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The company Capstocks Securities is known for its efficient management service. On top of that the company has leveraged its users with Capstocks Demat Account and commodity service as well.

Its hard endeavour has helped it gain a place in the category of the Multi commodity exchange of India, Or the MCX. Thus, today users are finding it beneficial to have a Capstocks Trading Account because of its wide presence in almost all the states of India.

Apart from that, the company has efficacious portfolio managers, who takes care of the rest of the account issues and handles them with earnest expertise.

Capstocks Securities offers

Capstocks Demat Account

The Capstocks Securities Demat Account has some spotlighted benefits, which demat account holders actually enjoy so let’s get through them in points below:

  • Department of research: The knowledgeable department of research is on their toes every time, to help the clients take the right step when it comes to taking the perfect decision in regards to investment.
  • Portfolio management facility: The Company uses high end analytical instruments which are accessible to the clients so that they are able to accelerate their return.
  • Knowledge center: At the same time the company has an enriched knowledge center where the professionals work in a systematic manner, to offer an organised service to the naive investors.

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    How to Open an Capstocks Demat Account?

    If you wish to stand by your decision and Open Capstocks Demat Account, take a tour of the steps below:

    1. In order to open the account you need click on the green button which read “Open Demat Account”.
    2. Click on the button and provide them all the details like the name, mobile number & city following which you have to press the submit button.
    3. Now a representative of the company will call you in order to verify your interest, and then provide you with a link to EKYC.
    4. So, when you open the form, you will be asked to enter in the details such as Aadhaar number, PAN number, Date of birth and some bank details, which include the account number and IFSC.
    5. In the mean time you need to upload the scanned copy of KYC documents like Aadhaar card, pan card, passport size photo and a cancelled cheque.
    6. Once done, you will receive a call from the company and that is a verification call. If everything is fine from the end of the relationship manager then you are likely to have the demat account.
    7. They will process the account and activate it in a day, and share the log in details with you shortly.
    8. If you receive the email id and password from their end, you can begin trading at your convenience.

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    Capstocks Securities Demat Account Charges

    Capstocks Demat Account Charges
    Depository Participant CDSL & NSDL
    Account Opening Charges Zero
    Demat AMC Rs.250 per Annum
    Trading AMC Free
    Margin Required Minimum Rs.5,000
    Dematerialization Available Yes

    The company Capstocks Account Opening Charges is certainly something to highlight. Actually the company charges nothing from the client.

    That means the charge for opening the account primarily is completely zero. Capstocks Demat Charges are quite competitive if you tally the amount with the other potential stock broking companies.

    A nil charge definitely saves a lot from the end of the Demat account holders. Now, it is again a plus side for the account holders in terms of margin requirement. They need a low amount of Rs.5000 as the minimum amount, which is considered as the ceiling.

    Now, talking about the dematerialization, account holders have nothing to worry about, as the company offers the facility of dematerializing the shares they own.

    Besides that, account holders will also get the depository participant facility from both CDSL and NSDL, ensuring risk free transactions.

    Capstocks AMC or Annual Maintenance Charges

    The Capstocks AMC is not much at all because, if you consider the annual maintenance charge for the Demat account then you will see that it is only Rs.250.

    The best part about the charge is it is required to be paid only once in a year, hence sparing the investors of repeated monthly expenses.

    On top of that, account holders also note that the annual maintenance charge for the trading account is nothing. To be precise, the users don’t have to pay anything for it at all.

    Thus, it is significant that the company has seriously thought of its users, and knows every other way of convincing them.

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    Capstocks Trading Account

    Moving on to the Capstocks Trading Account, it has some of the following plus points. Let us consider going through them at once:

    • Derivative trading facility: You should note that the company offers the derivative trading facility where the traders can trade in the futures through the national stock exchange.
    • Mobile and internet trading service: Most important part is that traders can always get the facility to enjoy high-speed mobile and internet trading on time. In fact, clients also receive digital agreement papers, that too through email.
    • Offline trading facility: Another important facility that traders will get is offline trading, where the traders can trade through both the BSE and NSE in the category of derivative and currency.

    Capstocks Demat Account – Conclusion

    Repeated efforts have been made by the company through its Capstocks Demat Account to win the belief of the account holders.

    They portray immense efforts and professionalism. The well-managed company has strived to create a landmark in the arena with their thirty years of experience.

    The company works on three significant parameters like trust, dedication, and loyalty. On top of that, the company aced its skill as both offline and online trading facility providers.

    Besides that its credibility has earned it to be a member of the National stock exchange as well as the Bombay stock exchange. The most highlighting point is that the company got a proper registration, from SEBI as well.

    Open Capstocks Demat Account – Fill up the Form Now!

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