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Nirmal Bang ODIN is an exclusive trading platform from Nirmal Bang, which is primarily a Desktop Application. This trading terminal comes with all the necessary features and functionalities that a trader can hope for.

So, you can not only use this platform for stock trading, but also for checking up for all the recent trends in the stock trading industries.

Nirmal Bang Trading Terminal is the perfect culmination of the elongated experience of Nirmal Bang as a stock trading company with the IT industry for developing such an amazing tool.

You can feel the easy User Interface of the application, and most people agree that the platform is user-friendly. You can contact the dealer anytime, and it also has Payment Gateway integrated into it.

We will discuss the features section later. Overall, Nirmal Bang didn’t disappoint the clients by developing this incredible trading platform.

Nirmal Bang Securities Offers

Nirmal Bang ODIN Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Nirmal Bang ODIN Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.8/10
Usability 6.6/10
Features 6.7/10
Speed 6.8/10
Performance 6.8/10
Overall Ratings 6.7/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About Nirmal Bang Odin

Nirmal Bang ODIN is one of the most efficient Trading Terminals in India right now. Before we learn more about this fantastic desktop application, it is integral to know more about the maker – Nirmal Bang. It deals with an extensive range of stock trading products and services.

Such as equities, derivatives, commodities, currency derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, insurance, depository services, PMS, and many more.

The company is a full-service stockbroker operating since 1986. Now, about Nirmal Bang Trade; it is the first trading platform that the Mumbai-based company introduced.

So, even though they have developed other trading platforms like Nirmal Bang Beyond, which is a Mobile Trading App, and Nirmal Bang NET.NET, which is a Web Trading Platform, many of their clients still prefer Nirmal Bang ODIN over other trading platforms.

We will learn about the features they offer in this article, along with the detailed setting up process. We will also mention some of the significant benefits of using this trading terminal and conclude our final thoughts about ODIN.

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    Nirmal Bang Trading Terminal – Top Features

    When it comes to the stock trading amendments, Nirmal Bang ODIN has the best set of features to do robust stock trading. However, it is next to impossible to mention everything the trading terminal is offering.

    So, the following is a list of features that are worth mentioning:

    • You will not miss any significant moment as you can involve yourself with Multi Exchange Streaming Market Watch.
    • Now you can choose from NSE, BSE, NSEFO, NSE CDS & MCX, which apparently allow you to trade in numerous facilities with Nirmal Bang ODIN.
    • Nirmal Bang Trade has robust quick access features that will let you check the stock market status along with watchlists and trading.
    • Getting Live Reports of the stock market has never been so easy without Nirmal Bang ODIN.
    • Now you can track your investments with the help of this trading platform.
    • With this desktop application, you can see important stock market updates quickly. The likes of Intraday and Historical Charts will become much more comfortable to check.
    • ODIN comes with pre-installed Quick and Easy Intraday trading functionalities.
    • The Live Streaming feature is available in this trading platform, even if you use the Lite Mode.
    • This trading terminal has loads of customization options along with the features that deal with Multiple Market Watch.
    • Getting Instant News & Research Sections was never easy until you use Nirmal Bang ODIN.
    • There is a dedicated “Call to Dealer” option built into this trading platform. At the same time, you can locate branches effortlessly.
    • The safety and security of your account is our number one priority. Therefore, the trading terminal has ample security measures in-built that ensure peace of mind.
    • The trading platform offers flexible Watchlist options, which come with diversified parameters.

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    How to Set-up Nirmal Bang ODIN?

    Even though we don’t consider the steps to setup Nirmal Bang ODIN are difficult, we will still let you know as committed. So, here they are:

    1. First off, go to the Nirmal Bang Website, which is the official site of Nirmal Bang.
    2. On the main menu, click on the last option, which is “SUPPORT CENTER.”
    3. Then, the Support Center page will come up on your screen. From there, you need to scroll down the page a bit, and you should see “ODIN DOWNLOADS.”
    4. Below that option, you will see “ODIN Client” which has a link to download the setup file of the Desktop Application.
    5. Run the setup file and finish the installation.
    6. Once you open the application, you will see it will ask you for the login credential, which you will have to get from Nirmal Bang. For that, you need to open an account with them; we will discuss the steps for that later.
    7. After you finally get the login details, you can log in and create a 2FA password, that we suggest you should after periodically.
    8. Then you are all set to start trading.

    How to own Nirmal Bang Trading Terminal?

    It is mandatory for you to own three kinds of accounts before you start trading stocks. Those would be a Savings account, a Demat account, and a Trading account. Now, as Nirmal Bang doesn’t deal with any Banking activities, they can’t help you with the Savings account.

    However, Nirmal Bang offers free Demat and Trading accounts, while you can open Savings accounts from one of the banks nearby. Meanwhile, here is the account opening process. We will also discuss how you could own the Desktop Application as well:

    1. Click on the green button “Open Demat Account”
    2. You will see a poop-up form. You need to fill that out with prompt information and click on submit.
    3. Then you need to wait as one of the agents of Nirmal Bang will definitely give you a call and ask you about your interests.
    4. As you tell them that you want to open an account, you need to submit a bunch of relevant documents involving your KYC verification.
    5. Generally, it takes a day or two to complete the verification process. After that, you will get the login credential to use Nirmal Bang ODIN.
    6. Then the next step is to follow the entire setup process of Nirmal Bang ODIN. Once you log in, you can begin trading.

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    Advantages of Nirmal Bang ODIN

    Now once we have explained the features and the steps to install & use Nirmal Bang ODIN, it is the time you should know the significant benefits of using this trading terminal. So, here they are:

    • Multiple stock trading divisions with a seamless design.
    • A Multi Exchange Streaming Market Watch that feeds every critical moment.
    • You can trade in NSE, BSE, NSEFO, NSE CDS & MCX.
    • Access to the stock markets, watchlist, and trading deals quickly.
    • Live Reports to keep you up-to-date.
    • One-Click Investment tracking functionality.
    • Get Intraday and Historical Charts along with important stock market updates instantly.
    • Perform Intraday Trading quickly and efficiently.
    • Live Streaming feature.
    • Personalization and Multiple Market Watch.
    • Get Instant News & Research Sections with a single click.
    • Call to Dealer facility.
    • Locate Nirmal Bang branches.
    • Ensure fund transfers and withdrawals in a safe & secure environment.
    • Flexible editing and sorting for variable parameters on Watchlists.

    Nirmal Bang ODIN – Conclusion

    Our final thought about Nirmal Bang ODIN is very positive. We believe this trading platform has all the features and functionalities that an efficient trading terminal should have. You can trade effectively, and the application is user-friendly as well.

    But most importantly, the trading platform is backed by the supreme leaders in the stock trading industry – Nirmal Bang. So, therefore, it is definitely the right choice whether you are a newbie or an experienced stock trader.

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