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A trader invariably likes to add a trading platform, which should offer round the clock online support. In addition to that, should ease the task of accessing the mutual fund and the IPO. On top of that, there should not be any dilemma of hassling with papers.

And most importantly the traders can invest the money at their own pace. In fact, traders don’t need to brainstorm to get the complete report on the previous history of their orders placed.

Moreover, the trading platform should be intelligently encrypted so that the transfer of payments gets secured and safe. In that regard, today will vividly discuss about the SMC PNB Online Trading Platform and its features.

Smc Global Securities Offers

SMC PNB Online Trading Platform Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

SMC PNB Online Trading Platform Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.3/10
Usability 6.4/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.1/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.2/10
Star Ratings ★★★★★

About SMC PNB Online Trading Platform

It is the merit of the renowned trading destination SMC who has been chosen by the Punjab National Bank as the collaborating partner.

Indeed it is a matter of prestige and credibility for the company that has earned distinguished fame in devising an exquisite online web trading platform known as the SMC PNB online web Trading platform.

The web trading platform is a comprehensive endeavor that includes 3 in one account that means it has the PNB bank account, PNB Demat account as well as the SMC online trading account. Indeed it is the earnest attempt of the trading platform to formulate an easily integrated seamless platform.

That means all of the above-mentioned accounts are interlinked with each other. That means customers don’t need to bear the hassle of switching from one account to the other. On the whole, you can say that it meant to offer smooth trading feel to the customers.

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    SMC PNB Online Trading Platform – Top Features

    The SMC PNB online web Trading platform has some marked attributes which make it worth including in your trading routine.

    Easy linking for existing PNB Users

    The first feature is that it offers hassle-free linking for the users who have been already using the PNB Demat or the savings account.

    They only need to have a stable internet connection linked with the demat account and online trading platform of the SMC.

    Real-time fund information

    The SMC has used upgraded methods to ensure that traders are fed with real-time information pertaining to the allocation of the funds.

    3 in 1 account

    Indeed this is a great feature because traders can avail three types of account like the PNB demat, savings as well as the online trading through one account as all of these 3 are interlinked.

    No additional fund blockage

    Traders can ultimately sigh relief because there is no need to transfer any kind of the fund to your trading account and the fund will follow up after the required deduction.

    Trade-in Various Segments

    The best thing is that the traders get the opportunity for trading in different sections like equity, derivatives at the same time without losing any of the vital information regarding any market.

    Buy and sell the next day

    Indeed the PNB trading platform offers an excellent opportunity to the traders where they can buy the stock today and sell tomorrow prior to getting the exact delivery for the same share.

    Trade anytime

    Firstly you don’t have to trade from a certain boundary instead you can trade from any corner. One more thing is that traders can place their orders other than the regular trading hours.

    Call and Trade Service

    Traders who are registered with the PNB online trading can directly use the call and trade service. For that you don’t have to pay anything extra from your pocket as it is free.

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    How to Set-up SMC PNB Online Trading platform?

    In order to activate the SMC PNB Online Trading platform you need to take a tour of the following steps:

    1. Firstly you have to be on the site https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/pnb-online-trading.
    2. Then you can use the contact number 011 – 43190800.
    3. If you want you can also mail them at the address contact@smcindiaonline.com
    4. Lastly, you can visit their nearest branch to get the information regarding the SMC PNB Trading Platform.

    How to Own SMC PNB Trading platform?

    Using the SMC PNB Trading Platform is definitely not hard, as only you have to contact the SMC India online. Other than that you cam follow the below steps for using it.

    1. The very first step would be getting on the site https://www.smctradeonline.com.
    2. Then click the online trading segment.
    3. Now as you click that you will come into a portion called the PNB online trading.
    4. Just click that and eventually you will be directed to the page https://www.smctradeonline.com/online-trading/pnb-online-trading.
    5. Once you land up to this page you will discover the segments like overview, about the product, salient features, additional features, trading platform, PNB, and the FAQ.

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    Advantages of SMC PNB Online Trading platform

    Definitely the SMC PNB online web Trading platform has some of the talked about advantages so let’s see what are those at length:

    No extra cost for online mutual fund and IPO: While traders choose to go for the SMC PNB online trading they can stay assured that they need to pay anything extra for opening both the mutual fund account as well as the IPO.

    Low rates for trading: The PNB always do assure that its traders should have to pay fewer brokerage fees. That means they promise to work transparently with no concealed charges.

    On-time customer service: In order to resolve any customer related queries pertaining to the SMC PNB online trading, a dedicated bunch of customer care professionals is at your service followed by high-end infrastructure as well.

    Sound research team: The SMC has knowledgeable research team that is always on quest to offer you advice and reports based on proper research so that your investment is on the right hands.

    SMC PNB Online Trading Platform – Conclusion

    The SMC PNB Trading platform has definitely made the traders quite satiated with its user-friendly platform.

    In fact, traders have the liberty to invest in derivatives, equities, mutual funds, IPOs, commodity trading without any hesitation in mind.

    Overall, the traders would be able to explore about 26 mutual funds. On top of that, in the sections for the equities and the derivatives you can invest in the MCX-SX, BSE, NSE.

    Traders would feel completely at ease while using the web trading platform because it offers a hassle-free selling and buying of funds.

    Presently, the web trading platform has diligently taken the first seat in the heart of potential Indian traders and soon will gear up in the foreign lands as well.

    Get Free Access to SMC PNB Online Trading platform – Open Demat Account Now!

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