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ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform is one of the well-known Trading terminals available in the Stockbroking sector. Let’s have a detailed review of ICICI Direct Trading Terminal, its top features, Set-up process, pros, cons & more.

Find a detailed review of ICICI Direct Trade Racer below:

ICICI Direct Review

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 7.8/10
Usability 7.9/10
Features 7.7/10
Speed 7.8/10
Performance 7.5/10
Overall Ratings 7.8/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Terminal

The need for the online trading platform has become very severe these days and as more and more businesses are going online there should be an online trading platform as well. Trade Racer is an ICICI Direct trading platform which provides you with live-streaming quotes & research calls.

ICICI Direct Trade RacerIt also provides with integrated fund transfer system besides the multiple watch list facility. Trade Racer equips you with the power to identify certain new market opportunities besides being power packed with new features. You will surely enjoy the new look and feel of the trading terminal.

In the full-service stockbroking space, ICICI Direct is a leading name. Since it is the trading arm of ICICI, it enjoys decent brand equity. If you combine Trade Racer with ICICI Direct, a trading platform known as Trade Racer, ICICI Direct Trading Platform comes into action. This platform from ICICI Direct is a terminal-based trading software and is a full-service stock broking house.

The clients can get access to trading and research-based calls in order to help them take fundamental and technical decisions through its iClick2Gain feature.  So, the user first needs to download the software onto his desktop or PC and then start trading.

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    Top features of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform

    This platform will provide you with some new features and will make you wonder why you should choose this platform for trading online. Let us have a look at them. They are mentioned below:

    Trade Racer ICICI Direct Trading Platform

    Trend Scanner

    The Trend Scanner feature provided by Trade Racer the intraday price movements in order to find out scrips that are trending based on technical parameters which are already set at a predefined level.

    You will find that the scanner is available at different scrip trend levels which include Bullish, Bearish, Pivot and so on.

    Multiple Views

    Users can select the view according to their preferences, once they log in to the terminal. There are three types of views available namely the Derivatives view, the margin view or the last logged-in session’s view and the analytical view.

    This feature might prove to be very helpful to the user as they can decide at the beginning of the session itself how they are looking forward to starting with the trading session.

    Live Scanner

    The Live Scanner feature helps you to scan the stocks on a real-time basis. It will also guide you on the lows and highs of the scrips on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


    There is another feature called HeatMap which will directly give you an idea which are the stocks that have gone up and which are the ones that have moved down through green and red colours respectively. It also helps in quick decision-making at crucial opportunities.

    ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform


    The users are also allowed to add multiple market watch lists i.e. up to 5 lists in which you can add up to 20 scrips in each market watch.


    The software also allows its users to customize the user interface layout, colour coding, and grid layout as per their own preferences and requirements.

    Easy Access

    You can also get access to stocks that in terms of volume and value are the highest gainers, losers or active stocks.

    Charting Features

    There are certain charting features which can be used for detailed stock analysis by applying a range of indicators for trade and investment purposes. Some of them might include the following:

    • Simple Moving Average
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Triangular Moving Average
    • Time Series Moving Average
    • Variable Moving Average
    • Weighted Moving Average
    • and some more


    There is another feature called “Snap View” which will provide you with detailed information on a scrip which includes Market Depth, Charts, Peer group, corporate announcements, Pivot levels, etc

    Special Filtering

    A full-service stockbroker like ICICI Direct also provides tips for specific filtering and segmentation which will include top revenue stocks, high-price momentum, top performers and profitable stocks and so on.

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    How to set up ICICI Direct Trade Racer?

    In order to set up the ICICI Direct Trading Platform and start performing the trading activities, the following configuration should be available on your desktop:

    • The operating system of your PC should be Windows XP, windows 7or 8 (32 or 64-bit).
    • There should be a minimum of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
    • The RAM built into the system should be at least 2GB which could be further extended up to 4GB.
    • The resolution of the screen should be 1024×768.

    Following is the step-by-step set-up process of the ICICI Direct Trade Racer Trading Platform:

    1st Step – Download ICICI Direct Trade Racer from this link – http://directlink.icicidirect.com/TradeRacerLive/TradeRacerSetup.asp

    2nd Step – Install the Application on your computer

    3rd Step – Double-click the Trade Racer icon to Start the application

    4th Step – Log in using Login ID & Password

    5th Step – Create 2FA password & reset you new password

    6th Step – You are now logged in to explore the features of Trade Racer software

    7th Step – Set up a watchlist & start trading

    This is how you can easily set up ICICI Direct Trade Racer Terminal

    How to Own the ICICI Direct Trading Platform?

    To start trading with Trade Racer an ICICI direct trading platform which links the unique 3 in 1 account with ICICI bank, you need to follow the steps below:

    1st Step – Open Demat Account with ICICI Direct, just click on the Open Demat Account green button & fill up the form.

    2nd Step – You will receive a call from an ICICI Direct representative for demat account opening

    3rd Step – Provide the necessary documents to open your account to the ICICI Direct RM

    4th Step – Your account will open in the next 3 days & you will receive a login id & password

    5th Step – You can install the Trade Racer Software on your computer & log in with the ID & password provided

    6th Step – Explore the software & start trading

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    Advantages of ICICI Direct Trade Racer

    • This is an advanced trading software terminal suitable for traders and experts who expect high performance and technical assistance from the software.
    • According to the user’s preferences based on trading and analysis, multiple widgets or window panels might be configured. 9 such widgets could be added up to the same screen.
    • To help the user take his decision regarding a stock, details regarding how the stock has been bought or sold over a period of time are given by the software.
    • Information regarding Internation indices from various countries in Europe, the US and Asia is given.
    • You can also customize the layout of the software by choosing amongst three different themes.

    Disadvantages of ICICI Direct Trading Terminal

    You might be facing certain concerns while operating this terminal, they are listed below:

    • In case you reside in a city which is having lower internet bandwidth, during the peak hours you might be facing some issues in loading charting tools.
    • Also, you will observe that ICICI Direct is one of the most expensive stockbrokers when it comes to charging brokerage and you cannot even negotiate with the charges.
    • The time taken to fix a bug is more because the update frequency cycle provided by ICICI Trade Racer is very high.

    Conclusion of ICICI Direct Trade Racer Platform

    Before starting trading with ICICI Trade Racer Direct Trading Platform, you must critically analyze the pros and cons of the software. Till now, the verdict provided by the users is that this platform is a reasonable trading app.

    In the beginning, the user faces certain difficulties in understanding but later on, he will become used to it. Before concluding your decision as to whether you use this platform or not, have a detailed understanding of it.

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