Jainam Trading / Online Trading – Review, Process, Benefits, Charges & more

We present you this article to review Jainam Share Consultants, on one of their business attributes, the Jainam Trading services. So, we’ll elaborate these charges.

Moving ahead, we shall distinguish the formation of these charges on the basis of taxes and brokerage. Discussion about Jainam Online Trading is be kept on. So, just stay tuned and grasp as much as you can.

Jainam Share Consultants is a new broking house that has excelled to the top notch position swiftly. The company came in being in the year 2003. In less than two decades, they’re already hitting the a-list of Indian full service brokers.

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Jainam Trading and Benefits

Jainam Trading services have only one purpose, i.e. their purpose of benefitting the clients. So, we’ve prepared a list of all the benefits they offer:

  1. They do not charge even a single penny for opening a Trading Account.
  2. Moreover, they’ve simplified the entire account opening process. Therefore, you may expect a hassle free and convenient procedure.
  3. They are rather quick to respond to their clients’ complaints. In fact, they have one of the fastest grievance redressal time in the entire industry.
  4. They are one of the few companies to provide Robo Advisory. This is an AI based advisory system meant to help the traders with their trading experience.

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Jainam Trading Charges

Jainam Share Consultants Charges
Transaction Charges0.00325% of Total Turnover
STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

This part will be about Jainam Trading services. To be more precise, it’ll be about the taxes they impose on their clients:

  1. They include a tax in the form of SEBI Turnover Tax within their charges. This is imposed at the rate of 0.0002% over total turnover.
  2. They include another tax in the form of STT. This is otherwise known as Securities transaction tax. It’s incurred at the rate of 0.0126%.
  3. Another form of tax they incur over total turnover is Transaction Charge. This forms the highest imposition and, it’s imposed at the rate of 0.0325%.
  4. Then, there is an incursion of 18% GST. This is charged on the sum of brokerage and transaction charge together.
  5. Lastly, they impose the Stamp Duty. This is a variable amount. And, it’s incurred as per the laws of the state of business.

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Jainam Delivery Trading

Jainam Delivery Charges
Equity Delivery0.45%

Jainam Share Consultants Delivery Trading services are rated as one of the best in the industry. They provide their clients with all the relevant and apt research reports.

Moreover, they even provide proper tools to conduct exceptional analyses to the clients. They do it all for a minimal commission rate. We’re talking about a rate of merely 0.45%.

Jainam Intraday Trading

Jainam Intraday Charges
Equity Intraday0.06%

Intraday Trading is influenced by the Delivery Trading in many ways. It requires similar kind of research. It deals in same type of financial instruments and, even the overall process to conduct the trade here is same as Delivery Trading.

However, it’s still considered a lot harder than Delivery trading. That’s because of the time boundaries it puts on the traders. The traders must sell off all the bought shares in this trade within a day’s time.

This limits the time required for proper research substantially. That’s why most people tend to leave it out. Anyway, with Jainam Share Consultants Intraday Trading services, you won’t face such troubles.

That’s because the company readily offers proper research reports within time. You may avail these services at merely 0.06% commission rate.

Jainam Option Trading

Jainam Option Charges
Equity OptionsRs.150 per Lot

Jainam Share Consultants Options Trading services are a bit costly to avail. They’re available to the clients at a commission of Rs.150 per lot. However, the elevated price is justified to some extent due to the service quality.

These services cater to a very specific kind of trade requirements. In this domain of trading, traders deal in legal contract rather than equities. These contracts allow the traders to commence trade based on calculated presumptions.

In simple words, the units share price in this type of trade is predetermined. The predetermination of share price is done through share market research.

Jainam Futures Trading

Jainam Futures Charges
Equity Futures0.06%

There is yet another service similar to Jainam Share Consultants Options Trading, i.e. the Jainam Share Consultants Futures Trading services. Even these services enable the traders to trade in legal contracts.

However, these contracts are far more complicated than the former ones. They help in predetermination of unit share price as well as the date of trade. In simple words, these are forward legal contracts. All service related to this domain are being provided at 0.06% commission rate.

Jainam Currency Trading

Jainam Currency Charges
Currency OptionRs.50 per Lot
Currency Futures0.06%

Jainam Share Consultants Currency Trading services concern the Forex Trade division. These services provide the complete knowledge of global economy to the clients. Moreover, these even include personalized advisory for trading purposes.

They allow the traders to trade in currencies that are acknowledged for global trade. This means that a Currency Trader may buy, sell, hold and even exchange currencies at will.

However, this does require the traders to follow certain global exchange rates. That’s where these services come handy. They’re all available for Rs.50 per trade in Currency Options Trading services. For Currency Futures Trading services, they charge 0.06% per trade.

Jainam Commodity Trading

Jainam Commodity Charges
Commodity TradingNA

All the above segments are available for the traders to avail, at any time. The Jainam Share Consultants Commodity Trading is however not provided by the company. We hope the company will work on it in coming days and make this option available for traders as well.

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Jainam Online Trading Process

This part is of utmost importance. That’s when you’re interested in Jainam Online Trading process. We’ve tried to stay away from all complications and created a friendly and convenient way to help you through this process.

So, all you must do is follow each step with precision and in chronological order. You’ll end up making your first trade without breaking any sweat.

  1. The first step in this process is to get your hands on a Demat Account. So, just locate a button with “open demat account’ on it and press it. Let’s make this even easier for you. You’ll find this specific button right at the end of this section.
  2. After you click the button, you’ll notice a new page pop up. Take a close look as it contains blanks to be filled with your contact details. You must read the entire form and then fill it up accordingly. You’ll even need a few documents to prove the authentication of the information you provide.
  3. Submit the form and the documents and, just be patient. You’re basically waiting for a call from one of the company representatives. This call will get you your access codes to the new Demat Account.
  4. Login to the new account with the code. Then, change the default password provided by the company. This will grant you complete security for your account.
  5. The last step is to make the trade. For this, first create a watchlist with all your favorite stocks. Keep a close look on them all. Then, when the time feels right, select a specific stock and trade it in through the “buy / Sell’ Section of your profile.

Jainam Online Trading Platforms

There are a total of following Jainam Trading platforms. We’ve detailed them all underneath:

  • Jainam Trading Terminal: Jainam Share Consultants use third party software for this purpose, the NEST trader. It comes with many features. It has real-time streaming quotes. This helps in easy monitoring of stocks. Moreover, it even enables trading within single window across NSE, BSE and MCX. It is a fully customizable interface. This gives the traders complete freedom to change the look and feel of the software as per their will.
  • Jainam Share Consultants Web App: This is available by the name of Jainam Share App. It’s one of the rarest apps to support all Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. It comes with real time trade configuration for Currency, Derivatives and even Equities. It can even be used to keep a track of your Demat and Trading Accounts. In fact, it provides full details of ledger balance, stock status and even open positions

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Jainam Trading – Conclusion

We are very confident about Jainam Trading services. These services come with advanced trading platforms. The company even does not charge a fortune for them.

However, they do not have any service related to Commodity trading. So that’s somewhat of a problem. But, that’s totally fine if you do not trade in Commodities. Anyway, the decision to whether go with them or not is totally up to you now.

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