In this article, we will dig into Jainam Demat Account, its benefits & more.

Jainam is a super one-stop solution for all your financial services that include equity trading, commodity trading, research and analysis, advisory services for wealth management, e-KYC, and brokering.

Having launched services in 2000, JSC, as a top Indian financial institution, wishes to uplift the common people by teaching them how to invest, grow, and manage wealth wisely.  Since 2000, JSC has grown to a huge extent by 2019.

Join the full-service company with a Jainam Demat Account and gain access to excellent trading chances through a Jainam Trading Account.

Jainam Share Consultants Offers

Jainam Demat Account

In the olden days before digital technology, shares were held in physical certificates. Soft records of shares or the dematerialized shares require a Demat account for online records. Online shares have many advantages compared to physical shares.

Jainam Demat Account would enable you to hold the soft records of shares. You also need a Trading Account for the purpose of buying and selling shares.

What would be the advantages of a trading account in terms of products and transaction methods?

  • Some of the products you can buy and sell through the exchange include Mutual Fund Schemes and Direct equity stocks along with other exchange-traded funds.
  • Transactions are done in several modes like the trading account, using the helpline, and giving instructions offline through the physical form filling.

Exceptional Features

  • Online transactions enable you to trade in mutual funds for purchase and redemption. Online mode deals in SIP, STP, and inter-AMC switches also.
  • You can avail of SIP options with Equity stocks and ETFs.
  •  Methods of online payment include Debit Cards and Net Banking.
  • Mutual fund SIPs can use ECS and Auto debit systems.
  • Convenient anytime, any location access is available for Online Trading Desk, Mobile Desk, and Mobile Application that works 24 hours.

Open Jainam Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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    How to Open Jainam Demat Account?

    Once you decide to Open Jainam Demat Account, you should proceed with a few simple steps.

    1. Both online and offline Demat account applications can be made. If you wish to open the account online, click on the “Open Demat Account” button. Clicking will open a pop-up form. Fill up this pop-up form.
    2. After filling the form, you will get a call from Jainam KYC Team. They will share an EKYC link with you.
    3. You have to upload AADHAAR Card, PAN Card & a cancelled cheque for account verification.
    4. Since you have to establish financial status, inform particulars of the Bank Name, Branch details, and your account number along with the branch IFSC code.
    5. Completing the form filling, uploading scanned documents, and receiving the call, the account is ready to be opened.
    6. The company provides credentials that you need to use to login to the account. The process of trading by buying and selling will commence now.

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    Jainam Demat Account Charges

    Jainam Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time]Rs 0
    Trading AMC [Yearly]Rs 0
    Demat Charges [One Time]Rs 0
    Demat AMC [Yearly]Rs. 708
    Margin RequiredRs.10,000 Minimum
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    With depository participants CDSL, Jainam Account Opening Charges will amount to Rs.0. When you open the trading account, you have to pay Rs. 0. The Dematerialization facility is available with Jainam.

    Jainam AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    In terms of the Demat account, Annual Maintenance Charges of Rs.708 is required to be paid once in a year. The charge of Rs. 708 has to be paid per annum.

    The trading account requires a minimum of Rs. 10000. You have to maintain a minimum of Rs. 10000 all the time in the trading account.

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    Jainam Trading Account

    Stock market trading being full of the risk factor, JSC professionals provide researched guidance to investors about safe trading practices and help reduce losses.

    Technology helps to analyze the market, and heeding their expert instructions rather than going it alone will be safer for traders.

    The truth is that wise decisions help create wealth, but mistakes can result in severe losses. Make it a point to follow safety policies according to company advice.

    Considering the extensive JSC network across the vast Indian nation and their service records, the company deserves the faith and trust of investors.

    Among the senior broking houses with a powerful online trading platform, you can obtain easy access to the dynamic world of trading. Why not commence the right researched trading strategies with a Jainam Trading Account?

    Technology is the greatest ally in investment practices online. While advanced technology may be considered the boss, security, and safety in online dealings are what everybody is anxious about.

    Reliability and excellent infrastructure management ensure that feasible trading is possible across 24 hours. Customer privacy is certainly protected.

    Jainam Demat Account – Conclusion

    Open a Jainam Demat Account and trade with an advanced full-service brokerage house in India. Explore a variety of investment opportunities according to preferences relating to mutual funds and equities, PMS, and insurance.

    Are you interested in fixed income products like company/ bank FDs and bonds or debentures? You can also invest in small savings schemes (PPF, NSS, postal schemes). Other avenues are non-financial products like physical assets (real estate, bullion) and private assets (equity and debt).

    Make Jainam your partner in mutual progress. Find ways to invest and grow wealth securely with the numerous JSC partners and branches.

    The company shares valuable researched expertise with clients, and the inevitable results are high efficiency investing and rich customer satisfaction.

    Open Jainam Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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