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SAMCO Trader is the NEST Trader which is a trading terminal used by most of the traders in the stock market because of its exceptional features and friendly user interface.

The brokerage house Samco provides NEST trader as their trading terminal software which is a product of Omnesys. This software needs to be installed on the computer and then you can use it for trading.

The process of owning the software and installing it and finally setting it up will be discussed in his article. Apart from these, there will be a lot of detail about the software itself, its features, its advantages, how you can use the features and many other details.

For active traders, trading terminals are a compulsion as their bulk trades require a solid trading platform with high-speed internet and an exceptionally responsive interface. All these features are there in the SAMCO NEST Trader.

Samco Securities Offers

SAMCO Trader Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SAMCO Trader Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.8/10
Usability 6.7/10
Features 6.6/10
Speed 6.7/10
Performance 6.6/10
Overall Ratings 6.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SAMCO Trader

SAMCO Trader is a highly responsive trading terminal developed by Omnesys. NEST is the most popular trading terminal in the market at present and there are various reasons to support this popularity.

Trading in bulk requires high-speed trading terminal software and NEST rightly fits the criteria thus Samco has chosen the same for its clients.

For the day traders, it is necessary to have a trading terminal where their orders get executed in real-time allowing no price deviation and NEST right does that. Samco has been providing NEST as their trading terminal in association with Omnesys.

SAMCO Trading Software i.e. NEST Trader is having cutting-edge features, which makes it a revolutionary and highly popular trading terminal without any doubt.

There are ample data, tools, reports and many other resources for the traders to explore. If you are looking for a trading terminal that will give you all these options, then Samco Trader can be the best solution for your trading requirements.

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    SAMCO Trader – Top Features

    SAMCO Trader has ample features to help you in your trading and here we will discuss the top features of the platform –

    Market data

    In trading whether long-term or intraday, market data is always the key to profitable trades and investments. So, the NEST trader – trading terminal of Samco, offers a world of market data and news updates through its trading terminal.

    Yes, you will get all the market updates and stock market and business-related news on this platform. There is a flash news option as well apart from detailed reports and other data.

    There are various market statistics available along with the news and updates to give you complete information on any stock or market trends.

    Orders Management

    The placement of orders in the SAMCO NEST Trading Software is simple and can be done by clicking on a few options. There are shortcut keys as well as you can go directly from the stock to its buying and selling order option.

    If you want to cancel or modify the orders, you can check your pending orders on the screen, and select modify or cancel options as per your requirement.

    Margin Balance

    On NEST Trader, you can check the balance in your margin account which is required for placing orders. You can click on the margin balance option and you can view the balance that is your account.

    This helps in order placing as you know how much volume you can buy with the remaining balance in your margin account.


    On SAMCO Trader, it is very easy to prepare and modify the watch lists. All you need to do is to click on the market watch-list option, there you will find the option for adding stocks.

    First search for the stock you want to add, you can find the stock symbol name if you know and then click on the scrip and it will be added to the market watch list.

    Once it is added, you can track it anytime and place your buy and sell option as well from the market watch list.

    Excess Tools

    There are certainly other tools that are required by the traders for smooth trading like alerts, which keep you updated about the market and the price changes as per you set the alert.

    There are similar tools that you can use for making your trading more fruitful.

    Order Book

    There is an order book which you can go through after you place an order, there are the details of the orders that you have placed in recent times. You can modify orders if required from this Order Book as well.

    Research and Reports

    SAMCO Trader is loaded with research reports published by Samco research teams. There are various research reports, trading reports, order reports of your own and many others such as from the back office of the DP and others. You can access all these reports in one place using SAMCO Trader.

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    How to Set up SAMCO NEST Trader?

    So, now let us see how you can set this platform up for trading in a few easy steps –

    1. You have to log in to https://www.samco.in/. Here you will find the link to download the NEST trader.
    2. Start SAMCO Trader Download from the site, click on the run or install option on the window that opens on your computer screen.
    3. The installation process will take some time, and it will be installed smoothly with a good internet connection.
    4. Now again you have to log in using your Samco’s Demat login user-id and password on the software.
    5. Once the platform opens, you have to set the market watch list as mentioned above. Then you can track all the stocks that you want to monitor and trade. You can anytime change the scrips and add other scrips.
    6. The password of the software needs to be changed every 14 days and there will be an automatic reminder for the same.
    7. Exiting the software is simple as well. You need to tick the required options on the three dialogue boxes that will open once you click on the exit and this is required for saving the work on the software which you were doing.
    8. You can create multiple watch-list for different investment options like commodities, equities, currencies, options, and others.

    How to Own SAMCO Trader?

    The steps to own SAMCO Trader are –

    1. Click on the button here “Open Demat Account” to start the application process for Samco’s Demat account.
    2. Once you click on the same, you will see a form popping up on the screen of your desktop. Fill out the form and submit it.
    3. Once you submit the form, then you will get a call from SAMCO Executive.
    4. On this page, you will have to upload the documents that are required for verification purposes. The most important documents that are required to be uploaded without any mistake and fail are AADHAAR CARD, PAN CARD, Cancelled Cheque and Photograph of the person.
    5. Once you upload these documents successfully, you will receive a call from the executives of Samco. They will tell you about the rest of the procedure.
    6. Once your application is approved and documents are verified, you will get the user id and password for login on your Demat account and trading account on your registered email.
    7. Use the same to download the trading terminal from the website.
    8. Then you can easily perform SAMCO Trader Login.

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    Advantages of SAMCO Trading Software

    The advantages of SAMCO Trader are –

    • Charts are regularly updated and all you get are real-time data on these charts which are there on SAMCO Trader.
    • Creating Market Watch-list is simple and takes hardly any time. You can modify them as well anytime.
    • Monitoring your portfolio with NEST Trader by Samco is easy, You just need to add the stocks you have in your portfolio and then check your portfolio’s performance anytime and anywhere.
    • Check margin balance
    • A variety of analytical tools for fundamental and technical analysis are available in abundance.

    SAMCO Trader – Conclusion

    The SAMCO Trader being the NEST trading terminal is no doubt one of the best trading terminals for the clients of Samco.

    It has regular updates, a wide range of features and investment options for making your trading and investment fruitful and more profitable.

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