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Smart investment requires a simultaneous smartly configured accompany, which has all its activities set in an orderly fashion. Prime management of a share broking company relies upon demat account and the Guiness Securities Demat Account stands up to its expectations.

Guiness Securities Trading Account surpasses the threshold of efficient management which endorses effective implementation of strategies in relationship with client needs.

The broking house has attempted to cover up the wide array of financial services which dwell in the financial market, making it a versatile place for investors who wish to try out and experiment with new investment opportunities.

Guiness Securities offers


Guiness Securities Demat Account

Holding up a demat account has its share of perks and we sure are positive you are aware of it.

However, what stands apart from the crowd about Guiness Securities Demat Account is mentioned below, to help you feel the sense of assurance, if you wish to choose this broking house.

  • This company is a part of the brand Guiness Group and is engaged in a lot of financial instrument such as stock broking, commodity broking, depository services, portfolio management, mutual fund consultancy, IPO biding and other related activities.
  • It covers a wide area of network, through the state of West Bengal and also has a notable presence among other developed cities.
  • Trading portal 16anna.com has been launched by the company which endorses all kind of online facilities for the investors. It is a major step taken by the company to embrace what technology has got to offer.
  • The company has been keeping up with the pace of growth which is required to sustain a good client base, ever since it got its BSE membership, and entered into the stock broking market from the year 2005.
  • Company has set some go to rules, which also include the brokerage charges, and sustaining its clientele it has decided to keep up a low brokerage charge. Being a fully fledged stock broker, they provide high level of exposure to their clients.

Rest assured, you are entering into a company which is on its way to attain the excellence benchmark, if you decide on investing with Guiness Securities.

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    How to Open an Guiness Securities Demat Account?

    If you are on your way to Open Guiness Securities Demat Account, we highly support your decision.

    We have a backed up plan for you, as we have put the precise steps to be followed while opening a Demat account.

    1. You need to start with the search for a green button, which has “Open Demat Account” written over it. When done, you will be directed to fill in some details in a form.
    2. This is where you will get a call back from one of the executives of the company, asking you about your interest. Following which the individual will share a link with you also known as the EKYC form.
    3. The link will direct you to their official portal, wherein you need to provide some ID proof. Basically, you will be asked to enter in the Aadhaar card, PAN card and Date of Birth details.
    4. The remaining process shall be taken forward by the system, but then you need to cross check the details you entered in.
    5. For the next step, you need to gather in your bank account details, precisely the Account number and the IFSC.
    6. Proofs are to be provided now, and for the same you need to upload scanned copy of your Aadhaar card, PAN card and also a cancelled check.
    7. You now need to digitally sign in the declaration at the end, which is facilitated by Aadhaar card.
    8. If you do every step appropriately, you will shortly receive a call from the executive again in regards of the document and account opening charges, if any.
    9. After the fee is processed and the documents are testified, you will get an active demat account, at your disposal.

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    Guiness Securities Demat Account Charges

    Guiness Securities Demat Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Rs.100
    Demat AMC Rs.350 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.5,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    We wish to secure the interest of our readers, with providing the insights on Guiness Securities Account Opening Charges. It is a basis of decision making process, as any additional income, shall affect the holder of the demat account.

    First and foremost Guiness Securities Demat Account Charges are for opening an account, and investors are required to cater Rs.100, which is rock bottom.

    Company wants the investors to adhere by a minimum Rs.5,000 which is again of a bottom level and great for new participants of the industry.

    Guiness Securities AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    As far as the further prospects are of concern, which are put into holding an account, additional charges will be due to the company.

    Guiness Securities AMC is to be paid on a yearly basis by the holder of the demat account. Such a charge is neither negotiable nor ignorable and has to be paid every year, year after another.

    However, the welfare and interest of investors are kept intact by the company, as even though it requires a Demat AMC of Rs.350 per annum, if doesn’t charge a penny into the maintenance of trading account.

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    Guiness Securities Trading Account

    Diehard fans of trading will now be able to feed in their curiosity and eagerness to make money with Guiness Securities Trading Account.

    This account is great for beginners as well and to provide you with strong bounds to stick onto your decision making process, here are some benefits discussed.

    • Common necessities being constant, you need a trading account to trade securities, probably buy, sell and cancel transactions.
    • With this trading account, you unleash the auto-trader option, wherein investing with mutual funds becomes accessible as well.
    • Back office will forever be at your service, with information about your holding, positions, money balance and similar other details.
    • Trading charges are nil, so you are again at benefit.

    Guiness Securities Demat Account Conclusion

    Investment options can never be enough, with all the competition which exists in the industry. But, satisfaction is the essence which shall be attained by investors, and there is no doubt, a Guiness Securities Demat Account would do the needful.

    Paperless demat account opening is the greatest of all perks, which is fun and also exciting. Investors willing to get introduced to the world of investment may choose Guiness Securities as their official stock broker.

    Open Guiness Securities Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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