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5Paisa Trade Station EXE or 5Paisa Trading Terminal is one of the most advanced trading platforms offered by the discount brokerage firm.

It is one of the most sought-after trading terminals as well in the industry because of the vast number of attractive and useful features it has.

The article below will give you an insight into the 5Paisa Trade Station so that you can understand this platform better and know how you can get it.

You will also learn about the setup process you require to perform in order to set up the terminal for your trading purpose. You can get a full idea about the advantages of the platform and how you can use it for profitable trading.


5Paisa Trade Station 2.0 Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

5Paisa Trade Station Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.4/10
Usability 6.3/10
Features 6.5/10
Speed 6.6/10
Performance 6.4/10
Overall Ratings 6.4/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About 5Paisa Trade Station or 5Paisa Trading Terminal

If you heard about 5Paisa then you must have heard about the kind of services it provides. It is one of the few discount brokers that have a wide variety of services than what other discount brokers provide.

The firm has various trading platforms for all devices but the most powerful one is this 5Paisa Terminal Software.

5paisa trade station

This Terminal software from 5Paisa you have to be downloaded and install on your desktop and then you can use it for trading purposes.

The trading terminal that 5Paisa is offering is best suited for professional traders who trade in huge volumes and regularly.

In simple words, this terminal is for active traders, but that doesn’t mean you being a novice in the market cannot use it.

It has ample features starting from basic trading and order placement to highly advanced analytical tools and historical data analysis.

The terminal software by 5Paisa Trade Station is highly customizable, responsive and most importantly has a very user-friendly interface. The features of the platform are detailed in the next section of this article.

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    Top Features of 5paisa Trade Station / Trading Platform

    If you are a professional player in the stock market, then it is very important to know about the features of the application that you are using. So, here we have described all the top features of the 5paisa Trade Station that let you trade even more effectively.

    5Paisa Trading Platform

    Advanced Watchlist:

    This is one of the most useful features of this application. You can easily create multiple watch lists, can link the scrips on the watch list, update and work on your trading strategy, can see the real-time prices of stocks, near month and next month futures.

    Hence, this feature provides an additional edge to your analysis and decision-making in trading.

    Multiple Types of Orders:

    This is the standard buying and selling feature that allows investors and traders to place any orders as per their requirements.

    5Paisa multiple orders option gives you 100% certainty to open and close trades at the current market price. In this feature you will find many types of orders such as trader multiple orders, aftermarket orders, buy, sell and stop loss.

    SIP for Mutual Fund:

    This feature allows mutual fund traders to start SIP and place it by filling in details. The reason to add this feature to this application is to enhance the mutual fund experience and users can do it themselves.

    Timely Notification:

    This application is the one-stop solution for all the latest notifications. It timely updates you about upcoming stock market news and keeps you up to date with daily stock market alerts.

    This feature not only saves your research time but also timely updates you about earning opportunities wherever you go.

    Advanced Charting:

    The feature gives you the power to analyse and uses your chart. You can also modify your chart by using indicators. And any modification you create is saved automatically. Along with that, you will receive a statistical report of your recent trading performance.

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    How to set up 5paisa Trade Station Exe?

    5paisa Trade Station is a comprehensive application that allows traders and investors to invest in the right direction easily and optimize their strategy against historical stocks.

    To set up the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal, all you have to do is to –

    1. Firstly open a Demat and trading account with 5Paisa using this platform.
    2. Once you have the login details to your account, you need to download the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal from the 5Paisa website. They have all the trading software for download on their website. You will find the file under the “Stock” tab and then you have to go to the “ Trade Solutions” tab. There you will find the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal. Click on the download option beside that.
    3. Once you download the file, it is a .exe file which you have to install on your desktop or laptop whatever you are using.
    4. After installation, you have to log in on the platform using your account login Id and password.
    5. Once you open the trading terminal, go to the dashboard, and create the market watch list. You have to add the scrips you want to track and trade.
    6. Then you are good to start trading.
    7. You can check the various charting option as well and use the resources that the terminal software has as discussed above.

    How to own 5Paisa Trade Station?

    To get to the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal you have to open a Demat account with 5Paisa and for that, you have to –

    1. Find the Open Demat Account button here on the article and click on it
    2. Once you click, you will get a pop-up form. The form needs to be duly filled.
    3. Complete the form and submit it and you will then get on to another page. On that page, you have to upload the documents that are required for account verification or KYC purpose.
    4. Then you will receive a call from the 5Paisa executives and they will verify the details you can then get the login details to your account once your application has been approved.
    5. Then you can log in to the 5Paisa website and start downloading their 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal.

    The documents would you require –

    • Voter Id
    • PAN Card
    • Bank statements and others

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    Advantages of 5Paisa Trade Station 2.0

    • The firm being a discount broker provides trading calls and stock recommendations for free and that can be accessed with the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal.
    • To save time, there are a few shortcut keys which you can use.
    • With decent internet speed, this platform works superbly and the performance of the terminal is noteworthy.
    • The platform comes for no charges and you can use it for any number of years and trade as much as you want without paying any charges.
    • There are various technical and fundamental analytical tools that you can use for your trading purpose and that makes the platform more powerful.
    • Obviously, the watch list feature that has been discussed in the above section is another powerful feature of the platform which helps traders to trade with more ease and information.

    Disadvantages of 5paisa Trading Terminal

    • Not comes with so many advanced features.
    • Many users experience loading chart issues.
    • Unlike other web browser applications, users have to download to install to access this application.

    Conclusion of 5paisa Trade Station

    The 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal is no doubt one of the most powerful trading terminal software that you can find in the market.

    It has undoubtedly some of the best features under the sun for trading purposes. It comes for free and that is another benefit for the traders of 5Paisa.

    You can use it with decent internet speed and downloading and installing it takes hardly any time and effort. The overall experience of the platform is undoubtedly great and offers great comfort in trading.

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