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Compositedge is a discount broker who has all the solutions for the new age traders who are well informed and aware of the market and value market as well. The name is so modern and so are its aspects and offerings.

In the article, we are going to read about the various services, products, offers, brokerage charges, and plans this stock broker has to offer to its clients.

The client’s likeness towards the broker and the trading platforms it offers will be analyzed too in this article.

Article will also enlighten about the exposure it brings to the table for the clients and how that eases the trading experience of the customers. So, in short, this article can be a go-to the article for all the information you need about Compositedge brokerage review.

Compositedge offers

Compositedge Ratings & Review by Top10StockBroker

Compositedge Customer Ratings & Review

Let us start with the most crucial factor on which any stockbroker business stands and that is customers and their ratings.

The overall rating of 6 points out of 10 suggests that the broker is efficient enough to provide the products and services the client’s wants but it has enough room to develop as well.

About Compositedge

Company TypePrivate
Broker TypeDiscount Broker
HeadquartersBangalore, Karnataka
FounderMukesh Patel, Satish Dutt & Brijesh Patel
Established Year1997

Compositedge embarked on the journey from the year 1997 and it has been 22 years since then and it never looked back. This is a discount broker and has a private firm registration.

The headquarters of the company is in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka. The firm was started by Mukesh Patel, Brijesh Patel, and Satish Dutt.

Mukesh Patel is the Chairman of the firm at present and the CEO and MD is Satish Kumar Dutt. The director of the company is Brijesh Patel.

All of them are passionate about the stock market and thus came together leaving behind their other careers like the telecom industry, and even cricket.

Together they brought fame and recognition to the company and dedicated work towards building a great stock brokerage house for the investors.

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    Compositedge Brokerage Charges

    Brokerage Charge & Fees
    Equity Delivery TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Equity Intraday TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Commodity Options TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Equity Futures TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Equity Options TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Currency Futures TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Currency Options TradingRs.15 per executed order
    Minimum BrokerageRs.15
    Demat AMC ChargesFree
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin MoneyZero Margin
    Brokerage CalculatorCompositedge Brokerage Calculator

    The brokerage charged by the Compositedge stockbroker is Rs. 15 for every trade you do. Whether you buy one stock or thousands, the price you have to pay for each order is just Rs. 15.

    This is a flat-fee brokerage which is basically the most common point of all the discount brokers in India. So, from the investor’s point of view, the brokerage plan is obviously cheap especially when bulk trading is involved.

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    Compositedge Charges

    Other Charges
    Transaction Charges0.00325% of Total Turnover
    STT0.0116% of Total Turnover
    SEBI Turnover Charges0.0006% of Total Turnover
    Stamp DutyDepends on State (very minimal)
    GST18% of ((Brokerage + Transaction Charges)

    For trading with Compositedge, you have to pay a transaction cost of 0.00325% on every transaction you make.

    The SEBI charges are charged at 0.0006% on the total turnover and the STT is 0.0116% of the total turnover which is mandated by the government.

    GST is 18% on the cumulative charge of brokerage and the transaction charge and the stamp duty is also mandatory to pay as per the state price of stamps. These are the charges that no one can dodge.

    Compositedge Demat Account Opening Fees

    Demat Services
    Depository SourceCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.400
    Demat AMC ChargesFree
    Trading AMC ChargesFree
    Margin MoneyZero Margin
    Offline to OnlineNo

    When you think about opening a Compositedge Demat Account, the first charge for doing the same you have to pay is Rs. 400 and the best part is this is the only fee you have to pay for the account for the entire lifetime.

    If you maintain it for a day or years, there is no other charge you need to pay. There is no charge towards the annual maintenance of the trading and Demat accounts at all.

    So, this saves the investors from a recurring cost every year which they otherwise have to pay towards the AMC but with this broker, they need not pay the same. On top of this, there is no margin requirement as well.

    Compositedge Offers

    Free Demat AccountNo
    Free Trading AccountYes
    Discount on BrokerageYes
    Trading Happy HoursNo
    Flexible Brokerage PlansNo
    1 Month Brokerage FreeNo
    Holiday OffersNo
    Referral OffersYes
    Zero Brokerage for Loss Making TradesNo

    The Compositedge offers are –

    • They do offer free maintenance of the accounts for any number of years
    • There are an abundance of discounts offers on your brokerage
    • There are various referral offers that you can earn from just by referring the firm to other investors.

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    How to open Demat Account with Compositedge?

    They offer a two-ay account opening which is a mix of an online and manual process.

    You can either download their account opening form from the site of theirs and print it and then do the following or you can request them to mail you the form via a courier service.

    1. Once you get the printed form in hand, you have to fill in the details required. Once filled, you have to check whether all the details are correct or not.
    2. The second step is to attach all the documents they have asked for in the form or mentioned on the website. The documents that must go there are PAN, AADHAAR, Voter ID, Address Proof, Income proof, and bank statements.
    3. Then you have to submit the form and the documents.
    4. Once they receive the same, you will get a call from their end, and further verification will be carried on by scheduling a meeting with you.
    5. Once completion of the verification process, you will receive the account details – log in and everything if your application is approved or you will be informed otherwise.

    In the era of online account opening, this might seems a little outdated but you can download the form and courier it or submit it easily without spending much and even you can get the forms couriered at free of cost.

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      Why Open Compositedge Trading Account?

      • Reliable: With more than 20 years of service in the industry, the firm has established itself as a reliable one in the market and with the registration with SEBI which controls all the Investment companies in the country, the firm can assure about serving the clients without any fraudulent thoughts or activities.
      • Innovation: The team which is at work in the Compositedge different departments are really striving hard to create and offer better products and services each day. They are keeping up with the market innovation and creating their own niche with technological advancement in the space of stockbroking.
      • Algo Trading: Talking about technology and advancement, Algo trading is much in trend. This is something you must have heard of if you are pro in this business or tech-savvy. This is a process where technology/software helps your To keep up with the changing market need, this discount broker has introduced this facility under their belt and one can easily use this facility to keep up with the market.
      • Wide product range: It goes without saying that there are a variety of products which the firm offers and it has a wide range of services too. They are though discount brokers but offers products like a traditional broker.
      • Extraordinary customer care: You can connect with them and share all your queries and get a solution for each of them. They are dedicated and friendly towards the customers. They provide solutions instantly and tries to support in every way possible with your trading needs.
      • Great Back office: The back office of the firm works really hard to keep up with everything and you can access all the details of your account at any given point in time due to their exceptional work.
      • Offers: There are various offers as mentioned above which are lucrative and also get you to earn more than what you do in trading. There are referral offers and others as well.

      Compositedge Products & Services

      List of products & services provided to its clients

      Compositedge Products:

      Equity TradingYes
      Commodity TradingYes
      Currency TradingYes
      Mutual FundsYes

      The products have for the clients ranges from the general stock market products like you can deal in equities, currencies, commodities, and derivatives as well.

      Apart from these products which you can find with a broker, they also have provision for trading mutual funds, SIP, and insurance products as well.

      So, you need not go anywhere for buying a SIP or invest in mutual funds and even buy insurance for that matter.

      Compositedge Services:

      Demat ServicesYes
      Trading ServicesYes
      3 in 1 AccountNo
      Intraday ServicesYes
      IPO ServicesYes
      Stock RecommendationsNo
      Robo AdvisoryNo
      Trading InstitutionNo
      Trading ExposureUpto 5X

      The services include the Demat service in association with NSDL and CDSL. Apart from Depository, they obviously provide various trading services including intraday and IPO services.

      Compositedge Research, Advisory & Stock Tips

      Research & Advisory
      Fundamental ReportsNo
      Research ReportsNo
      Company ReportsNo
      Annual ReportsNo
      Company Stock ReviewNo
      Free Stock TipsNo
      IPO ReportsNo
      Top PicksNo
      Daily Market ReviewNo
      Monthly ReportsNo
      Weekly ReportsNo
      Offline AdvisoryNo
      Relationship ManagerNo

      AT the research front, they do not provide any such services and they are not supposed to as well because they are the discount brokers where the investors come to trade and not for research reports and advise.

      However, there are few discount brokers who provide these services as well, so comparing to them, Compositedge might seem weaker in this front.

      However, they do make up for this lack with their Algo trading facility where you have software and technology to make you trade like a pro.

      Compositedge Exposure or Leverage

      Exposure / Leverage
      Equity DeliveryUpto 2X
      Equity IntradayUpto 5X
      Equity FuturesUpto 3X
      Equity OptionsUpto 3X
      Currency FuturesUpto 2X
      Currency OptionsUpto 2X
      CommoditiesUpto 2X
      Margin CalculatorCompositedge Margin Calculator

      The level of exposure provided by Compositedge is at a maximum of 5 times for the equity intraday segment which is an average exposure if you compare keeping in mind it is a discount broker.

      For the rest of the segments like currencies, commodities, delivery – the leverage provided is only up to 2 times of what you have in your trading account.

      The equity options and equity futures get up to 3 times of leverage.

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      Compositedge Trading Platforms

      Trading Platforms
      Desktop Platform – WindowsYes
      Desktop Platform – MacYes
      Desktop Browser PlatformYes
      Mobile Site PlatformYes
      Android App PlatformNo
      iOS App PlatformNo
      Windows App PlatformNo
      Other Mobile OS PlatformNo
      Real time UpdatesYes
      Portfolio DetailsYes
      Online MF BuyYes
      News FlashYes
      Research ReportsNo
      Easy InstallationYes
      Global IndicesYes
      Stock TipsYes
      Personalized AdvisoryNo
      Interactive ChartsYes
      Live MarketsYes
      SMS AlertsNo
      Email AlertsYes
      Multi Account ManagementNo

      Being a discount broker they provide all three kinds of the trading platform and for every device. That is really incredible. They have –

      Compositedge Trading Platform – Trader Workstation (TWS):

      This is a high-speed trading terminal for the high volume traders. If you are trading bulk volumes everyday then this is the right platform to use. You can get –

      • Different customization for the market watch
      • Variety of technical tools and indicators to depict the market
      • You get all the news updates, real-time data and live market
      • It is easily downloadable and it is in EXE application format. It is easy to install as well.
      • There are various orders you can place with this, keep an eye on the mutual fund’s units and NAV and many more features for great trading experience.

      Compositedge Online Trading Platform – Protrader:

      It is a game changer in the trading arena, it is a platform that is used by millions and across the globe. You can access –

      • Various charts for trading using the indicators on them and predicting the market and price movement
      • Options strategies and analysis of stocks and derivative for helping you trade wisely
      • Scalper
      • Time& sales
      • Algo trading and studio
      • Alerts and global indices watch

      Compositedge Mobile Trading Platform:

      They offer the mobile trading platform of NSE. It is a great platform to use when you are trading on the go. It has –

      • Streaming price quotes
      • The exceptional interface which is very user-friendly
      • Takes hardly any space in the phone
      • Charts and indicators on your mobile screen
      • alerts

      Compositedge Customer Support

      Customer Support
      Dedicated DealerNo
      Offline TradingNo
      Online TradingYes
      24*7 SupportNo
      Email SupportYes
      Chat SupportNo
      Toll Free NumberNo

      They offer customer care service for the online trading queries and difficulties and any issue faced by the trader on their platform.

      You can shoot an email mentioning you query or issues you are facing to their customer care email id.

      For any grievances and complaints you have, you can just share it on the chatbox.

      You can call them on their customer care helpline number –

      080-41145828/829 or on +919844700001.

      Compositedge Complaints & Feedback

      Find the list of total complaints lodged & resolved at both the exchanges.

      Complaints (Current Year)
      Lodged in BSE15
      Resolvd in BSE14
      Lodged in NSE34
      Resolved in NSE31

      The complaints received on NSE and BSE are 34 and 15 out of which 31 and 14 respective are resolved in the last year itself.

      This suggests that the firm takes care of the grievances of the customers and take necessary measures to resolve them within a short span of time.

      Compositedge Disadvantages

      • This broker is not offering any three-in-one account.
      • It has only a few branches in Bangalore city and it does not have a wide presence which makes it inaccessible by many prospective traders.
      • There are certain hidden charges.

      Compositedge Conclusion

      Compositedge provides enough opportunity and services being a discount broker and that is exceptional to see. This broker has immense potential to become a renowned broker across the country.

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