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IQ Option App is the smartest trading app that brings you a handy and mobile solution to kick-start some profitable investment.

Aspiring traders on the lookout for the best trading app would certainly find it a reliable partner.

It doesn’t even matter whether you are an expert or carry a bit of experience in trading, as the app is made for all.

The app is safe and offers you great customer support. Invest in CFDs, Forex, Crypto-currency, or binary options with this great online broker app.

If you want to learn more about the app, take a quick glimpse at this detailed review of the IQ Option.

About IQ Option App

IQ Option Mobile Trading App is a fantastic platform built for busy traders in 2013. If you hardly find time to invest in your favorite stocks, start using this reliable and handy app.

IQ Option AppFew reasons make it obvious why and how the app is reliable and 100% user-friendly.

IQ Option is backed by IQ Options Europe Ltd- a reliable company based in Cyprus- working in the financial sector for a long time.

The company has a reliable position among the best online trading service providers. Similarly, it helps this App to gain more trust of people from all across the world.

Currently, IQ Option App handles over 1 million transactions per day, and 48 million+ visitors make it a winning player. In the initial phase, the app was able to serve only limited users in the EU zone.

But over time, traders from other nations have also started building more interest in the app. For instance- Traders from India, Pakistan, South Africa, Singapore, etc., use this App.

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    IQ Option Mobile App – Top Features

    Let’s explore the IQ Option Mobile Trading App features to know which aspects make it the best deal for traders.

    (Note: This App is available for all Windows, iOS and Android Users and is free to use for both mobile and laptop users.)


    The dashboard of the app is highly clear and simple, which brings easiness to beginners. One can access features seamlessly and create an account on the IQ Option Trading App.

    Even though you are a pro-level user, the app is ready to suffice your appetite for gainful trading.

    Charts and Orders

    Traders can monitor, keep track records of the market pattern with the in-build chart system in the app.

    Moreover, users can even take a sneak peek at their orders. The chart is also changeable as per the strategy and needs of the users.

    Simply navigate through the option available on the screen and choose your chart type.

    Market Analysis

    Market analysis means a lot to every trader as it offers an in-depth market view. That’s why the company has provided great market analysis features in the app.

    In simple words, get access to a good number of features and indicators that speed up the profit-making process on one go.

    Additional Features

    The app also supports some other great features that amplify user experience with the IQ Option.

    For instance- widgets, price movements alert function, graphic tool, market analysis, portfolio management, video tutorials, live customer support chats, etc.

    All these features reflect that this app satisfies its users from every angle. Both pro-level and novice traders can find this app highly helpful for their trading journey.

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    How to Set-up IQ Option Trading App?

    Unlike other trading apps, the initial setup of the IQ Option Mobile App is quite simple. Begin with downloading the app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    Don’t worry; the app is free and doesn’t ask you for a single penny to get started.

    1. Download completed! Make your first log-in using your Email ID and password. (Note: make sure the password should be secured)
    2. It is advised first to log in to the practice account and build a solid experience about the app. Such as how does it work and which features to use.
    3. Once you learn all the nitty-gritty of the app, go ahead and start your first trade with a simple log-in.
    4. Here you will see a good-looking interface on your mobile screen.
    5. In the upper section, a (+) sign enables you to select tradable assets
    6. Alongside the (+) sign, you get Forex to make a selection for currency
    7. There are buy and sell options on the left-hand side to make your first trade
    8. For the market analysis, use indicators and charts located in the bottom section.

    (You can also get better in your trading skills and speed by first accessing the demo account at the IQ Option.)

    How to own IQ Option Mobile Trading App?

    Setting up an account via IQ Option is pretty simple. If you are an existed web user of the this broker, it would be easy to use the app.

    However, the features and overall user interface of the app are similar to the web version.

    Consider taking help from practice account as it educates you better on trading with the IQ Option.

    Switch from the practice account to the original trading account when practice is done. Click on the balance option, and you’ll be redirected to your portfolio.

    You can also explore the trading history you check out for in the app from time to time. Choose the needed charts and indicators to make a smart move for trading.

    Moreover, you can trade assets using the buy and sell button. Also, don’t forget to stop loss and profit limits selections provided inside the app.

    Hit confirm when all settings are check and stay up to date with the app.

    Advantages of IQ Option Mobile App

    Here are the chief reasons why IQ Option Trading App has deemed a highly helpful trading app for both beginners and advanced traders-

    • Free IQ Option training programs available for all
    • Start your first investment with a minimum deposit of $10.
    • You can trade at the IQ Option with only $1 making it an excellent deal for traders entering the binary options market.
    • Participate in tournaments and win cash prizes
    • A totally free demo account makes the trading platform more productive
    • A popular trading platform in the market serving millions of users worldwide
    • Regulation in Europe
    • Hit a robust market analysis using in-build charts and indicators

    All these advantages make it obvious why one should start using the IQ Option rather than other online trading platforms.

    In a nutshell, it supports all those features and options that make it a highly useful thing for all types of users.

    IQ Option App – Conclusion

    IQ Option has built a remarkable spot in the financial industry which makes this app a trustworthy thing.

    Traders can invest, hold and sell the purchased asset anytime, anywhere. The app builds a flexible solution for all level traders, be it a new or advanced trader.

    To simply put, all the nitty-gritty trading points are instant to grasp with the app’s practice and demo service offered for free.

    Also, millions of worldwide users evidence that the IQ Option Mobile App helps achieve their trading goals. If you are also in the hunt for the best trading app, consider this broker.

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    FAQs on IQ Option Mobile App

    Here are the most searched FAQs on IQ Option Mobile App –

    What is IQ Option Mobile App Called?

    IQ Option App can be found on Play Store and App store by the term IQ Option. It is an award-winning app and currently has five million+ traders.

    Moreover, the clean and interactive interface of the app makes it a pretty choice for beginners. Use the web version if the app doesn’t support your device.

    Does IQ Option provide an iOS App?

    IQ Option app is downloadable on all mobile devices. From android, apple to windows you can use this on almost every operating system.

    Also, web users can download the iOS version of the app from the Official IQ Option website or simply visit the Apple Store and get the app on your Apple devices.

    Is IQ Option App Free To Use?

    IQ Option app is a free app, and users can even explore the demo and practice account for free. But trading isn’t free as a $10 minimum deposit is mandatory for all.

    Even though the app is free to download and use, but deposit fee is asked in the app.

    How to Download IQ Option App?

    Android users login to the play store, type the IQ Option App name in the search box. Apple users login to Apple App Store and the app with a single install.

    Moreover, one can even visit the official website and get the link to download the app.

    What Features does IQ Option Android App Have?

    IQ Option app includes all those features that the best CFD broker must provide to its users.

    Be it chart, indicators, stop limit, stop loss, and further nitty-gritty points. All features are readily accessible at the user interface.

    Apart from that, demo account and tutorials related features make the app more wonderful.

    Can I Trade in Shares via IQ Option Forex App?

    Yes, users can trade shares in the app. The app brings the opportunity to traders to trade over 500 assets from a single interface.

    Such as one can trade indices, currencies, stocks, and commodities seamlessly via this amazing app.

    Is IQ Option Android App Good?

    To be honest, this is a pretty good app as five million+ active users on android smartphone evidence how great the app is.

    However, the app is easy to use and relatively straightforward for existed web users of the platform.

    Does IQ Option Trading App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the IQ Option does support the EKYC feature as the app is more concerned about its user’s safety.

    The company ensures that its users’ data is protected by all means.

    That makes a good reason why you can feel comfortable while using the app as no one would be able to access your account.

    Does this App provide Tips?

    IQ Option app not just offers mere tips and suggestions to its users but offers a complete training program for free.

    Simply, access the practice section and start learning about trading in a comprehensive style.

    Moreover, the app shares everything about trading via informative video so users can grasp things better.

    How to Buy Currencies via IQ Option Mobile App?

    If you are a forex trader and wish to invest in some profitable currencies, use the app. Every option regarding which type of trading you prefer is available on the interface.

    To simply put, access and start trading currencies on the app. Enter the volume, make some strategic moves and begin.

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