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This article focuses on Parasram Demat Account & its Trading Account.

One of the biggest broking houses in India, Parasram Group, has a robust system with customized investment strategies. A committed and trained financial team turns out professional duties with complete back-office support.

Parasram financial services include equity and derivatives, commodities, and currency investments. They facilitate online trading and depository services.

Read on to know more about Parasram Trading Account and the benefits and procedure for opening a Demat, annual maintenance fees, and other associated details.

Shri Parasram Holdings Offers

Parasram Demat Account

When you decide to trade with them and open a Parasram Demat Account, the experts assist you in making the right investments.

Here are some of the benefits of Opening Parasram Holdings Demat Account –

  • Research Analysts and Advisory Managers at the company use data, history, and experience to give the best advice and safeguard client investments.
  • Trading has never been easier and more effective compared to now when live market information is continuously provided every minute. Parasram possesses superior technology infrastructure to keep up with the fast world of trading that is continuously changing.
  • Financial risks are reduced to a minimum, and even the beginners may trade with confidence with them. Investments in equity and derivatives, and trading on futures and options are some of the choices, and the experts help with researched advice regularly.
  • When you join the depository services with NSDL and CDSL, you get the opportunity to track your investments in a secure and convenient, paperless, and cost-effective way.
  • Every depository need is well taken care of, like de-materialization and re-materialization. Whether working with shares, stock lending, and borrowing, everything is secure.
  • Managing over 110,000 accounts, it is advanced technology that takes care of software and network maintenance, database management, backup safety, and disaster recovery.
  • The strong network of Parasram branches all over India means that you are never far from them.

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    How to Open Parasram Demat Account?

    Make the decision to Open Parasram Demat Account, never to regret, with all the excellent advantages.

    1. Demat account opening is done online and offline. If you want to open the Demat account online, click on the “Open Demat Account” button, and a form appears. Fill up the form with all the required information.
    2. Certain documents like AADHAAR Card, PAN Card and Bank details, would be required to open the account with Parasram.
    3. Scanned copies of the documents would be uploaded.
    4. You will receive a call from a Parasram Executive. The official will guide you regarding the process of online KYC.
    5. You have to fill the form fully and correctly for the Demat account application. You have to fill all the necessary details. If you are filling an online application, AADHAAR is an advantage. Once you fill in the AADHAAR Details, it will become easy for you to open the account.
    6. You also need to fill in the bank account details. Bank name, account number, and the branch IFSC code will be required. The information will be completely secure in the database of the company.
    7. Carefully upload the scanned copies of the documents like PAN, AADHAAR, Cancelled cheque, and photograph. Once you upload the documents, you will receive a call from the company executives. They will guide you about the rest of the process. You can easily open the account then.
    8. Once your account is opened after the verification process is over, you can log in with the login credentials provided by the company and start trading.

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    Parasram Demat Account Charges

    Parasram Holdings Demat Charges
    Trading Charges [One Time] NIL
    Trading AMC [Yearly] NIL
    Demat Charges [One Time] NIL
    Demat AMC [Yearly] Rs. 885 for 10 years
    Margin Money 75% Margin
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    A depository participant with CDSL and NSDL, Parasram Holdings Account Opening Charges, is very reasonable at Rs. 0. You need to pay Rs. 0 at the time of opening the account. Parasram Demat Account Charges is Rs. 885 only.

    The margin required to be maintained 75% Margin, which means that there is 75% Margin minimum balance required, which is an advantage for traders. De-materialization facility is available to convert shares from physical certificates to soft shares.

    Parasram AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Demat AMC amounts to Rs. 885 every year. With the Demat account, you need to pay AMC of Rs. 885 every year.

    Parasram AMC is free, and no payment has to be made for broking. No AMC is charged for trading.

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    Parasram Trading Account

    The following are some of the many advantages that investors enjoy with Parasram Trading Account.

    • Transaction charges are among the lowest in India
    • Fast e-services are available in NSDL
    • Client Holdings may be viewed online
    • Auto credits may be seen in the Demat Account through ECS
    • Lifetime AMC scheme may be availed at a reasonable price
    • Get a Loan against Security and receive Prompt Payments
    • Margin Trading Facility is available
    • No DP charges on the pool (Inter-Settlement)

    Parasram Holdings Demat Account – Conclusion

    Once you make an excellent choice among many broking houses in India and set up a Parasram Demat Account, look forward positively to a future of safe investments with all the experience and expertise of the company to assist you.

    Working on such a mighty scale for so long all over India and with numerous high net worth individuals like NRIs, Parasram does possess the best trading infrastructure along with advanced technology.

    Minimizing risk and adopting safe trading practices is possible under the wise leadership of the researchers and advisory group at Parasram.

    Open Parasram Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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