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Tradebulls Assist or Tradebulls Trading Terminal is widely known as trade assist is a secure and easily accessible trading platform.

It is also known for its high security and optimum performance. Traders can hassle-free transfer the funds online while operating this terminal because of its high security.

The motive of writing this article is to make the traders aware about know Tradebulls Assist Trading Platform, its advantages, set-up process, benefits & more.Tradebulls Securities Offers

Tradebulls Assist Review & Ratings by Top10StockBroker

Tradebulls Assist Ratings
Overall Ratings6.2/10
Star Ratings★★★★★

About Tradebulls Trading Terminal

Tradebulls Securities Desktop Trading Platform also known as Tradebulls assist is the speedy and user-friendly trading platform. This trading platform can be effortlessly operated on desktop or laptops with minim configuration.

Traders who wants to work with this platform are compelled to open their demat account with Tradebulls securities.

Traders will also be able to read latest market news while trading through Tradebulls securities trading terminal. Through this platform, traders will able to execute trade speedily and also able to examine real-time data.

Availability of advance charting enables the traders to track their script performance during the course of time. This can be even operated with the minimum internet connection speed.

Traders can take quick decisions through the research reports and tips available to them. This trading platform is highly secure and clients can speedily transfer funds online.

Through this, traders will also be able to place large orders with just a single mouse click. Various short cut keys are available on this trading platform which facilitates comfort to the traders.

Tradebulls securities constantly try to upgrade this trading platform for traders comfort and to enhance their experience. Traders can also place cover order and bracket order through this terminal.

Even they can transform their intraday position to delivery position. This trading terminal also enables the traders to navigate across equities. Hence it offers high critical and beneficial features to the investors and traders.

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    Tradebulls Assist – Top Features

    List of some of the features of Tradebulls Securities Assist –

    • It is an application based trading platform and traders can do online trading with the help of IWIN.
    • Traders will be updated about the latest market news and will be facilitated with the stock tops and recommendation which enable them to execute their trading speedily.
    • Traders will also be able to view their ledger account while trading
    • As It is a fully secured and trading platform, so the traders can hassle –free transfer their funds online
    • Traders will be updated about all the latest notification and can able to examine both local and global market data
    • They can smoothly analyze their trading decision and track the stock trends with the help of multiple advanced technical charts
    • Traders can able to place both bracket and cover orders through this terminal.
    • You will also get a call from the expert researchers, for advising on your investment and trading activities while executing your trade with Tradebulls Securities Trading Terminal.

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    How to Set-up Tradebulls Assist?

    The process of setting up is provided below –

    1. The first step is to open demat and trading account with Tradebulls securities
    2. After opening the demat account and entering the login details, you will supposed to download trading terminal software of Tradebulls securities for trading
    3. After downloading the software and login your id you will get an option market watch
    4. Select the market watch and type ten ale of the share you wish to sell or purchase
    5. After selecting the shares,
    6. Click on the add button to add the shares on the market watch
    7. Once you will add your share on market watch, you will be asked whether you want to buy or sell
    8. Select the buy share if you want to buy the shares and also mention the quantity of shares you want to buy
    9. Click on submit button after adding the quantity of shares
    10. You can even add your picture on your profile
    11. To visit the buy or sell window, click on B or S icon
    12. You can even examine your holding in the portfolio section
    13. In order to examine and analysis all type of charts available, click on chart option
    14. You can even examine latest notifications under the notification window

    How to own Tradebulls Trading Terminal?

    If you are looking to own Tradebulls Securities Trading Terminal or Tradebulls Assist then you will be obliged to open your demat account with Tradebulls securities.

    Below mention procedure has to be followed and documents to be submitted for opening demat account with Tradebulls Securities

    • 2 Passport size photograph
    • Aadhar card
    • Pan card
    • Bank Statement

    Procedure to Open Tradebulls Demat Account

    1. Click on the open demat account form here
    2. As you will click on demat account form, a form will displayed on the screen
    3. You will be asked to enter the details mentioned in the form
    4. Enter all the details in the demat account form
    5. Details entered in the form will be executed an verified by the authorities of Tradebulls Securities
    6. If your details mentioned are correct and verified, you will be asked to submit all the documents mentioned above
    7. Your submitted necessary documents will also be taken for the verification purpose.
    8. After verification of documents and details, your account will be activated in a 2-3 days
    9. You will also be given login id and password through which you can login your account.

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    Advantages of Tradebulls Trading Terminal

    Advantages of the Tradebulls Securities Trading Terminal are:-

    • This trading platform can easily be operated on laptops or computers with minimum configurations and internet speed.
    • Traders will be facilitated with the research reports and stock tips and recommendation which enable them to take optimum and immediate decisions.
    • It is a highly secured trading platform and traders can instantly sand safely transfers their funds online.
    • Various shortcut keys are available through which traders can comfortably execute their trades.
    • Traders can trade on multiple products and services and across multiple stock exchanges.
    • Traders will also get the information on real –time data of their trade executed.

    Tradebulls Assist – Conclusion

    Tradebulls Assist or widely renown as Tradebulls Trading Terminal is a user-friendly and highly secured trading platform. It can be operated on both laptops and computer with minimum internet connection speed.

    It is a user friendly trading platform because with the help of various shortcut keys available on this terminal; traders can conveniently execute the trades.

    Traders can take quick decisions while working on this trading platform as traders will be facilitated with the research reports and stock tips and recommendations.

    If the traders are looking for multiple features, optimum speed and want to enhance enjoyable and comfortable experience, then trading terminal will be the optimum choice for them.

    Get Free Access to Tradebulls Assist – Open Demat Account Now!

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