15 minutes.

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    Arihant Demat Account Charges

    Arihant Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] NIL
    Trading AMC [Yearly] NIL
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 100
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs 412 + GST
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The Arihant Account Opening Charges has been fixed with an assurance that the company is going to charge nothing from the investors.

    In other words you can say that it is free and that seriously opens the closed door for all those Demat aspirants who had been thinking long to have the account.

    But on the other end, the company has decided to charge a fixed amount for having the Demat account. And this amount equals Rs.412 + GST which is again charged on a yearly span as the Arihant Demat Account Charges.

    Now about highlighting the minimum amount which was considered to be the ceiling is also quite less which is only 75% Margin.

    Therefore if you compare the margin amount you will see that their charge is quite less. Other than that, you will also get the opportunity to dematerialise the solid shares without a bit of any doubt.

    Arihant AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Arihant Capital AMC is definitely designed keeping in mind those hundreds of account -openers who are willing but due to some financial hitch, they are stepping back. Therefore, to solve the dilemma they decided to charge nothing from the account holders. The Demat AMC is Rs. 412 + GST.

    That means the initial amount for opening the account is made free of cost. However, there is one more bonus for the traders as well because the annual maintenance charge for the trading account holders is also made free as well.

    Therefore, you can imagine that it is a real win-win situation for the account holders who are planning to have the account.

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    Arihant Trading  Account

    The Arihant Trading Account is known for its lots of advantages but gets a glimpse of some.

    Easy fund transfering

    The traders don’t need to worry at all because they can easily link their own accounts with the trading account without hassle for transferring funds. That means traders can actually transfer amount from twenty-five banks.

    Live quotes

    The advanced trading app Ari trade aware the traders with real-time quotes directly obtained from the market.

    Multiple order types

    As the trader you can enjoy different types of orders which include the cover order, basket, spread, normal as well as aftermarket orders.

    Get notification

    Traders can get the notification directly to their email address which alerts them regarding the share market.

    Arihant Capital Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Arihant Capital Demat Account is certainly a great addition for any investor or trader. In simple words it has actually eased the entire trading process because traders can place orders for the equities as well as the derivatives without any trouble.

    On top of that, traders will also get the chance to check out their portfolio on a real-time basis. The company uniquely deals with each and every customer as they have a conviction that a steady relationship will help them excel in the coming future.

    In fact, the professional relationship manager confirms that the service is customized according to the desired requirement of the customers.

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