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Zerodha AlgoZ is an age old algo trading platform launched by zerodha. In this article, we will review Zerodha AlgoZ & we will see how it works, its various features, charges & more.


Zerodha AlgoZ Review & Ratings

Zerodha AlgoZ Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Processes 6.2/10
Usability 6.5/10
Features 6.2/10
Speed 6.5/10
Performance 6.3/10
Overall Ratings 6.3/10
Star Ratings ★★★

About Zerodha AlgoZ

Zerodha AlgoZ was launched in the year 2013, it is a tool that assists in algorithm-based trading as well as automatic back-testing.

zerodha algozThis is the step of Zerodha in direction of availing the tools of Automatic Back-Testing and Algorithmic trading to the normal retail traders. Here is an Insight on algoZ introduced by Zerodha.

Different traders work on different strategies and it is useful for them to back-test their strategies as well as designing algorithms for program based trading.

For operating on this tool, a basic knowledge of technical analysis is required. A programming background is not required for operating this tool. However, you should have a surface knowledge of writing various codes.

Know more about Zerodha AlogZ

AlgoZ is a technical analysis based product for retail clients. It is a complete Algorithm based product from Zerodha. By utilizing this facility, the traders can back-test their strategies as well as can automate their strategies in the live markets. This is the best product available in the market for assisting in algorithmic trading.

The retail traders can semi-automate their trades using this platform. However, to completely automate the trades, one will have to sign up for the dealer terminal.

Zerodha is providing full support for this option too.  Zerodha is also providing live support for traders on how to use technical analysis and how to back-test your strategy using algoZ.

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    Features of algoZ by Zerodha

    AlgoZ is the best algorithmic trading tool available in the market. It has the best capabilities for back-testing as well as automating the trades. The authenticity of various strategies can be measured by this tool.

    Some of the major features of algoZ by Zerodha are as follows:

    • The platform is full of all the commonly used indicators. The charting software provides a lot of options for the analysis as well as charting tools.
    • The charts can be seen based on the user-defined time frames. For example, the traders can see the charts with candles of 1 min, 5 min, 1 hr or daily time frame.
    • A lot of data is available for analysis in the professional charting software. Daily charts of more than 3 years are available as well as intraday data of up to 22 days is available for the analysis.
    • Very advanced features of Back-testing are provided in this tool. One can write as well as back-test his strategy based on the past data available.
    • Along with back-testing as well as writing the strategy in this tool, one can also automate his/ her strategy partially or fully by utilizing this platform.
    • Automating the strategies in the Live Market is a very powerful feature of this platform.

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    Zerodha AlgoZ Charges

    As it was mentioned above algoZ is a great tool offered by Zerodha, which is free for the customers of Zerodha. There are absolutely no charges for the Zerodha customers to use this platform.

    However, the algoZ tool rendered by Zerodha has a limited functionality. To completely automate the trades one has to go for dealer terminal, which is a paid service for the retail traders.

    Advantages of Zerodha algoZ

    AlgoZ is the best platform from Zerodha, which offers Algo-Trading opportunity to the retail traders as well.  Some of the key advantages of this tool are as follows:

    • Firstly, a wide variety of Technical Analysis tools are available, which can be used to devise a good strategy.
    • The strategies can be effectively back-tested as well as the best strategy for different trading styles can be identified. Complete support is provided by the customer service team of Zerodha on the usage of this tool.
    • The strategies once finalized can be automated by the use of algorithmic trading facilities provided by this platform.
    • Complete support to the partial as well as complete automation of the trading strategies is provided by the Zerodha Support team.
    • The experience of algorithmic trading can be availed by retail traders as well, by the use of algoZ from Zerodha.

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    Disadvantages of algoZ by Zerodha

    Some of the disadvantages of algoZ by Zerodha are as follows:

    • Firstly, the knowledge of technical knowledge is required for the use of this platform. It will be difficult for the person without any knowledge of technical analysis to operate this platform.
    • Secondly, using the free version of this platform one can automate the trades only partially. For complete automation of the trades, the traders will have to go for dealer terminal service.
    • A little knowledge of programming is also required to operate this platform effectively.

    Conclusion of algoZ by Zerodha

    Before the launching of algoZ by Zerodha, algorithmic trading was only a dream for the traders in India. Zerodha has made this dream of the traders come true by the launch of algoZ.

    This platform is a complete platform, where the traders can code their strategies, can back-test their strategies as well as can automate them in the live markets.

    This is one of the best tools available in the market to employ algorithm-trading by the Indian traders.

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