Basan Equity has been known as one of the most trustworthy discount brokerage houses in the country. The products and services it provides is of high quality and one such proof is the Basan Equity Demat Account.

Demat account offered by Basan Equity has a lot of gains attached to it, and there are plenty of investment alternatives and services that the company provides to its customers.

In this article, we will talk about the Demat and Basan Equity Trading Account and their costs and annual maintenance charges and other facts related to the account opening with Basan Equity.

Basan Equity Broking offers

Basan Equity Demat Account

There are a variety of discount brokers in the country that came earlier and following Basan Broking Equity, but this company brings an uprising in the stock market with its naïve cheap rates and, sets itself up as a discount broker in totally new style and made the word “Discount broker” well-known.

The Basan Equity Demat Account has a variety of gains that the customers can garner and make use of for their investment and trading purposes.

Here are some of the most significant Basan Equity Demat account gains:

  • There are few benefits of being the most sorted brokerage house in the nation. Basan Equity has been familiar and consigned as the most popular and promising brokerage house right now among the traders and the capital market fraternity. You can discover Basan Equity branches in every corner of your city no matter where you are.
  • Discount brokers are well known for Trading platforms and low brokerage plans, and Basan Equity can be known as the trendsetter of this thought. They just modified the methods of Trading with their modern trading technologies they use for those platforms. It made Trading very easy and more beneficial. Basan Equity has a range of trading platforms to facilitate customers.
  • No brainer, Basan Equity, has one of the lowest brokerage plans for the customers. The brokerage plans, aside from being very cheap and pocket-friendly are also just easy to understand. You do not need to bring out your calculator every time to do the brokerage calculations.
  • There are no hidden charges linked to these cheap brokerage charges, as mentioned earlier. All the costs are presented in front of you, and there lies no other fees.
  • There is a minimum brokerage charge, as well. You will have to make a payment of a minimum of Rs.5,000 for the same.

Thus, if you are looking for opening a Demat account, Basan Equity Demat account can be one of the best choices for you.

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    How to Open an Basan Equity Demat Account?

    At this time, if you have made up your decision about the account opening with Basan Equity, then to Open Basan Equity Demat Account, you are required to:

    1. Click on the button that says “Open Demat Account” provided below and fill the pop-up application.
    2. You will get a phone call from the Basan Equity executive. That person will assist you in sorting out online KYC or Basan Equity EKYC from their Portal.
    3. You need PAN card, AADHAAR card, and bank information to open the account with Basan Equity.
    4. You have to fill up the application for the Demat account form with Basan Equity; there you have to fill up all the information that is mandatory. If you are filling up an online form with AADHAAR, then once you have put down the AADHAAR facts, it will become simple for you to open the account.
    5. You also require filling up the bank account details like the IFSC and the account number. It will be entirely safe and secure in the records of the firm.
    6. Then you have to upload the scanned copies of AADHAAR and PAN card along with a photograph and cancelled cheque. Once you upload the documents, you will get a phone call from the Basan Equity executives. They will assist you with the rest of the steps, and then you can, without difficulty open the account.
    7. Once your account is started, after the confirmation process is done, you can log in with the credentials for log in shared with you on email and then start trading.

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    Basan Equity Demat Account Charges

    Basan Equity Demat Charges
    Depository ParticipantCDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening ChargesRs.100
    Demat AMCRs.299 per Annum
    Trading AMCFree
    Margin RequiredMinimum Rs.5,000
    Dematerialization AvailableYes

    The Basan Equity Account Opening Charges has always been meagre, and now, it charges only Rs.100 for opening both the Demat and Trading accounts.

    Basan Equity Demat Account Charges is one of the cheapest account opening charges among the Discount brokers in the country too.

    An Demat account is linked with the CDSL & NSDL, depository participants of India, and it gives the dematerialization of the physical shares as well.

    The margin money needed in the case of the Basan Equity Demat account is Rs. 5,000, which is not so helpful for first-time traders with not much of a capital.

    Basan Equity AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Basan Equity AMC or annual maintenance charge is only Rs.299, which is what you need to pay every year under maintenance of your account with Basan Equity. There are no other charges imposed besides this charge for the support of the account.

    Nevertheless, this charge is only for maintaining the Demat account; there are no charges associated with the Trading account.

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    Basan Equity Trading Account

    With the Basan Equity Trading Account, you can:

    • Deal with different investment choices varying from the equities to the Derivatives and the currencies too.
    • You can, with no difficulty, access your Basan Equity Trading account on the trading platforms provided by the company, and you can deal with no trouble on any of the platforms that match you the best.
    • There is a margin money of Rs.5,000 that you have to keep in the trading account. Dealing shares can be done from the stocks you have in the account, and that sum of money is needed as the balance in the trading account.
    • You can also invest in IPOs with the Basan Equity trading account.
    • You can also put to use the bracket orders along with other orders formats.

    Basan Equity Demat Account – Conclusion

    The Basan Equity Demat Account is one of the most hunted Demat accounts, and it is obvious from the vast customer base.

    This shows the quality and the enormity of facilities and products the company offers to the clients, and it is mainly because of the fact that they have a characteristically low brokerage and highly superior trading terminals.

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