Motilal Oswal Review & Brokerage Charges

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. is a Mumbai based company that was incorporated in 1987.

Motilal Oswal Customer Reviews & Ratings

ABOUT Motilal Oswal (MOSL)

Motilal Oswal is a financial services firm with various products and services such as Retail Broking and Distribution, Private Wealth Management, Institutional Broking, Asset Management, Private Equity, Commodity Brokering, Investment Banking, Currency Broking and Home Finance.

Motilal Oswal client includes foreign institutional investors, retail customers, mutual funds, financial and corporate clients.

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Motilal Oswal has a network spread over 550 cities and towns comprising 1900 Business locations operated by the company and its Business Partners. The company had 850000 registered customers and team of approx. 2200 employees.

Motilal Oswal Securities has a very solid research team. They invest almost 10% of their revenue on equity research. By 2017, company had 30 research analysts researching over 240 companies across 25-divisions. From research perspective, Motilal Oswal’s research reports are very accurate.

Why should you Open Account with Motilal Oswal?

1.    Advisory Services

    • Available across asset classes
    • Available across all devices – Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, & Web
    • Varieties of customized actionable plan across investment styles & risk profiles
    • Advanced tools & strategies for various requirements

2.    Leading Broker in India

    • Best Performing Equity Broker (in India) by CNBC TV18 – Financial Advisor Awards (4-times)
    • 29 years of wealth creation and expertise
    • 8.5 lakh+ customers, 1900+ locations, 550+ cities

3.    Research Services

    • Best Market Analyst for IT and FMCG sector
    • Over 30000 research reports across 240 companies and 25 sectors
    • Dedicated technical research teams for mid cap and large cap
    • Availability of various reports across asset class
    • LIVE streaming quotes on the website and technical charts helps taking right decisions

4.    Product & Services

    • All kind of trading & investment solutions are available at one stop (right from equities to Insurance)
    • You can trade across exchanges like – BSE, NSE, NCDEX and MSEI
    • All products are backed by the proper research & advice
    • Highly skilled dedicated advisors. Call & Trade desk are also available

5.    Operational Efficiency

    • Account opening is very simple and user friendly. Account gets activated within 24 hours
    • Dedicated customer care service team
    • Dedicated team for Risk Management System

Motilal Oswal Rating (by the customers)


Overall Rating 3.3/5
Fees 3.3/5
Brokerage 3.0/5
Usability 3.4/5
Customer Service 3.2/5

Trading Platforms on Motilal Oswal

1. Web Platform

It is ideal for first time investors who wants a clean and simple interface. Investor can trade online easily and can place orders with immediate confirmation.

2. Desktop Platform

Ideal for those who need live market watch for faster trading execution.

3. Mobile Platform

It works on almost every GPRS mobile phones. Investor can directly buy/sell online from market watch. It provides you the facilities to modify or cancel pending orders.

4. Call N Trade

It is ideal when investors don’t have access to internet. There is no additional charge for this service.

Account Types

1. Value Pac:

It is an advance subscription scheme, gives discounts in brokerage rates for a limited period. It provides wide range of benefits based on the Volume of Trade and the Validity period. You can do trading at very reduced prices.

2. Margin account:

It is ideal for those who don’t want to commit to a Value Pac upfront subscription. Here, investor have to produce defined upfront margin amount at the time of account opening.

Motilal Oswal Special Offer:

Motilal Oswal Review & Brokerage Charges

Free [Trading & Demat Account] + Free Brokerage

Only for the 1st month with Rs 500 waived and you can also avail free brokerage for first month, free access to research and advices and free use of trading platform. It is only valid for limited period.

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Motilal Oswal Brokerage Charges & FEES

Account Opening Fees and Annual maintenance charge

  • Trading Account Opening Charge: NIL
  • Demat Account Opening Charge: N/A
  • Trading Annual maintenance charge: N/A
  • Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges: Rs. 441

Trading Brokerages

Value Pac Scheme

  • Delivery Based Trade: 0.25% to 0.18%
  • Futures Trade: 0.03% to 0.025%
  • Intraday Trade: 0.03% to 0.015%
  • Options Trade: Rs 60 to Rs 50 per contract

Margin Schemes

  • Delivery Based Trade: 0.30% to 0.25%
  • Futures Trade: 0.03% to 0.025%
  • Intraday Trade: 0.03% to 0.025%
  • Options Trade: Rs. 100 to Rs. 50 per contract

Motilal Oswal – Value Pac Schemes (Segment Wise Detail)

MonthlyQuarterlyHalf YearlyYearly VP
Scheme’s NameVP 2.5KVP-2.5KVP-5KVP-25KVP-50K
Upfront Fees (in INR)2,5002,5005,00025,00050,000
Validity (in days)309090180365
Account Opening Fee (INR)00000
DP – AMC (for 1st Year) Free FreeFreeFreeFree
Delivery Brokerage
Maximum (%)0.25%0.30%0.25%0.20%0.18%
Min (paise)33222
Intra-day Cash
1st leg Max. (%)0.03%0.03%0.03%0.02%0.02%
Cash Min. 1st leg (paise)33222
2nd leg Max.0.03%0.03%0.03%0.02%0.02%
Cash Min. 2nd leg (in paise)33222
Futures (Intraday Trading)
1st and 2nd leg each (if carry forward)0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
FUT MIN 1st leg (paise)33232
2nd Leg if same day square off0.03%0.03%0.03%0.01%0.01%
FUT MIN 2nd leg (paise)33211
Options Trading
1st and 2nd Leg (INR)6070604050
Currency Trading
Futures 1st and 2nd Leg (in INR)2020202020
Option Trade (INR)2020202020

Motilal Oswal – Margin Schemes (Segment Wise Detail)

Margin 1000Margin 10000Margin 25000Margin 50000
Scheme’s nameM-1kM-10kM-25kM-50k
Upfront Margin (in INR)1,00010,00025,00050,000
Account Opening Fee (Rs)Free typeFree typeFree typeFree type
DP – AMC (1st Year) FreeFreeFreeFree
Delivery Brokerage
Maximum (in %)0.30%0.30%0.25%0.25%
Minimum (paise)3322
Min. (per day in case a transaction is done) (Rs.)20202020
Intraday Cash Segment
1st leg Max (%)0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
Cash Min 1st leg (paise)3322
2nd leg Max.0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
Cash Min. 2nd leg (paise)3322
Min. (per day in case a transaction is done) (Rs.)20202020
Futures (Intraday Trading)
1st leg Max (%)0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
2nd leg max (%)0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
If carry forward0.03%0.03%0.03%0.03%
Minimum Brokerage (paise)3322
Options Trading
1st and 2nd Leg (Rs)100757550
Adds-on Services Offered
Trading PlatformExecutiveExecutiveExecutiveExecutive
Mobile AccessPossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Free SMS Alerts (buy & sell)YesYesYesYes
Free SMS Alerts (for advices)NANANAYes
Call N TradeYesYesYesYes
Advisory servicesNANANAYes
Research ReportsYesYesYesYes

Note: Service tax Extra will be levied on (Brokerage + Turnover Tax), Turnover Tax on Turnover, Stamp Duty on Turnover and STT on Turnover.

Demat Account Charges:

Online clients Scheme-D (POA Compulsory)
Scheme nameE-broking
Account maintenance (AMC)Rs 400
Account Administration (AA)NIL
Advance (INR)Rs 400
Txn Charge Within MODES (Sell) (Charges whichever higher will be charged)Rs 20 or 0.020 % of the transactions
Outside MODES (Sell)Rs 30 or 0.03% of the transaction value
Dematerialisation (for all schemes)(Rs 25 per request + Rs 5) per certificate
Re-materialisation chargeRs. 35 per certificate
Pledge Creations/ Closures/InvocationsRs. 35 per request each

Note: Few other demat account schemes are available.

Pros and Cons of Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal Advantages

  1. Varieties of Investment Choices – Derivatives, IPOs, Equity or Mutual Funds.
  2. Many Discounted Brokerage Schemes offers true value for money.
  3. Ease of Operation with 39 plus banks for Fund Transfers.

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  • October 25, 2017 at 03:16

    Hi sir,
    I want to open the demat account , pls suggest me the cheap n best broker for trading.


    • October 25, 2017 at 08:35

      Dear Mahesh,

      Please share your Contact Details so that we can suggest you best stock brokers in India.

  • November 12, 2017 at 17:15

    Motilal OSwal PMS is a trap I have personal experience , In spite of Market doing so good the value will always move down if market is growing , study or loosing, On top of that they have hefty charges on brokerage, monthly fee exit load so only people who will gain from this is Motilal Oswal and there agents not there customers and that also they will make profit for non performance of their fund managers, Guys please stay away if possible


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