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A versatile and yet the largest stock broker in India has gathered the largest customer base bringing them on board with the company ICICI Direct.

We bring forward the ICICI Direct Login, where you will be able to learn the procedure of logging in to all the platforms where the company lets the customers trade or invest.

Here, we also gathered information on the requirements of ICICI Direct App Login and the post login details as well.

ICICI Direct Review

About ICICI Direct Login

We understand that your investment goals are unique, and hence, the solutions that they offer are also crafted as per your financial goals. being the bearer of the largest customer base, they have the availability of all kinds of financial instruments available in the market.

Technology has been their top preference though, and so, they have stepped into all kinds of online services via ICICI Direct Login.

You can use the app, the website or the ICICI Direct Backoffice Login. And there you will have all the options to watch over and manage your portfolio in a better way. Online trading will be of the greatest advantage.

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    ICICI Direct App Login Process

    A pretty good working app launched by the company gets handy for the client to trade online with the features such as Buy, Sell, Short Sell, Stop Loss, Trigger etc along with some advanced apps as well.

    • Get yourself a demat account with the ICICI Direct company, which will also get you a client id and password.
    • Based on the Operating system you have on your phone, choose a link from the below table and download the app.
    • Open the app and do as asked till you find the login page, where you need to enter the details of your id and password.
    • Now you will be asked to create a 2FA password. Do the needful and memorise as you will need it to log in every time.

    After having access to ICICI Direct App Login, the watchlist and post app features such as buying and selling stocks, analysing the stocks, and functions etc.

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    ICICI Direct Login Process – ICICI Direct Website Login

    Here is to the ease of logging in, for you have absolutely no need to download an additional app which would take up a pretty fair share of storage from your device.

    Open your browser and follow the below-mentioned steps in order to ICICI Direct Website Login: –

    • A Demat account is the first step, so get one
    • Keep up with the login id and password provided to you while the opening account.
    • This is where you need to click on the link https://secure.icicidirect.com/customer/login.
    • Enter the id and password when you see the login page and generate a password if you are a first-time user.

    There it was, you are now good to use the dashboard, be able to buy and sell securities and also analyse your performance.

    ICICI Direct Backoffice Login Process

    ICICI Direct Backoffice Login has its own kind of perks which it offers to its esteemed customers and clients who are active traders in its trading platform.

    It is because the page contains information like the transaction reports, profit & loss statement of each transaction, Portfolio performance & more. some of the statements are downloadable as well.

    We will explain the login process in brief.

    • Make sure you have a demat account with the company in order to use this login option
    • Keep the login id and password within your grasp to use it.
    • The link https://secure.icicidirect.com/Customer/login should take you to the login page.
    • When you find the login page enter the details you have with you, the client id and the password.

    This shall let you easily check your portfolio, download a couple of statements, create strategies or even keep a watch over your shortcoming if you see you aren’t satisfied with the profits you make.

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    ICICI Direct Login Details

    ICICI Direct Login Details
    Website Login ICICI Direct Website Link
    App – Android ICICI Direct Google Play Store Link
    App – iOS ICICI Direct App Store Link
    Backoffice Login ICICI Direct Back-office Link
    Trading Terminal Login ICICI Direct Terminal Link

    Logging in to any of the ICICI Direct platforms is now simple with all the information and the links given above. All you need to do is click the link you need to and do as directed. You will pretty easily be able to log into ICICI Direct Login.

    Make sure you have the id and the 2FA password well memorized in order to prevent being locked out of your demat account.

    Other than that, you need not worry because each and every ICICI Direct Customer Login requires the same id and password. This spares you from the hassle of memorizing a lot of passwords.

    ICICI Direct Login – Conclusion

    We tried our best to make the information in this article as simple and understandable as possible. We hope we actually were able to fulfil the target we had.

    As for the ICICI Direct Login Page, this article has all the links and stuff which would let you easily log into the website, app, and back office.

    The process of ICICI Direct Account Login is pretty easy if you refer to the instructions. Either case you encounter any issues, do let us know in the comment section.

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