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Last Updated Date - Jan 02, 2024

This is a detailed guide to Top 10 Stock Broker in India 2024. Let us check the ranking of best stock brokers of 2024 & then we will discuss about 5 parameters which have been used to rank these Top 10 stock brokers.

Ranking of Top 10 Stock Broker in India 2024

Rank Broking Hoouse Ratings
1  Kotak Securities Review & Brokerage Charges 8.0/10
2  ICICI Direct Review & Brokerage Charges 7.9/10
3 Zerodha Review & Brokerage Charges  7.3/10
4  Edelweiss Review & Brokerage Charges 7.3/10
5  Angel Broking Review & Brokerage Charges 7.2/10
6  India Infoline (IIFL) Review & Brokerage Charges 7.2/10
7  Sharekhan Review & Brokerage Charges 7.1/10
8  Motilal Oswal Review`& Brokerage Charges 6.9/10
9  HDFC Securities Review & Brokerage Charges 6.8/10
10 Karvy review & brokerage charges  6.5/10

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    Parameters for Rating Top 10 Stock Broker in India

    We at Top10stockbroker.com believe that choosing the right stock brokers for our readers is of utmost importance. We have put in our 10 years of experience to filter out 5 most important metric to judge the broking houses. These are the five important metric we look at before finalizing the Top 10 stock broker in India 2024.

    Stock Advisory, Research & Tips

    Stcok Advisory & Tips is one of the most important parameter which determine the rating of these best stock brokers in India. Stock Recommendation plays a vital role in finalizing a stock broker, hence this parameter is extremely vital for this ranking of top stock brokers in India. Kotak securities stock tips is considered to be the best in this sector.

    Broking House Brokerage Charges & Fees

    Another extremely important metric to determine the best broking house in India is their brokerage charges. Brokerage charges & fees pull a lot of investors towards them especially day traders. Zerodha is a discount broker which is ranked highest in this category.

    Products & Services offered by Stock Brokers

    One of the most important parameter in this sector for choosing the right broker is the products & services offered by the broking house. These top 10 broking house provides extremely high quality services & are present in mostly all asset classes. One broker who is beating everyone in this category is ICICI Direct.

    Trading Platforms provided by Stock Brokers

    Trading platform is definitely a major factor in determining the top 10 stock broker in India. Not just the speed & accuracy of these platforms are important but also that they have to be feature rich in all segments like charts, trading facilities, working devices, working browsers & others. Kotak securities rules the roost in this aswell & that’s why we rate them as the best stock broker in India

    Broking House Experience

    Another important metric to finalize a stock broker is its experience in the stock market sector. This also plays a very pivotal role in choosing the top 10 broking company in India. Motilal oswal is definitely one of the oldest stock broking house in the country.

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      Rank 1 – Kotak Securities

      Kotak Securities rules the roost with no. 1 ranking & top rating based on our 5 criteria. They are ranked 1 in two most important criteria i.e Stock advisory & trading platforms. Also ranks second in product & services. They are also well known brand in securities segment & quite popular among high spending clients. As compared to other broking house they are better ranked across criteria.

      Rank 2 – ICICI Direct

      ICICI Direct ranking is 2 with a very good rating nearly similar to kotak securities. ICICI s ranked 1 for product & services, ranked second for research & trading platforms. They are the largest stock broking house in terms of number of clients in NSE. They are also very active in marketing & brand building.

      Rank 3 – Zerodha

      Zerodha ranking is 3 in top 10 stock broker in India. They are ranked no 1 in Brokerage criteria & are ranked 3 in trading platforms. They are the largest discount broking house in the country & have emerged as one of the fastest growing stock broker in last 2 to 3 years. Zerodha is renowned for their branding strategies.

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      Rank 4 – Edelweiss

      Edelweiss is ranked 4 better than 6 brokers in our rating of top 10 stock broker in India 2024. They are the only broking house who don’t spent a single marketing penny & still ranked among the top 5 stock broker. They offer all sorts of products & services, they also charge premium brokerage and still they are very strong in this segment. Their trading platforms are extremely powerful & have massive experience in this sector.

      Rank 5 – Angel Broking

      Angel Broking ranking is 5 among the top 10 stock broker in 2024. They are quite competitive in all the criteria but not a leader in any of them. They are highly experienced stock broking company hence; their clients have lots of faith in them. In last 2 years they have emerged as a powerful brand in this sector & have introduced a lot many products & services. They are also acting as a pioneer in this sector for digitization of entire stock broking processes. Compared to other stock brokers, they are ruling the roost in digital.

      Rest of the Broking Houses

      Rest 5 Stock Brokers are India Infoline at rank 6, Sharekhan at rank 7, Motilal Oswal at rank 8, HDFC Securities at rank 9 and Karvy at rank 10. Also, the are trying their level best to enter in top 5 segments but by Feb 2024, Top 5 brokers are beating them in all criteria. But, keep your eyes on these 5 as well as the ranking gets posted every month based on NSE & BSE performance & Clients Positive Reviews & Complaints.

      Let’s see if the ranking changes by end of March or not by then these are our list of top 10 stock brokers in India.

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        List of Stock Broking Franchise in India –

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