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An opportunity to explore the global market at the touch of the hand. Binomo App makes it possible to trade global assets from the comfort of your home.

Their commitment to low trade requirements makes it very lucrative for traders.

This article would cover everything about the Binomo trading app. It includes the logistics, how-to’s, and advantages you can gain from using the Binomo Mobile App.

About Binomo App

The design is practical and convenient. Hence, the Binomo Mobile Trading app is one of the leading solutions for online trading out there.

Binomo App

It prides itself on high payouts, quick trading, and reliable service. Binomo started with third-party software for their platform.

But, later shifted to their own platform for a more practical and convenient design. The application includes features to target trades and their issues without being another generic design.

Binomo Mobile Trading app allows you to trade any assets from their catalog. It offers around 60 assets in which anyone can trade on their platform.

With the minimum trading amount of $1 and the least deposit of $10, it is perfect for anyone looking to trade in low volumes.

Used by around 990,000 traders across 133 countries daily makes it one of the best apps in the market.

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    Binomo Mobile App – Top Features

    The idea behind being a host to a catalog of 60 different assets is that traders like to mix things up. Because a trader does not like to stick to any particular asset for too long.

    Binomo specializes in high/low trading. Due to this, it is not much available in terms of other contracts.

    The assets that you can trade include currency pairings, leading equities, and indices.

    Demo Account 

    One of the most lucrative features offered by Binomo is the option of a demo account. You can create a demo account with $1000 in virtual cash to splurge on assets of your choice.

    This helps a lot in seeing how your options pan out. Most platforms offer limited functionality on the demo accounts.

    However, Binomo doesn’t hold back and give you the full feel of asset trading without spending a penny. You only need to register using your email ID to get hold of a dummy account.

    Multiple Payment Options

    Binomo also allows several payment methods for your convenience. Diverse customers mean that payment methods differ depending on your location.

    Cards and e-wallets are most popular, followed by region-based payment methods. The minimum deposit is $10.

    This makes it a very appealing choice for beginner and low-volume traders.

    Deals & Promotions

    Binomo is also known for many deals and promotions that can entice you as a trader. A sign-up bonus and some top-ups on every deposit are standard, followed by other bonuses as well.

    The rest of the deals are variable, so you’d have to keep an eye out for them. Moreover, the dealers who deposit more than $500 in their account get access to the ‘Gold’ account.

    Thus giving them a higher level of support and consultation. The traders can also unlock ‘VIP’ accounts by depositing more than $1000.

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    How to Set up Binomo Mobile Trading App?

    To get started with the app, there are few pretty basic items you need to check out.

    There are a couple of steps which are listed here which you’d need to follow to easily set up your Binomo account.

    1. Install the Binomo mobile app, which is available on both Google as well as an iOS app store. Binomo is a free-for-all trading app, which means there are no prerequisites to owning the app.
    2. Register for an account of the app using your email id. You can also register using your Google or Facebook account. You’d have to fill an online form for registering for the account.
    3. After that, you should activate your account by logging into your email account. Then you have to click on a confirmation mail sent by Binomo. By doing this, you’re verifying your identity and this is the last step.
    4. The next step is getting some money into your account. Snap-on “OPEN” fasten and pick one of the choices to revive from the electronic installment framework. Do make sure to switch from your demo account to your real account before doing so.
    5. After that, select the method of payment and enter the amount that you’d like to load onto your Binomo account.
    6. After verifying your details, the money would be available for you to trade on your Binomo app.

    How to use the Binomo Mobile Trading app?

    Trading on the Binomo app is pretty straightforward. The transaction area of the app has a simple visual interface to facilitate trading.

    To make a binary options transaction, pick a property that you expect to exchange. To do that, in the exchange zone on the app you will see another exchanging stage.

    This comes with a straightforward visual interface. This interface helps you rapidly approach and comprehend the innovation of exchanging.

    To make a binary choice exchange, you simply have to follow a couple of steps. Pick an accessible property you want to trade.

    Select an amount that you’d like to trade, and then set an exchange end time. Now, provide your forecast of whether the asset would increase or decrease in value.

    At the end of exchange time, depending upon the new value of the asset, you would have gained some or lost some money.

    Now you can pull your money back from the framework or can again trade with the benefits. To withdraw your money from the app, just go to the withdrawals app.

    Then select a withdrawal amount and send a ‘withdrawal request’. After an investigation of the request, which might take up to 24 hours, the requested sum gets added to your bank account.

    Advantages of Binomo Trading App

    Here are the benefits og Binomo Mobile Trading App –

    • Streamlined, intuitive, and easy to navigate the app. Perfect for beginners and veterans alike.
    • High range of analytical tools that help you analyze the market. This analysis can further help in making predictions based on that data.
    • The minimum deposit amount being $10 and the minimum trading amount is $1 which promotes and encourages small trades and low volume transactions.
    • Presence of a demo mode that allows trading using virtual money, which encourages rookies and beginners to get some practice trading assets before jumping in the actual waters.
    • Well-maintained app base which is present for a variety of devices. The app has all the functionalities that the website provides.
    • Well diversified range of assets including many currency pairs which encourage traders to explore different markets and push their money into a very diverse portfolio.
    • Lucrative deals, promos, and offers, including top-ups up to 100% on loading cash into your account.
    • Presence of ‘gold’ and ‘VIP’ accounts. This enables you to reap even more benefits by putting in a higher amount into your account.

    Binomo App – Conclusion

    Binomo mobile trading app has all the features that a trader needs. with a healthy amount of safety and security checks.

    A very good choice for beginners to explore the markets. The best part being the choice offered to the traders.

    They can use either their demo accounts or start by investing small amounts. The UI is practical and intuitive, and there is no real difference between the website and the app.

    More offers for the traders on top of all the regular stuff are what seals the deal in favor of the Binomo mobile trading app.

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    FAQs on Binomo Mobile App

    Check out the FAQs on Binomo Trading App –

    What is the Binomo mobile app called?

    ‘Binomo’ is the name of the mobile app by Binomo, and is available for download for both Android as well as iOS users.

    All you need to do is go to the play store/AppStore and search with the name ‘Binomo’. The app provides the same amount of functionality as the website.

    Does Binomo provide an iOS App?

    The iOS app is called ‘Binomo: Smart investments’ and is available for download from the iOS AppStore.

    All the functionality of the Binomo trading services is compressed under this one tiny app for the iPhone/iPad users.

    It has pretty much the same functionality as the android app and the website.

    Is Binomo App Free to use?

    Yes, both the apps are free to use, with no charges attached to the downloading process for either of them.

    You simply have to look up the app in the store and start downloading. If you do want some additional functionality, you can spend some money on the Gold/VIP Binomo account.

    How to download the Binomo Forex App?

    The download process of the Binomo app isn’t any different from any normal app. All you need to do is to search for the keyword ‘Binomo’ on either app store.

    After you locate the app, click on download, and voila! The app will be downloaded to your phone. The process is designed such that anyone can have easy access to the app.

    What features does Binomo Trading App have?

    Binomo app has a lot of features to offer to its users. The major attraction of the app is its demo account which allows you to trade risk-free.

    Also, it provides various analytical tools for analyzing the markets. Finally, it has easy money transaction mechanisms for your convenience.

    Hence, it has the whole package of features for traders to enjoy.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Binomo app?

    Yes, one can easily trade in shares using the Binomo app. The Binomo app offers all the major listed equities and the procedure for trading them is the same as any other security.

    The shares can be accessed in the same way you access any asset in the app. In fact, you can find some internationally listed shares too.

    Is the Binomo Mobile Trading App good?

    Yes, the Binomo app is indeed a pretty good option as a trading platform. Presently, the app has 1M+ downloads.

    This testifies to the fact that a diverse and large amount of people make use of Binomo for trading.

    Furthermore, it has a rating of 3.9 on Google Play Store which alludes to its great functionality and ease of use.

    Does Binomo App have EKYC Feature?

    Binomo app does have an EKYC feature. This lets you verify yourself through an online process by presenting ID proofs.

    All you need to do is to submit your scanned IDs for getting the verification through the EKYC feature. Binomo has great attention to security detail.

    Thus, they do all the security verification properly and strictly.

    Does the Binomo Android App provide Tips?

    Tips are surely a part of the mobile app’s features. They provide a detailed report which they make after thorough analysis and research.

    This report allows you to make the best choice for your trades. The tips are compiled and provided by industry-renowned experts.

    If you wish to know more about them, you can take a look at their website.

    How to Buy Currencies via Binomo App?

    Buying currencies is the easiest type of trading under Binomo. All you need to do is select a feasible currency pair that you think will make you profit.

    Further, select an amount that you want to trade. After this, predict whether one of them will rise or fall as compared to the other.

    The order shall get executed. There is a certain number of currency pairs under the list of assets for you to choose from.

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