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Traders who are quite much interested in investing time and money in trading do make sure that they have all-time access to the trading platform. In that regard, the EXE-based trading platform like the Kotak Keat Pro X.

You don’t need to think much as you can access it anytime you want as it is open round the clock. On top of that, the Kotak Keat Pro X or Kotak Securities Trading Terminal offers detailed reporting on the portfolio.

It actually eases the task of buying stocks as you will have only one point of access, which you can use to avail of any of the stock exchanges.

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About Kotak Keat Pro X or Kotak Securities Trading Terminal

The Keat Pro X trading terminal is a high- end superb functional software. The best is that it offers an outstanding speed that makes work hassle free.

On top of that it is offered free of cost. That means you can use the software to access your stocking portfolio. It comes with oodles of perks like allowing you to comprehend the status of the stocks in the market.

In addition, to that, it leverages you by offering real-time market information.  On top of that, traders can purchase and sell the stocks anytime they do want through online platforms like Kotak Securities Keat Pro X by considering the real-time updates.

The highly efficient Keat Pro X trading terminal gives its top-notch performance in allowing traders to carry out online trading in the markets like the NSE, NSE currency and BSE.

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    Top Features of Kotak KEAT Pro X or Kotak Securities Trading Platform

    The features of a product or service are to help people in deciding it. It will be similar in the case of this software. So, here are the key features that the software has:

    Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X

    Up-to-Date Account Information

    The account information is updated on a regular basis, and it has everything from transactions to the profit they have made. This is helpful for any trader who wants to be notified of their status.

    Stock Recommendations Feature

    People do not want to buy stocks that will run into a loss. So, the software helps people in getting top-notch stock recommendations. They are given by certified researchers of the company.

    Live Stock Market Data Feature

    People take their trading decisions by analyzing the current market. They will never want stale market data as it may result in a bad decision. So, the software has a live update of the market to help the customers in the best possible ways.

    Watchlists Feature

    This is a great addition to the software. Traders are often interested in particular stocks. Through watchlists, they can pin those stocks and get through quick updates on them.

    Each watchlist has a capacity of holding 100 scripts. Also, people can combine different types of scripts into one watchlist.

    Charting Tools

    Charts are very important for analyzing a market and for future predictions. So, innovative and new tools have been provided for effective charting. They are also unique when compared to other charting tools of similar platforms.

    High-Speed Feature

    The software runs quite fast, and the updates are instantaneous as well. Trade will never be lagged when someone uses the KEAT Pro X software. It works parallel to the trading market of the world.

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    How to Set-up Kotak KEAT Pro X?

    Downloading the software to one’s computer is very easy. They will need to follow some steps, and they can access it fully after that. The steps are:

    1. Logging into the trading account from the website of Kotak Securities
    2. One can find the ‘KEAT Pro X’ option in the Trading Tools Section. They have to click it and then click on the Download option to install it on their PC.
    3. The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices. The only required thing is JDK 1.5 or higher for Mac; 512 RAM and Single Processor CPU and higher for Windows.
    4. One can get lots of use from the Help section of the software. Also, it gets automatically updated when the company introduces one.
    5. One will need to log in with trading account details after installing the software.

    How to own KEAT Pro X Trading Terminal?

    The process of owning Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X Trading Software is as follows –

    1. Just like downloading the Kotak Securities Broking Trading App, you will have to land on the dedicated website called kotaksecurities.com.
    2. Then insert your ID, password, and Security access code.
    3. Next, you just press the tab of the trading tool and choose the button Keat Pro X. Then just press the download to get it installed.
    4. It smoothly runs on any application like Windows or IOS. But in any case, make sure that you have the higher version for these two. Make sure that you have the greater version for the windows like something more than XP and for the MAC like Leopard.
    5. Note that for Windows you need a system with 512 MB RAM and an efficient single processor CPU.
    6. And for the MAC, the trader needs to have a requirement like JDK 1.5 or higher than that.
    7. In order to verify the performance of the Keat Pro X trading software just select the option Help and then go right to the section about us. Else you can directly press the Keat Pro X on the top portion of the primary terminal.

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    Advantages of KEAT Pro X or Kotak Securities Trading Software

    • Free of cost: Alike the Kotak securities broking app, the trader does need not to pay anything to log in to the website.
    • Single platform: No matter whether you want to access the BSE or the NSE or even aspire to trade in the currency, derivate or equity market you don’t need to avail of different access points. This is because a single platform will let you access all these at the same time.
    • Personalised watchlist: A trader has the liberty to create his own watchlist and personalise that accordingly. That means he can add one or two scripts like the stock market, and industry. Even the trader can also personalise the interface as needed.
    • Full control of the portfolio: The efficient trading software is apt for monitoring loss and profit. In addition to that help to trade long agreements and also allow the sale of the present stock. Apart from that, also get to know the market in detail. The best is that the traders get to know the details about the orders, which are placed and track the confirmations.

    KEAT Pro X or Kotak Securities Trading Terminal – Conclusion

    The team always makes sure that anytime you install the Keat Pro software. The updated version will be automatically included in the software so that you can use it without any hitch.

    Therefore, it is worth saying that it has made the whole trading task lot easier and more flexible. In, fact, traders have been able to communicate easily with the Kotak Securities App.

    Subsequently can access the website also very smoothly because arrangements are done considering that every individual is different with varied requirements.

    On top of that it is noteworthy to bring the speed of the website into the limelight as it takes only seconds to keep traders abreast of information regarding the stock market.

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