SAMCO StockNote Web – Review, Benefits, Top Features, Set-up Process & more

StockNote Web by SAMCO is one of the most advanced web-browser based trading platform introduced in the market for the traders.

The StockNote Web is developed by the Samco brokerage house and powered by Giga Trading Engine. This is the proprietary trading technology behind the development of this trading platform.

Web-based trading platforms are need of the hour and the modern-day traders require online trading platform for their busy lifestyle.

The SAMCO StockNote Web is a distinguished platform about which we will discuss in this article. The article below will revolve around its various features, its advantages and other related information.

The article that you are going to read will also give you the idea of how you can set this platform for use and the process of owning it.

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StockNote Web Review & Ratings

StockNote Web Ratings
Overall Ratings6.6/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About SAMCO StockNote Web

SAMCO Web is the browser-based trading platform offered by Samco brokerage house for trading to the clients and the platform is powered by Giga Trading Engines which is the technology behind the StockNote platforms.

The technology helps the platform to be highly responsive and actionable when orders are put on the platform and this makes your trading super profitable.

The exceptional interface of the platform powered by the Giga Trading Engine makes the trading experience easy and smooth and in turn your trades are successful most of the time.

The platform comes for no extra charges and you just need to pay the brokerage charges to the brokerage house for the trades you make.

The brokerage charges of Samco are also very cheap and that makes the platform much valuable as you get this kind of a highly advanced platform for no charges attached to it and when the brokerage charges are also so low.

Samco Online Trading Platform is loaded with advanced trading and analytical features which we will discuss in the next section of this article in detail.

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    SAMCO Web Platform – Top Features

    The features of the StockNote Web are way too advanced and that makes the trading for the clients smoother and easier. The platform has ample of features and below we have enumerated the same –


    Market watch-lists are one of the most important features of any trading platform as this is the thing which is visible always on the screen and helps in tracking various stock prices.

    In StockNote Web Version you can create multiple market watch-lists and you can add and remove stocks scrips with just a few clicks. Once you add the stocks on the watch-lists, then tracking the stocks is super easy.

    View Stock

    This feature allows you to see all the details of the stocks that you want to view and you can add the stock directly to the market watch-list you want from the view stock screen.

    You just have to click on the add button to add the stock you are viewing to the watch-list of your choice.

    Algorithmic Search

    There is a feature which is known as Algorithmic search which helps you to check all the details of the contracts that are available on a stock with all the strike price, date of expiry of the contracts and call or put action and similar details.

    This is a single feature which you need to use for getting all the details about the contracts and thus it saves a lot of your time and effort.

    An abundance of investment options

    With StockNote Web you can invest in variety of investment options starting from different company’s stocks to their derivatives as well. You can trade commodities with this platform as well.

    Order Placement

    For placing orders, you need to either go to the market watch-list or the view stock features. The stock you want to trade, click on the stock from the market watch-list or view stock feature and then you will see BUY and SELL options.

    Click on the option that you want to according to your trading idea and then your order will be placed. There is various information that you can check about the order you placed and also preview the order before placing the order in real and make sure all the details you have entered are right.

    For the intraday traders, there is a feature called Quick Order. This helps in placing order with fewer details to be entered and depends on the movement of the stock prices, the one which is being tracked by the trader.

    The details are picked up on their own depending on the corresponding stock prices and the market trends.

    Charts and Analytical Tools

    The tools for technical analysis and the charts are all available on the platform for your use. You can use different kinds of charts to analyze your trading ideas and stocks and the market as a whole.

    There are bar charts, candlestick charts, line charts, and many others. There are more than hundred technical indicators that are integrated with the charts for your use.

    You can also check the charts in different modes – horizontally on the screen’s right section like in landscape mode.

    Fund Transfer

    The process of fund transfer is super easy with SAMCO Web Trading Platform. There are a variety of banks that are associated with the platform and also there are different options for making the payment. Withdrawing funds made from trading is also easy.

    Alerts and notifications

    There are multiple alerts and notifications that you can set for keeping yourself updated about the market always.

    News and updates

    Market updates and various news related to the stock market and overall economy and businesses flashes all the time on your screen and that keeps you updated about the market and helps in your trading decisions.

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    How to Set-up StockNote Web?

    The process of setting up Alerts and notifications is simple –

    1. First, you need to have an account with Samco – Demat and Trading Account. You can start StockNote Web Login with the password and user id you have on this page –
    2. Here is the StockNote Online Trading Platform ready for use.
    3. Once you logged in and the home screen is in front of you, create the market watch-lists. Add the stocks by clicking on the stocks and for finding the stocks, you need to type just the first three letters of the stocks name, and the stocks with such initials will be displayed. Select the stock, and click on the add button. You can also add the stock from the View Stock feature as well.
    4. For placing orders you can either – click on the stock from market watch-list and enter the details for the order and place the order or else you can choose Quick Order.
    5. You can set the alerts and notifications from the Settings options of the platform.

    How to Own SAMCO StockNote Web?

    To Own the StockNote Web you have to –

    1. Click on the “Open Demat account” button below.
    2. Fill the pop-up form that you see on your screen
    3. Submit the form
    4. You will get a call from SAMCO EKYC team, they will share a link.
    5. Upload the documents for KYC purposes. The documents you require are PAN, AADHAAR, Cancelled Cheque and photograph
    6. Once done successfully with the above steps, you will receive a call from Samco’s executives and he or she will guide you about the rest of the procedure.
    7. Once every document is verified, your account will be opened and then you can start trading using the StockNote Web.

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    Advantages of SAMCO Online Trading Platform

    The advantages of using the browser-based trading platform – SAMCO Online Trading Platform are –

    • The platform is powered by highly advanced technology – Giga Trading Engines. This helps in quick actions and better decision making
    • No Charges are required to be paid for using the StockNote Web
    • The platform provides you with the options of a trading variety of financial instruments
    • You can trade across various stock exchanges as well – BSE, NSE and also commodity exchanges like MCX and others.

    StockNote Web – Conclusion

    The StockNote Web is a highly appreciated web-based trading platform which is having ample of features for making the trading experience of the browser-based traders easy and smooth.

    With the free trading platform which is so technically advanced and having a super user-interface, the trading becomes profitable and easier.

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