SBICap Securities Review, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Platforms & more

SBI Capital Markets Ltd’s or SBICap Securities is 100 % subsidiary of India’s oldest players, influential on Indian main capital markets. In Indian primary capital markets, they have a leading position in stock Markets

Sbicap Securities Offers

The secondary demands of financial institutions, FIIs, mutual funds, banks, corporations, high net worth SBICap Securities deal, non – residential shareholders and domestic retail investors have been covered in brokerage operations that were launched in 2006.

SBICap Securities Ltd. (SSL) is a corporation established to take over the SBI Capital Markets Ltd. brokerage operations. The services presently available include the Depository Participant services, Institution Equity, Retail Equity, Derivatives, Broking, E – Broking.

This article all detailed information about brokerage, product, and services are mentioned.

SBI Securities Customer Ratings & Review

SBICap Securities Customer Reviews & Ratings

About SBI Securities

Company TypePublic
Broker TypeFull Service Broker
HeadquartersMumbai, India
FounderArun Mehta
Established Year2006

SBICap Securities Limited is established by Arun Mehta on the year 2006.

SBICap Securities Ltd (SSL) is part of the State Bank of India’s SBI group. SBI is India’s largest bank, and for many hundreds of years has now legitimately earned every Indian a banker’s title. HDFC securities deliver a 3-in-1 account, including banking, demat, and trading services, because of its payment services from the parent brand.

They are full – service broker has a presence in PAN India because many of their customers tend to require offline assistance. So if you want to have conversations or regular communication with local sub – brokers from face to face this are always available.

Only stockbroking firms with the leverage of a financial service parent company are offered this feature. The benefit of a 3-in-1 account is that you have supposedly best business experience as your bank account is integrated specifically into your trading account, helping you to transfer immediately cash.

SBICap Securities Limited (SSL) offers a comprehensive series of services to meet NRI investment needs worldwide.

They offer their client to deal and invest in the following segments equity, currency Trading, mutual funds, IPO, ETFs, bonds, fixed deposits, and insurance.

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SBIcap Securities Brokerage Charges 

Brokerage Charge & Fees
Equity Delivery Trading0.50%
Equity Intraday Trading0.08%
Commodity Options TradingNA
Equity Futures Trading0.03% – 0.05%
Equity Options TradingRs.50 per lot
Currency Futures Trading0.02%
Currency Options TradingRs.20 per lot
Minimum BrokerageRs.10 per Transaction
Demat AMC ChargesRs.400 per annum
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin MoneyRs.25,000
Brokerage CalculatorSPI Cap Securities Brokerage Calculator

The brokerage charges are comparatively higher relative to discount brokers to all trading services provided by Full Service brokers. This cost generally represents a certain percentage of the value of the commercial transaction and vary based on the segment of the trade.

  • SBICap Securities has flexible brokerage plans.
  • They charge 0.50%for trading in equity delivery.
  • SBICap Securities sub broker charge 0.08% for the intraday trading of the equity and also the equal for trading in cash futures and currency.
  • Trading in derivative options, the charge of brokerage is flat Rs.50 per lot
  • Brokerage charge for trading in currency options is flat Rs. 20 per lot and for currency future is 0.02%.
  • Minimum brokerage charged for trading is Rs.10 per Transaction.
  • Maintenance charge for Demat account is Rs 400 and free for trading account need to pay once in a year.
  • To trade with SBICap Securities minimum Rs 25,000 need to maintain as security amount in demats account.

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SBIcap Securities Charges

Other Charges
Transaction Charges0.00384% of Total Turnover
STT0.0126% of Total Turnover
SEBI Turnover Charges0.0002% of Total Turnover
Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
GST18% of (Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

Other charges with brokerage on trading are charged on performing of trading. These charges are the tax imposes for performing trade.

  • Transaction costs are expenses incurred when placing the order and squaring off any trade. Transaction Charges are 0.00384% of total turnover.
  • Securities transaction tax or STT is a type of tax imposed on equity gains. This mostly involves stocks, futures, and options. For various types of securities, the rate of tax is different. Each future trade is the amount at the real traded value each option trade is priced at a premium.
  • Securities applicable to STT are Stocks, bonds, debentures, or any such cash equivalents traded in stock traded Derivatives of any mutual investment scheme obtained to custodians Government securities of a kind similar to capital rights or securities interests.
  • Stamp duties on stock – market transactions were levied by state governments. The rates and practices varied between states. Some countries have reduced the stamping obligation to attract their state.

SBIcap Securities Demat Account Opening Fees

Demat Services
Depository SourceCDSL & NSDL
Account Opening ChargesRs.500
Demat AMC ChargesRs.400 per Annum
Trading AMC ChargesFree
Margin MoneyRs.25,000
Offline to OnlineNo

Depository source interacts via its agents with its customers and investors are CDSL & NSDL. They intend to assist its clients and to derive them to the greatest extent with insight into equity / financial markets. CDSL & NSDL facilities are securities services, as the bank retains all your funds and offers all of the services associated with a cash transaction. They also assist you in conducting the service through a demat account.

  • Account opening charges are nominal as other brokers, they charge Rs 500.
  • Yearly upholding charges of Rs 400 need to pay every year for demat account.
  • Charges of maintenance of trading account charges are free.
  • The amount of Rs.25,000 required as a deposit margin is determined by the derivative that is used and the market traded. Higher volatility or larger markets may require a higher margin for deposit. One of the two main margin types necessary for an open leverage position is a marginal deposit.

SBI Securities Review & Brokerage Charges

SBIcap Securities Offers

Free Demat AccountNo
Free Trading AccountNo
Discount on BrokerageNo
Trading Happy HoursNo
Flexible Brokerage PlansNo
1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
Holiday OffersNo
Referral OffersNo
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

SBICap Securities is a well-established, one of the oldest and trusted players in the security market. Therefore they do not require to made offer to the customer to trade with them.

SBICap Securities does not provide any offers like other brokers in the market.

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How to open Demat Account with SBIcap Securities?

With the following step you can open demat account with SBICap Securities.

  1. Click on ‘open demat account’button below & fill up the lead form.
  2. One of SBICap Securities representative will speak to you for the meeting.
  3. The spokesperson will meet you to complete other opening formalities by collecting require document.
  4. Once all process is completed your Demat account will be open in a few days.

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Why Open SBIcap Securities Trading Account?

  • They are one of the prominent financial brokers with a diverse customer base that offers a wide range of products and state – of – the – art service and implementation.
  • it give you the ability to listen to your voice and control your financial life. They provide you finance data with their intelligent investment tools, deep education resources, sophisticated analysis and a variety of investment choices that help you to achieve your goals.
  • SSL has a partnership with SBI Cap to offer an online trading resolution to NRIs, So while they take trading decisions, they can feel at home.
  • SBICAP Securities expresses high stock exchange expertise and offers a variety of savings and investment solutions to its customers. The range of value-added services offered includes equities and derivatives, reciprocal funds, NCDs, IPOs, etc. Take a look at our appeal, feel good TV advertising and learn all about
  • They have high excellence of Compliance.
  • Systems outline is good.
  • The management of market risk is controlled.
  • External Interface
  • They maintain high credit profile of customers for high return.

SBIcap Securities Products & Services

List of products & services provided to its clients

SBIcap Securities Products:

Equity TradingYes
Commodity TradingNo
Currency TradingYes
Mutual FundsYes
  • SBI Cap provides trading products to the segment for trading to customers of retail, institutional and NRI.
  • They serve intraday trading in which roles can be purchased or sold and closed on the same day. Such purchases and then sales are made to take benefit of daily movement in terms of share value. Intraday enables in attaining on the same day without taking delivery of shares in your Demat account.
  • They offer delivery based trading for trader seeking to hold their positions for a longer term,. The greatest benefit of holding-based trading is that you are not force to sell your shares. These shares can be held as long as you want.
  • They offer you the opportunity to buy and sell NSE exchange securities in the future. You may purchase or sell an agreement for a particular stock in the Futures Index, BANK NIFTY and Stock Futures.
  • You can trade curreny derivatives through SBISMART. These are future and option contracts for which a certain amount of a certain currency pair may be bought or sold on a future date. Such a currency pair (i.e. USDINR, EURINR, JPYINR or GBPINR) is comparable to the stock futures and stocks, but it is a currency paired rather than stocks. They give you a chance to purchase and sell currency pairs via NSE Exchange in Futures.
  • SBICAP Securities delivers an easy and smooth way of buying and selling units of mutual funds. You can buy both physically and in demat mode. You can also trade transactions in MFs.
  • It is advisable to know your background, investment behaviour, etc. risk appetite prior to investing. There risk analyser calculator will help you understand the ability to take your risk that will help you determine your investment. You can plan the portfolio allocation on the basis of your risk analyser. The calculator for the allocation of assets in different asset classes is available.

SBIcap Securities Services:

Demat ServicesYes
Trading ServicesYes
3 in 1 AcountYes
Intraday ServicesYes
IPO ServicesYes
Stock RecommendationsYes
Robo AdvisoryNo
Trading InstitutionNo
Trading ExposureUpto 12x
  • They provide Demat Services by this customer can handle over a physical certificate along with DRF (Demat Request forms) in any branch; customers can transform their physical certificate to electronic form.
  • The refurbishment allows you to physically transform the dematerialized shares.
  • Initial Public Offer (IPO), is the initial offer for the public to sell private shares to the private enterprise. In accordance with the new SEBI guidelines, you can perform investment in the IPO via the ASBA account. By visiting one of our branches, you can invest in IPO.
  • SBICap Securities provides an easy and transparent way of buying and reselling units of mutual funds. You can buy both physically and in Demat mode. The exchange also allows you to transact in MFs. In addition, through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), they offer you the facilities to buy and sell mutual fund units in which you can invest regularly, as required.
  • They provide you with the tool of buying and selling on exchange ETFs (S&P CNX Nifty, BSE Sensex, CNX Bank Index, CNX PSU Bank Index etc.), which enable investment companies to gain broad exposure, on a relatively easy basis and in real time, in a lower cost, both to the stock market and to certain sectors.
  • Provide simplified investor education by this tool, you can quickly identify the topic and information you need from our website for your convenience in website browsing. They provide trading by smart edutainment videos, smart insight and webinars.
  • They offer you a unique chance to directly ask our experts your questions. You can not only ask your questions, but also see other investors ‘ questions.
  • For trading exposure upto 12 times of investment are provided.

SBIcap Securities Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

Research & Advisory
Fundamental ReportsYes
Research ReportsYes
Company ReportsYes
Annual ReportsYes
Company Stock ReviewYes
Free Stock TipsNo
IPO ReportsYes
Top PicksYes
Daily Market ReviewNo
Monthly ReportsYes
Weekly ReportsYes
Offline AdvisoryYes
Relationship ManagerYes

They provide relatively good Research & Advisory for traders

  • Based on the market situation, stock – associated headlines and significant global events, the SBICap Securities offers comprehensive research reports with a basket of market data and a worldview of intended stock and index movements.
  • The reports are submitted to SBICap Securities by researchers experts after thorough market instances, important events and trends have been analyzed and researched.
  • SBICap Securities provides a basic view of stocks that can help analyze a particular company’s future opportunities.
  • The basic factors of the company / share are the basis for these fundamental views. Our research analysts are analyzing different parameters such as EPS, profit margin, P / E ratio and more to define basic opinions and stock valuation.
  • They offer derivative reports that cover views and investment strategies for the future and options. The report’s opinions are based on industry trends, analytical and fundamental factors, important events and news related to stocks on local and international markets.
  • SBICap Securities provides technical information on stock levels. These technical perspectives are presented on the grounds for a certain stock or index over a period of time technical factors and trends.
  • SBICap Securities offers a number of many other reports as well as the above. BTST, Intraday Calls and Weekly Recommendations, Basket of Golden Eggs (selective basket view) and many more are regularly updated.

SBIcap Securities Exposure or Leverage

Exposure / Leverage
Equity DeliveryUpto 8x
Equity IntradayUpto 12x
Equity FuturesUpto 8x
Equity OptionsUpto 8x
Currency FuturesUpto 5x
Currency OptionsUpto 6x
Margin CalculatorSBICap Securities Margin Calculator
  • SBICap Securities offer maximum exposure of 12 times for trading in equity intraday.
  • If trading in equity is not settle on same day then trader get maximum 8 times of exposure.
  • Trading in derivative equity 8 times of leverage is provided.
  • For trading in commodity no exposure are provided for trading.

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SBIcap Securities Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms
Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
Desktop Platform – MacYes
Desktop Browser PlatformYes
Mobile Site PlatformYes
Android App PlatformYes
iOS App PlatformYes
Windows App PlatformNo
Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
Real time UpdatesYes
Portfolio DetailsYes
Online MF BuyYes
News FlashNo
Research ReportsYes
Easy InstallationYes
Global IndicesNo
Stock TipsYes
Personalized AdvisoryYes
Interactive ChartsYes
Live MarketsYes
SMS AlertsYes
Email AlertsYes
Multi Account ManagementYes

SBICap Securities is the full service security dealer, offers a range of mobile, web, smart-watch, and desktop platforms. So customers of this full-service stockbroker need not to worry much about the range of trading applications available to them. Their application has following features:

  • High speed performance of trading application.
  • Trading skill
  • No interruption in the feeds
  • simplicity of navigation
  • numerous tools for technical and fundamental analysis
  • Robustness experience for trading.
  • Heat maps help you manage rapidly the time it takes to know and manage records in real time using much more precise financial information. You can consolidate information from a sector perspective with Heat Maps, merge information about holding companies and access real-time information that speeds up decision-making.

SBICap Securities Web Trading Platform

Here are some of the main characteristics of the web application:

  • If you log over for the first time, the home screen will show you basic widgets like market information, current index snapshot, market winners, portfolio and more. Moreover, with the widgets to be kept, you can customize the dashboard.
  • You can put the trade from the ‘Trade Now’ menu item by providing values such as Buy/Sell, Exchange e. NSE, BSE etc, Product like Intraday trading, Delivery trading, ValuePlus, Name of the Scrip, Quantity, Order Type like Limit Order, Market Order, Stop-loss, Price etc. Post entering, the details, you can click on the Buy or Sell button depending on your trade type.
  • You can quickly approach the market analysis by clicking on’ Markets,’ then clicking on the’ Overview’ sub-menu item and checking the current stock traction across the indices and segments, be it equity, derivatives, commodities or currency. You can also change the index with this feature.
  • A full-service stockbroker, you will receive regular technical and basic tips, reports of research, recommendations and analysis. You can find these recommendations in the’ Our Recommendations ‘ section, along with information on market prices, exit prices, target prices, stop-loss etc.

SBI Smart Trading App – SBICap Securities Mobile Trading App

The compact design and improved visual interface of trading app, advanced tools/widgets and extensive research into investment facilitate auto – directed business as ever. Tablets, iPads or Smart Mobile.

Phones ensure that everything you can do is on the go. Customers can download Play or App Store “SBISMART.” With the same login information as your online trading portal SBISMART, you can connect your account.

The following super wealthy characteristics power by SBISMART Mobile / iPad Trading App:

  • Customer can access live quotes and messages
  • Able to place orders for trading taking no time.
  • Trader can easily modify, Square off or cancel pending orders on single application.
  • Customers can create your own personalized market watch.
  • Able to confirm Order Status and Positions of traded stock.
  • Track the live markets of NSE and BSE on one application.
  • Right of access to live trading calls from research technical and fundamental team, media and other basis.
  • Acquire stock recommendation and tips in depth.
  • Outlook stock rankings and admittance the inclusive research tools to analyze the stocks.

SBIcap Securities Customer Support

Customer Support
Dedicated DealerYes
Offline TradingYes
Online TradingYes
24*7 SupportYes
Email SupportYes
Chat SupportNo
Toll Free Number1800 209 9345

The resolution quality is average, for any communication, is well recognized for delay in responding to its customers. So you need to understand this particular aspect when you decide to open a brokerage account with the Bank.

  • The SBICap Securities provides its customers with the various communication channels like e mail and chat support.
  • They provide 24*7 Support to customers.
  • They solve resolution for online and offline trading.
  • You can contact 1800 209 9345 toll free number anytime.
  • You can visit your nearest branch office, there are about 225 branches.

SBIcap Securities Complaints & Feedback

Complaints (Current Year)
Lodged in BSE196
Resolvd in BSE153
Lodged in NSE218
Resolved in NSE200

The number of claims lodged against a broker and how many are resolved must always be known to customers.

  • In BSE board Last year total 196 complaints were lodged and 153 were resolved.
  • In NSE board Last year total 218 complaints were lodged and 200 were resolved.

SBIcap Securities Disadvantages

There are few drawbacks to trade with SBICAP Securities Ltd.

  • Their customers are not satisfied with customer care service.
  • They do not propose any offer as other broker provide.
  • Do not provide exposure for trading in commodity trading.
  • Brokerage is comprisable high then other in security market.

SBIcap Securities Conclusion

Trading with SBICap Securities Ltd will be a decent decision. More than one million customers have the same trust as SBICap Securities Ltd (SSL). It is the brokerage of SBI Capital Markets Ltd., the prominent investment company in India as well as the project adviser, and is a fully – registered subsidiary of the State Bank Group.

They help respected NRI clients through a special NRI desk, in which they may also transact on offline channels (as required by the rules of the country in question). The performance of SSL’s services is demonstrated by NRI’s clientele located across different countries.

Stock analyzes are essential for your trade proposal because they offer you an overview of the company plan, its economic advantages, competitors and its market situation. 3-in-1 account for convenient transactions between your bank and your trading account.

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