Kotak Securities Fastlane Trading Platform – Review, Top Features, Set-up process & more

Kotak Securities Fastlane is a new trading platform launched by Kotak Securities. In this article, we will dig deep into Kotak Securities Fastlane Trading Platform, its features, its set-up process, pros, cons & more.

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Kotak Securities Offers

Kotak Securities Fastlane Web Trading Review & Ratings

Kotak Securities Fastlane Ratings
Overall Ratings6.3/10
Star Ratings★★★

About Kotak Securities Fastlane Online Trading Platform

In this fast-moving world, where everything is working at a really faster pace the computer or laptop from where you are trading should be fast as well.

kotak securities fastlaneSo, if you are facing problems regarding your computer working slow or your computer is preventing you to install .exe files in it, then you should choose Kotak Securities Fastlane for lighter and faster trading application based on Java.

By using Fastlane which is provided by Kotak securities, you will be able to track the live markets, create watchlists, make trades and much more without even full-fledged installation of a trading software on your desktop.

You can make a list of S&P, CNX and NIFTY scrips streaming live on FastLane by default itself. Once you start trading you can modify the list of shares as per your own choice.

Kotak securities claim to run over 5 lakh trades on an everyday basis and a client base of 12 lakhs. It also offers services like equity, derivative trading, mutual funds, ETFs and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages and top features are discussed further to help you take your decision why you should use this platform for trading.

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Top features of Kotak Securities Fastlane

This platform provides you with certain wonderful features so as to provide you with the reason why you should opt for this platform for online trading. Let us look at same:

Kotak Securities Fastlane-Trading Platform

Position Analysis

Fastlane provides you with the feature with the help of which you can check your open positions. Also, you are able to analyze your position more critically and take decisions accordingly.

Funds Checker

By using the FastLane feature, you can also check for funds available in your trading account.


You can also see the reports of various companies and can get recommendations relating to stock from the research division of Fastlane.

Extra Features

Besides the above features, Kotak securities – Fastlane provides with some value-added features as well like smarter trading tools, a complete guidance, and support from experts. It offers super multiple features which are an exclusive service by Kotak securities for its online trading customers which ultimately has an objective to make you think big.

Research Features

Investment in stock market needs research support. So, the Kotak securities help you to invest in the right stocks and right timings.

Buy Now & Sell Tomorrow

The Buy now sell tomorrow feature helps you to sell whole of your shares the very next day but there should not be any change in the normal settlement cycle. This facility is provided for both online and offline traders and also enhances your liquidity position.

Off hour Trading

You can also trade and place your order after trading hours by using aftermarket order feature. This facility is extended to only customers having online trading accounts. It is really helpful for people having busy schedules but wishes to place orders according to their convenience.

Portfolio Tracking

The Portfolio tracker provides you with reports on stock held by you in your Demat account.

How to set up Kotak Securities Fastlane?

To set up a trading account and start trading with Kotak Securities Fastlane online trading platform, the following configuration should be assured with you:

  • There should be an operating system with Windows XP, windows 7or 8(32 or 64 bit).
  • The processor should consist of a minimum of Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
  • The built-in RAM of the system should be at least of 2GB but it could be extendable up to 4GB.
  • The resolution of the screen should be of 1024×768.

Now lets have step by step process of setting up Kotak Securities Fastlane:

1st Step – Click on the link below to open Fastlane webpage – https://www.kotaksecurities.com/ksweb/Our-Offerings/Trading-Tools/Fastlane

2nd Step – Login to Fastlane with you Login ID & Password

3rd Step – Explore the Software & Start Trading

The Set-up process of Fastlane is very simple if you already have a Kotak Securities Account.

How to own Kotak Securities Fastlane?

In order to start trading with Kotak Securities Fastlane online platform, the following steps must be followed:

1st Step – Open Demat Account with Kotak Securities

2nd Step – Just click on the green button below & fill up the details

3rd Step – We will receive a call from Kotak Securities to open demat account

4th Step – Your account will be opened in just 3-4 days

5th Step – You will receive a welcome email with login id & password

6th Step – Login to Fastlane with the help of Login Id & Password

This is how you can easily own Kotak Securities Fastlane Web Platform.

Advantages of Kotak Securities Fastlane Trading Platform

All the benefits can be availed of fully-fledged trading software in a very fast and light applet.

  • Fastlane provides you with circumventing firewalls which are downloaded on to your computer for protection.
  • You will also come to know that there is no need to install or run any of the software to access this trading platform.
  • You can also create your own watchlist on Fastlane.
  • The 3 in 1 account provision is also applicable here as it has a backing by Kotak Mahindra Banking services.
  • Trading and investment segments of all sort are available for clients.
  • It also provides online chat facility which is rarely provided by full-service brokers.

Disadvantages of Kotak Securities Fastlane Online Trading

While on one hand, it is having certain advantages; it might be having some disadvantages as well. They are as follows:

  • The brokerage charged by Fastlane is relatively high as compared to other brokers.it has gone up mainly due to the availability of discount brokers.
  • In the recent past, DP charges complained about with its non-transparency.
  • One more disadvantage of it is that it does not allow to trade in the commodities segment.

Conclusion of Kotak Securities Fastlane

Kotak Securities are known to be a very trustable brand in the financial industry of our country. The banking services provided by them have been around for a while and they have created a stockbroking space for themselves. For the new users who find it difficult to trust on the stockbrokers, Kotak Securities are the name to be trusted.

They are known for providing with decent research and trading platforms. But, if you are a user who is looking out for the value of money services you need to look out for some other player as Kotak will be very high on your pocket for sure.

Yet again, if you look at it you will find that it is better than paying hefty charges at different stages, it makes a sense to switch to a value for money broker once you are aware of how the stock market works.

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