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This article will talk about the Alankit Demat account and trading account opening charges. If you need detailed information about the charges and, in case you cannot understand the benefits of having this account, then you need to read this article thoroughly.

We have provided all the necessary information which you need to know before you are going to open the Alankit trading account.

This company has embraced the technology with the best possible measure. The motive is to transform their operation as per the present industry standards.

Alankit Assignments Offers

Alankit Demat Account

Upon opening the Alankit Demat account, you will receive numerous benefits that will help make trading easier for you.

Some of the primary advantages of this Demat account are mentioned below:

Trading tips: You must be aware of the future outcomes before investing in any stock market plans. Alankit have been doing this business for many years as of now and they have an expert team and this is why they can help you to determine the profit of yours.

They will provide the necessary tips and research information so that you can take the best deal. The broking house will furnish you with the SMS and mail facility.

Through SMS and mail, the executives will send you the tips and you can follow their recommendation for a better opportunity.

Online trading facility: The stock market is changing every now and then. Therefore, it is the company’s responsibility to keep you updated with tech, in order to help you use the trading facilities from anywhere.

The company has taken care of all such tech facilities. In this way, you can get the best of opportunities.

Simple investment procedure: If you can open a Demat account with this broking house, then you don’t need to worry about the long investment procedure. The process is simplified, thus saving your time.

Apart from this, you can buy and sell shares and you can also invest in mutual funds within a short period of time.

If all of the above mentioned benefits take up your interest, we suggest you finalize this company as your stock broker.

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    How to Open an Alankit Demat Account?

    If you are willing to open Alankit Demat account, then you need to know that the process is quite simple and easy. You need to follow some simple steps which are mentioned below to open your account.

    1. You need to watch out for a green button which contains the text “Open a Demat account”.
    2. When you click on that button and fill in some details, the company will be notified and a company’s executive will contact you via phone.
    3. He would then share a link with you for EKYC, open up the link to find a form enclosed.
    4. Input all your details in the opening form letter of a Demat account. Remember to provide only correct information about yourself.
    5. You will have to enter in some details, i.e. the Aadhaar number, PAN number, and your date of birth. After that, you have to submit this form to get approval.
    6. The form will eventually require of you to enter in the bank details, which include Account number and IFSC.
    7. Then you will get a call from the brokerage service provider and they will fix a meeting with you or they will ask you to upload the KYC documents.
    8. You need to upload the scanned copy of voter Id card, aadhaar card, pan card to complete the process, along with passport size photo, and cancelled cheque.
    9. Once you complete this, the broking house will complete their verification process.
    10. Upon the completion of verification, then they will send you the credentials. By using your username and password, you can access your Demat account.

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    Alankit Demat Account Charges

    Alankit Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] Rs 0 (Free)
    Trading AMC [Yearly] Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time] Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs. 500 + 18% GST
    Margin Money Rs.20,000 Minimum
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The Alankit Account Opening Charges are Rs.0. It is because there still exist a number of broking houses which offer an account with Rs.100 otherwise nil as compared to the excess of Alankit Demat Account Charges.

    Users need to maintain the minimum margin money which is Rs.20,000. CDSL and NSDL are the sources of reduced risk investment. The broking house will also provide dematerialization of the physical shares.

    Alankit AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Alankit AMC or annual maintenance charge is Rs. 500 + 18% GST. The users need to pay this every year in order to maintain their Demat account properly.

    The company will not charge anything to maintain the trading account. In fact, the broking house will offer you a free trading account opening facility but if you are willing to open a Demat account, then you have to pay the required amount.

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    Alankit Trading Account

    Opting for an Alankit trading account will give you various benefits which are mentioned below.

    • This broking house offers a discounted brokerage fee, beneficial for making profits.
    • You can get professional advice from the experts and you can use them to get the best outcome.
    • The broking house has dedicated relationship managers who will help you solve any kind of problem during the time of trading.
    • They will provide you with the research reports which will help you to get a clear idea about the market. They have experienced professionals and analysts to make the displayed research report.
    • Alankit assignment also provides customized software services for their users by which you can get all the information and updates
    • If you are facing any kind of problem during the time of trading, then their online team will be there to help you.

    Alankit Assignment Demat Account – Conclusion

    Hence, it can be concluded that the broking house will give you many facilities and updated technology to help you in trading.

    Therefore, if you can open the Alankit Assignments Demat account, then you will enjoy the experience of trading and along with the added help of experts; you can maximize the profit of yours.

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