We believe our time will be well spent on reviewing the company. Therefore, we’ve come up with this article. We’ll review Kunvarji Finstock Trading services in here.

In fact, we’ll review a very specific part of their services. We’ll elaborate about their brokerage and other charges. We’ll establish all about Kunvarji Finstock Online Trading process. Also, we’ll even share some insights about their trading platforms.

Kunvarji Finstock is among the few financial advisory giants with a legacy these days. The company was established in 1960. It’s managed to do a lot more than just survive through all these years.

In fact, the company has grown into a truly gigantic corporation within the Indian financial trading industry. It operates from its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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Kunvarji Finstock Trading and Benefits

As already mentioned above, Kunvarji Finstock is a legend of a brand. Having survived the fierce competition for more than six decades is a great feat in itself. However, the company does not brag about it.

In fact, it goes on to provide a lot of benefits to its traders. We’ve enlisted some of the most lucrative ones right below:

  1. They’re known to provide apt and on time advisory through online and offline media alike. This enables their traders to fetch better profits from the market. In short, Kunvarji Finstock is masters at value creation through experience and market based insights.
  2. All of their trading platforms come equipped with state of the art tech. Moreover, the platforms are embedded with several advisory reports. And, the reports are curated through extraordinary research.
  3. The investment process they offer is a hassle free one. This helps the traders to save a lot of their valuable time.
  4. They have a dedicated market research and analysis team. And, the team is compiled of really hardworking and intelligent personnel. In short, this team ensures that the right analysis and reports reach the traders and investors at the rights time.

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    Kunvarji Finstock Trading Charges

    Kunvarji Finstock Charges
    Transaction Charges0.00315% of Total Turnover
    STT Charges0.0126% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
    Stamp Duty ChargesDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST Charges18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    Kunvarji Finstock is definitely one of the oldest financial advisors out there. However, that doesn’t change the way they impose certain charges on their clients. In fact, all of Kunvarji Finstock trading is combined of two things.

    We’re referring to the brokerage and taxes one need to pay. We’ve curated a list of all the taxes one must pay to the government through the company:

    1. The very first tax comes in the form of Transaction Charge. This is applicable at the rate of 0.00315% over total turnover.
    2. The second tax in line is that named STT. This one is even known as Securities Transaction Tax. And, it is incurred at the rate of 0.00126% over total turnover.
    3. Then comes the SEBI Turnover charge. Even this is obviously incurred on the total turnover. Anyway, the rate at which this is incurred is 0.0002%.
    4. Then comes the incursion of 18% GST. This is charged on the sum of brokerage and transaction charges altogether.
    5. And, at last, the company incurs a certain tax in terms of Stamp Duty. This is incurred unlike any other charge. And, it varies from state to state.

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    Kunvarji Finstock Delivery Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Delivery Charges
    Equity Delivery0.45%

    Delivery Trading refers to the trade across several stocks and multiple shares. The traders buy, deposit and then sell off the shares in this trading domain. Kunvarji Finstock trading services come as great help to the traders in this matter.

    The company provides traders with proper advisory and assistance in this. These services can be availed by paying a certain commission. We’re referring to 0.45% worth brokerage.

    Kunvarji Finstock Intraday Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Intraday Charges
    Equity Intraday0.05%

    Intraday trading is a lot similar to Delivery Trading. However, the time of trader is constrained in this matter. The traders must trade off the bought shares in this within a day.

    Therefore, getting professional help comes real handy here. Kunvarji Finstock Intraday Trading services do just that for the traders. In fact, the services can be easily availed at 0.05% worth brokerage rate.

    Kunvarji Finstock Option Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Option Charges
    Equity Options Rs.45 per Lot

    Options Trading is not that common amongst traders. However, its craze is definitely taking over the young minds. Kunvarji Finstock Options trading services prove to be very helpful in this matter.

    These services are available at a brokerage rate of Rs.45 per lot in terms of Equity Options. However, the Currency Options services are available at Rs.25 per lot.

    Kunvarji Finstock Futures Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Futures Charges
    Equity Futures0.05%

    Kunvarji Finstock Futures Trading services resemble the similar expertise as any other service of the company. These services are even available at 0.05% worth of brokerage rate.

    However, Futures Trading is not much similar to other trading patterns. The share prices in this domain are all predetermined along with date of trade. The determination of price and time is carried out post huge analysis of the market.

    Kunvarji Finstock Currency Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Currency Charges
    Currency OptionRs.25 per Lot
    Currency Futures0.05%

    Looking at the current growth in the Forex market, it’s safe to say that this trading domain is here to stay. Kunvarji Finstock Currency Trading services provide the best of assistance. The services can be availed at a brokerage rate Rs.25 per lot or 0.05%.

    Kunvarji Finstock Commodity Trading

    Kunvarji Finstock Commodity Charges
    Commodity TradingNA

    Commodity Trading is done only for a number of financial instruments. In fact, as the name suggests, the trade in this domain concerns real articles than paper bonds.

    The traded articles include a few agricultural products and industry grade metals. However, there are no services related to this domain available with Kunvarji Finstock.

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    Kunvarji Finstock Online Trading Process

    Using Kunvarji Finstock online trading services is merely a matter of a few clicks. We’re not being metaphoric in here. In fact, we’ve detailed the entire process just below. So, take a few moments to go through them all:

    1. This is basically a four step process. And, the first one is the easiest. For this one, you only need to locate and click on a particular button. This button you’re looking for is inscribed with ‘Open Account’ on it and, you can find it at the bottom of this section.
    2. The second step begins as soon as you click the aforementioned button. You’ll now get to a new page with a specific form. You must fill up the form with proper details. You must even submit a few documents with the form for verification. Here’s what you’ll need to submit:
      • A copy of your PAN Card.
      • A copy of your Voter’s ID Card.
      • Copy of your ADHAAR Card.
      • A copy of your passport sized image.
      • A copy of your bank account statement in the most updated format.
    3. The third step is to acquire a specific login credentials from the company. You can do so when they call you for your account’s confirmation. You must then use these credentials to log into the Demat Account.
    4. The last step is to visit the ‘Buy / Sell’ section. Here, you may select from the options in terms of preferred mode of trading. And, there you go! You’re already making trades.

    Kunvarji Finstock Online Trading Platforms

    Kunvarji Finstock online trading platforms are created with special care. These platforms are customer specific. This means that they cater most to the needs of the traders. Anyway, here are further details about the platforms:

    • Kunvarji Finstock Desktop Based Trading Platform: Kunvarji Finstock takes rather pride in their terminal based trading platform. This platform can be downloaded from the official website of the company. It’s optimized to function at exceptional speeds. This enables the traders to fetch better deals rather quickly. It allows to create push notifications for desktop screen. Moreover, traders may even customize to receive notification through email or SMS. These notifications appear for every significant occurrence related to a specific portfolio.
    • Kunvarji Finstock Web Browser Based Trading Platform: Kunvarji Finstock likes to call this one NETBRO. It allows the traders to perform all sorts of trading and analysis related tasks at ease. It does not even require any sort of installations. This gives it an edge to be used even on the go. It has the options for flash and real time notifications. Even the market watch can be customized using this software. It’s steady and smooth interface further enhances its performance.
    • Kunvarji Finstock Mobile Application Based Trading Platform: This is the Kunvarji Finstock mobile app. It can easily be found and installed through Playstore. It comes loaded with all features from both its counterparts and even can be used on the go. Therefore, it is one of the best options specifically for monitoring purposes. However, it is capable of performing all sorts of trades as well.

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    Kunvarji Finstock Trading – Conclusion

    We do not believe there is anything left to be said about Kunvarji Finstock Trading services. They have the experience of over 6 decades.

    They even inculcate their services with modern technology. In short, we believe they’re the perfect blend for traditional experience and new age technology.

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