Investors invariably search for stockbroking companies which are not only trustworthy, but at the same time, should be prudent to save their earned capital.

That is why you can consider Celebrus Capital and its service Celebrus Capital Demat Account, one of the efficacious broking company whose reputation and dedication talks about its fame.

It’s wide presence in more than 22 states in India certainly highlights its prominence at large. On top of that, it made a distinguished performance in both currencies and stock trading.

Thus, it is a matter of pride for investors to invest with them. In addition to that, traders can also consider having the Celebrus Capital Trading Account as well.

Celebrus Capital offers

Celebrus Capital Demat Account

The Celebrus Capital DematAccount has few of the underscored benefits, so let’s get the highlight of those at once:

  • Expert back office support: The Demat account holders should stay relaxed because the company offers full round the clock online back-office assistance to their clients.
  • Risk management: The world of stockbroking is loaded with risks, but the promising stock broking company does assure to manage those with full support and expertise with the help of their professionally trained risk management team.
  • Round the clock : Demat account openers should not worry, because the professional company would clarify all your doubts regarding any issue, as they are available round the clock.

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    How to Open an Celebrus Capital Demat Account?

    If investors are happy with the status of Celebrus Capital then, they can definitely open Celebrus Capital Demat account. But, you need to check out the points stated below:

    1. Click on the green button below that says “Open Demat Account”.
    2. You will get the Demat account form, and once you get that, fill up the details like your name, mobile number & city.
    3. An executive will call you and share a link of EKYC.
    4. You have to prefix the details of Aadhaar number, PAN number, and date of birth in it.
    5. Now, you need to add in the bank details, i.e. the your Account number and IFSC code.
    6. In addition to that need to upload the KYC details that include the Adhaar card, Pan card, voters id, a passport size photo, in the form of scanned copies.
    7. But make sure to submit the cancelled cheque as well.
    8. Now, you need to sign in the form after cross checking it, via Aadhaar card or in person.
    9. If everything gets the clean chit, you will receive a clarification dial from the relationship manager of the company.
    10. Thus, it is time to have your own Demat account ready at your service. The details of which will be forwarded to you in due time.

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    Celebrus Capital Demat Account Charges

    Celebrus Capital Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.200
    Demat AMCRs.300 per Annum
    Trading AMCRs.100 per Annum
    Margin RequiredMinimum Rs.10,000
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    Every stock broking company has its own rule of charging the annual maintenance charge, so does Celebrus Capital follows the same.

    The company Celebrus Capital Account Opening Charges is very much bearable and within the capacity of the investors that means they have to pay only Rs.200.

    Honestly, it is not going to be a financial burden for the investors. Now, talking about the annual maintenance of the Celebrus Capital Demat Account charges, the preceding table explains it. The most exciting thing is that, the investors need to pay the opening charge only once.

    Apart from that, traders or investors should be satiated with the authenticity of the company because the company is a legitimate depository member of both CDSL and the NSDL.

    Besides that, you need to be aware that the company has made a norm of charging Rs.10,000 as the least ceiling so that investors can continue the deal smoothly.

    Celebrus Capital AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    Investors, as well as traders, need to keep in mind that annual maintenance charge is a mandatory notion for every stock broking company.

    Therefore, in that respect the Celebrus Capital AMC for the Demat account is Rs.300. But one thing is good from the end of the company, and it is that, this fee has to be paid on a yearly term.

    On top of that, willing traders should also note that they need to pay Rs.100 as the annual maintenance charge for the trading account, which is again charged on per annum basis.

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    Celebrus Capital Trading Account

    The traders who are serious about establishing into a professional trader should take time to have a look through the benefits offered by the Celebrus Capital trading account.

    • Easy fund transfer: Traders should be aware that the stockbroking company offers easy transfer of funds which is done smoothly and in a hassle free way.
    • Secured payment system: One more good point about the traders is that the payment system is completely encrypted, so you don’t need to worry about money fraud as payment would be done securely through safe payment gateway.
    • Training for newbies: If you are an amateur trader then no need to worry because the company will give a formal training on how to trade perfectly.

    Celebrus Capital Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Celebrus Capital Demat Account is a professional and systematic account, offered by the stock broking company which has achieved the place of a top-notch member of three significant stock exchanges.

    It is a member with Bombay stock exchange, National stock exchange as well as the MCX stock exchange. The most vital attribute is the mobile trading service, which they launched as the LEAP.

    On top of that, the company assured the software would be entirely capacitated to work round the clock. Apart from that, the company takes full charge of fortifying the investors as well as the traders from any kind of risk by means of the centrally organized risk management method.

    Open Celebrus Capital Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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