Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader – Review, Features, Demo and More

Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader is a Web Trading Platform provided by MOSL. It is one such platform that comes with rich features like comprehensive portfolio snapshot, advanced charting tool, tick by tick action watch & more.

Now, this financial firm has also made a strong hold on online trading by offering advanced innovative platforms to the traders.

If you are a trader, you might have experienced difficulty while choosing a platform that offers comprehensive features even at low bandwidth.

Motilal Oswal

About MO Web Trader

MO desktop trading application makes it easy for the newbie traders and investors to get started because it offers a well-rounded experience that supports all trading functionality.

If we speak about new generation tool, its trade guide signal is the best example because with the help of this tool traders will get auto-generated ideas based on pre-defined technical rules.

Along with the comprehensive features, this company also took home the award for research by Zee Business. That’s why it is our top recommendation for the traders and investors.

Top Features of MO Web Trader:

While MO may not offers the cheapest broking, but this firm provides a user-friendly trading platform, a high-quality desktop application, and solid award-winning research that will definitely satisfy newbie and sophisticated traders.

Motilal Oswal Trading- Portfolio

Following are some of the top features of MO Trading Desktop.

Solid Research:

With the help of this features traders can see a quick overview about the stocks like their current market status, volume, headlines, buy/sell prices, a company overview description and a full research report.

Hence this provides an excellent experience to the traders what they need to succeed.

Advanced Charting:

Charing on MO trading desktop is strong and cleanly laid out, only thanks to its 40 technical indicators, 30 drawing tools, and incredible flexible bar, line and candlestick graphs that provides a comprehensive technical analysis that truly unmatched in the industry.

Multiple Watchlists:

Multiple watch lists is the shining feature of MO desktop trading that allows traders to keep track their stocks by creating multiple watch lists and add more than 50 scrips in each watch list.

Advisory tool:

No other financial broking firm come close to provide this type of advisory tool that gives you an automated recommendation on favorite stocks like when to buy/ sell stocks.

This feature is extremely insightful and helps you in trade throughout the day. Make no mistake, and offers you right trading tips based on your risk profile and trading style.

Integrated Portfolio Health Check:

This feature provides you a smart one view of your holding across Mutual investment, equity, derivatives, and commodities with an integrated research view on each stock.

Trade Guide Signal:

This is a new generation tool that alerts you round the clock so that you never miss the new opportunities.

Derivative Chain:

With the help of this feature you can view the option chain of indices, add scrips whose option chain you can want to see and get quotes for derivatives prices.

Motilal Oswal Trading-Market Overview

How to set up MO Web Trader?

Focusing on newbie and old hand traders, this is the flagship platform that interface design is clean, and comes with a plethora of features.

Instant logged in, you are welcomed by the dashboard, which offers you a summary of your favorite market stocks, alert new opportunities, updates upcoming portfolio events and give a glance of stock marketing relevant news.

Speaking about installing and setting up process which is very easy. Here we have comprehended all steps that help you in setting up this platform.

  • Go to the link
  • Here you will get download option on the right side of the website. Just click on it.
  • Once it’s installed in your desktop, then enter your Login ID and submit.
  • Then click on the run.
  • Finally, click on the desktop shortcut, pop up in your desktop and get started trading.
  • For any query, you can connect at “ [email protected]

How to own MO Trading Desktop?

Motilal trading desktop is a powerful, fast & secure platform that is absolutely free for all traders and investors with no hidden charges.

In order to access this platform, you need to open a demat trading account which is also free.

Advantage Mo Trading Desktop:

  • Mo trading desktop delivers bug-free and phenomenal experiences to the traders.
  • Even basic skills, you can use this platform hassle free.
  • From the news feed regarding stock marketing, you check the market status.
  • Charting is clean, customizable and comes with 40 indicators which are very nice.
  • This platform includes everything from technical and fundamental analysis to buy/sell stocks within a watchlist.
  • It is a fantastic trading platform that pleases well active traders.
  • Round the clock offers you the best trading ideas.
  • You will get award-winning research at your fingertips.
  • Trade in all segments including equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, NSE, BSE and MCX.
  • You will receive research review on single srcip that you hold.
  • It also added new generation tool, trade signal, which is designed to help traders in finding new opportunities.
  • You can review and restructure your portfolio with the restricting tool.

Disadvantages of MO trading Desktop:

  • New in the finance market.
  • Round the clock customer service is not available.
  • High internet speed requires.
  • Premium charges are relatively higher than another trading platform.

Conclusion of MO Web Trader

Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader may be best known for its comprehensive features and bug-free platform. It offers a well-rounded experience to the traders that include all advanced tools which are the primary needs of the traders.

From viewing dashboards to instantly transferring fund this platform offers great coverage that definitely satisfies the traders.

When it comes to research and technical analysis MO trading desktop platform does the excellent job. First, it offers 30,000 + reports across 230 + companies and 21 sectors and the technical chart will give you the exact position of stocks that help you in making the right decision while trading.

Finally, that’s not to say MO Web Trader relatively new in the market, because within a few years this financial firm becomes the leader in the finance market.

And the only credit goes to its advanced trading platforms, excellent research resource, and hard-working professionals.


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