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If you want to set up your mind into investing with Tradingbells Sub Broker model, this article is probably what you need. Stock market franchise is fascinating enough if you are a true market player, and wish to take up a flight in your career.

You need to stick up with a company and invest with any of its sub broker model. If you are attracted to invest in this company and find Tradingbells Franchise rewarding, here is the assurance you are in search of.


About Tradingbells Franchise

TradingBells Brokerage CalculatorFull service brokers are the traditional way of trading and still happen to rule the market. One such traditional stock broker is Tradingbells, which was incorporated in the year 1985.

Tradingbells Sub Broker is the company’s motive of outshine their competitors, by expanding their reach.

They provide Tradingbells Franchise provision, which has a sub broker activation code time of 33 days. This time is an average time as compared to their counter parts. For the other end, the provided payout time is 27 days. It is right and as per the current prevailing market competition.

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    Types of Tradingbells Business Model

    From the vast number of options you can find with a stock broking company, you can simultaneously go for one. You need to be aware of the Tradingbells Sub Broker types offered, in order to stick to one. The types of Tradingbells Franchise models provided are:

    • Sub Broker
    • Referral Program

    Tradingbells Sub Broker or Authorized person

    Tradingbells Sub Broker is the extension, the arm of operations in a new area, or even an existing area. You will have the rights of selling the company products in its behalf, to your customer base.

    The best part is you will have a significant share in the revenue you make. All of this will be jolted down in the contract formed in between you and the company.

    Benefits associated with Tradingbells Sub Broker

    • Acquisition of company’s trademark, that is the goods and services it constructed and offers to the public.
    • The company will keep a share of revenue you make every time you account for it, but the superior share will be yours.
    • A fixed amount, referred to as security deposit should be provided but it is pretty low on the minimum front.
    • Company does not leave you all by yourself, as it will help you stand straight in the market, with traingin facilities.

    Tradingbells Referral Program

    This Tradingbells Partner program is not for the business enthusiast, but the individual account holders who also wish to make some extra bucks. The job is simple, easy and to the point. The concerned can refer any one they know, who would invest with the company and be their client.

    Every new addition to the client base of the company is payable. Every client generated from your reference is reward able.

    Benefits associated with Tradingbells Referral Program

    • There is no term as security deposit valid here. You do not need to pay a security deposit to the company in order to avail for this model.
    • A fair share of revenue comes your way, though minute, it is right as per the only reference made.
    • You are not obligated to make a sale of service or product from the company’s end. Hence, you responsibility is limited to referring people.

    Tradingbells Sub Broker Commission or Franchise Revenue Sharing

    The general revenue sharing notion for any firm is in range. However, the Tradingbells Franchise Revenue Sharing for the most popular business model, i.e. sub broker is fixed. Tradingbells Sub Broker Commission entitlement for the concerned individual is 75%. This is a lot more than what other stock broking companies provide.

    There is a revenue as entitled to the referral program as well. However, it does not range, and it rather fixed to Rs.1,000 per refer that you make.

    Revenue Sharing Clients Share Tradingbells’s Share
    Sub Broker 75% 25%
    Referral Program Rs.1,000 All Brokerage

    Start your Broking Business with Tradingbells

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      Tradingbells Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

      There are a lot of things which makes up a successful contract, the one which is made with a mutual consent, and it includes the Tradingbells Franchise Cost. This Tradingbells Sub Broker Investment is actually the security deposit made with the company.

      For the sub broker, the minimum amount required is Rs,50,000 whereas the maximum is Rs.10,000. The referral program on the other front, attracts no initial or any deposit whatsoever.

      Security deposit
      Sub Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
      Referral Program Zero

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      Tradingbells Partner Infrastructure Requirement

      Keep trace of the Tradingbells Partner Requirement as they will take you a long way, and also to get started in an efficient manner. The Tradingbells Sub Broker Infra Requirement makes you self sufficient, making it possible for you to carry on the business activities successfully.

      • Company needs you to deploy in a minimum of 3 employees.
      • Among other amenities, you need to cater for trading terminals, internet connection and also telephone lines.
      • At the end, an office is the need of an hour, where the company mentions the minimum dimension as 200 Sq Ft.

      Tradingbells Sub Broker Offers

      Tradingbells Sub Broker Offers are like the refreshment to a meeting. The tough and dept process of forming sub broker contract is eased with the provision of the Tradingbells Franchise Offers.

      • The company extends you a facility of initial 10k deposit, where you can make the deposit of only 10k to start with.
      • Well we sure are aware of the flexibility in revenue sharing, this meant the revenue percentage provided is negotiable.

      Tradingbells Authorized Person Eligibility Criteria

      You should possess certain traits, the ones which make it possible to take the operations ahead. To evaluate the traits there are certain benchmark Tradingbells Sub Broker Eligibility criteria’s. The company looks out for the following Tradingbells Franchise Eligibility criteria’s.

      • One fine determinant of providing services in stock broking industry is certification from NISM. It is one of the norms SEBI imposed on personnel who wish to offer financial products and services.
      • Experience in the domain of stock broking market is highly aspired. You will have the liberty to work over your contract sooner, if you have an experience of few years.
      • Ensure you are intermediary qualified, as it is mandatory, and graduation degree is on the priority list.
      • Possessing financial knowledge is the next most important thing, and also the eligibility criteria of the company.

      How to become Tradingbells Franchise or Sub Broker?

      If you plan on making an instant decision and moving ahead with this company’s business model, we have the means for it too. The simplified process to Become Tradingbells Franchise holder starts right from this page.

      1. View this page thorough, probably the bottom of the page in order to search for the “Become Sub Broker” button. It is easily locatable as it is green in colour, and click over it.
      2. An immediate pop up will appear on the screen with some quick questions on contact details. Fill them up and submit them accordingly.
      3. A new form will pop open now, and it will ask you detailed information on your identity, qualification and also finance. Make genuine entries and submit it.
      4. The final step is to upload the proof of the information provided. So, you have to take scanned images of the documents as asked and then upload them in the form.
      5. If found genuine, you will clear the verification process. Then the company will give you a call sooner to take the business ahead.

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      Why Partner with Tradingbells

      It is indeed a great idea to invest with this company and the Tradingbells Franchise Benefits will prove the same. Check out some of the benefits from the wide range of benefits the company provides.

      • It is one of the discount brokers that have gained up on a significant number of client bases. Hence, they are highly in demand.
      • They are successfully registered with a lot of reputed stock exchanges and likewise authorities.
      • They managed to acquire significant experience in the domain, leading to provision of great support services for the sub brokers.

      Tradingbells Franchise or Sub Broker – Conclusion

      No decision can be undertaken without sufficient knowledge. Likewise, you should hold the aggregate knowledge before you make the decision of opting for one of Tradingbells Franchise models. This article was to serve you with just the information you need to become a Tradingbells Sub Broker.

      Start your Broking Business with Tradingbells

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