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The option trading is quite much in news among the traders. It is natural that a trader invariably expects a greater percentage of returns from the trading. In that respect, consider the Kotak Securities Trade Smart Derivatives Trading Platform or Kotak Trade Smart Terminal.

One more thing you should know that for the Kotak Securities Trade Smart Terminal the risk level is quite less. Apart from that traders should be more than happy to know that the Kotak Securities Trade Smart Derivatives Platform they facilitate the traders with enhanced cost efficiency.

On top of that traders would unambiguously find the Kotak Securities Option Trading Platform interesting because they offer various types of alternative strategies.

Kotak Securities Offers

About Kotak Trade Smart Derivatives

The Kotak Securities Trade Smart Derivatives Platform is a simplified platform designed to ease all the intricacies related to the derivative market.

That means you are aware that the domain of derivatives have so many contracts like the future contracts, put and call options. Therefore it makes the function of derivatives quite complex.

But with this particular platform traders can analyse the thing easily because it is lot more intelligent. Honestly, it is much more trouble free compared to the traditional derivative instruments.

No matter whether you are a naive or an experienced derivative trader, the particular trading platform will just enlighten you on the market with primary information.

Such first- hand information will surely help you trade brilliantly and super smartly. Thus, this user-friendly platform is always ready to serve you when needed so need to think much questing for any other option.

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    Top Features of Kotak Securities Option Trading Platfrom

    Similarly, the Kotak Stock Trader App, the Trade Smart derivatives trading platform also has series of features so go through the following points to get enlightened.


    Single screen with all information

    The best is that you don’t need to hunt on different pages to collect the information as you can easily do so by picking the information from a single screen. As it has the dashboard and highlights all valid information regarding the derivative.

    Super strategy maker

    The trading platform is engineered with a thought to offer superior strategies to the traders. That means it has an imitated brain, which sets the specified target date and the price. In addition to that, it will consider the preference and risk of the individual trader and will offer congenial strategies.

    Know the unknown

    The intelligent platform does deck up itself within fifteen minutes interval with the latest information. Therefore, you can take the appropriate call at the right time and decide your position.

    Heat map

    Traders have to know about the whereabouts the trading market and the best thing that he would do is that use the intelligent feature on the trading platform, which is the heat map.

    The best is that you get an alert regarding the derivatives, which are majorly traded. These are segregated into long and short built up according to the position and its type.

    Track the unwanted

    As you know that the trading market is diverse and lots of activities do take place. Now as a trader it is almost impossible to track the unwanted one.

    In that regard, the screen known as the Unusual activity comes into light that keeps you informed regarding the breakeven points and unexpected activities and about many other things so that you can enjoy profit.

    Market pulse

    The attribute known as the Market Pulse is something that gives the real time update on the market. Subsequently allows you to scan that at once as well.

    Therefore, these features are easy and hassle free.

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    How to Set-up Kotak Securities Trade Smart Terminal?

    Well the usage is almost similar like the Kotak securities trading app. However to understand that in detail follow the steps below.

    1. In order to use this you need to get on the site kotaksecurities.com.
    2. Once you are here go to the section Trade Smart Products.
    3. Then you will come across some of the plans, go through that at once and see which ones you want to subscribe.
    4. Once you submit the subscription then you will receive a confirmation call from the department.

    How to own Kotak Trade Smart Derivatives Terminal?

    Here is the way you can own Kotak Securities Trade Smart Option Trading Platform

    1. Once you log on the site kotaksecurities.com
    2. Visit the portion Trade Smart, then get to the Heat Map feature to understand the analytics. You can regulate that by adjusting the sector and view as needed.
    3. Then use the FNO pulse to get the updated information regarding the market. Here as you click on the stock it will take you to the activities of the stock all designed on a single screen.
    4. Next you can move on to the chart icon to understand the performance of the stocks based on charts.
    5. The traders can use the Future and select the options as required.
    6. Then can use the event calendar to get enlightened on the upcoming events.
    7. Traders should also use the strategy screen to get the best strategy designed for you.
    8. Lastly traders will across the FII screen which updates on the mutual fund that finally drive the derivative market.

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    Advantages of Kotak Trade Smart Terminal

    The advantages of the Kotak securities Option Trading Platform are the following:

    • Easy: You may think that the derivate market require high end tools and understanding. Then obviously it is true but at the same time you can stay at peace because the Trade Smart Derivatives option trading platform will actually ease that difficulty because you can get everything very easily on an individual screen only.
    • Stay above all: The main vision of the Trade Smart Derivatives option trading platform is to keep you updated and above the crowd. That is why the platform gives you the right information at the right time thus making you gains.
    • Time saving: Definitely, the platform is a super time saver because you don’t need to chase different browsers. Neither have you needed different windows opened to conduct a research nor have to run to other websites. This is because it is comprehensive platform with all information at a single place.

    Kotak Securities Trade Smart Derivatives – Conclusion

    The Kotak Securities Trade Smart Terminal has evolved one of the smart platforms as it helps to understand the sentiment of the market very easily.

    Therefore, in a word it benefits the traders by making the right forecast for them. Over all, the cutting- edge tools used help to predict the price and recognize the different stocks at grass root level.

    Honestly as the Kotak securities trader app it also warns the traders from beforehand about the subtle changes in the derivative market.

    Apart from that, it also helps the traders to have the up to the minute information about the share market.

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