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Profitable trading is impossible without a reliable broker and its services to traders.

There’s no quick-fix that could help you draw some gainful results. It is your initial research that attracts sky-high returns on your desk.

A trading account is the core of your trading journey, and you must be aware of all the nitty-gritty points of it.

Only then can you expect a highly profitable portfolio that yields the result you fancy for.

If you also find IQ Option a reliable broker, this article will strengthen your knowledge of its trading account.

Let’s see what the IQ Option trading account has to offer you.

IQ Option Trading Account and Benefits

In this honest review, let’s first take a quick glimpse of the benefits that make IQ Option the best account for all.

Free Training Programs

The key reason that drags traders’ eyeballs on IQ Option trading accounts lies in its free training programs.

The platform offers free video tutorials to its users, so they augment their trading skills. However, VIP users receive further support from personal managers at IQ Option.

Lowest Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount varies at IQ Option.

For instance, standard account users submit $10, and VIP account users submit $1900 as a minimum deposit amount.

Start from $1

Traders can start their first trade from $1 only, making IQ Option a lucrative platform for traders planning to invest in Binary Options.

Free Demo Account

IQ Option online trading platform offers an in-build free demo account which is a plus point.

Trade Multiple Assets

One can trade multiple assets at IQ Option, e.g., crypto-currency, currency, stocks or options etc.

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    IQ Option Trading Account Charges

    Trading Account Charges
    Account Type Trading Account Real Account VIP Account
    Initial Deposit $1 $10 $1900
    Spread 5 pips 5 pips 0
    Commission No commission No commission 0
    Leverage 1:20 1:20 1:1000

    It would be a stress-relieving point for the small-level trader with a limited budget.

    IQ Option Trading AccountIQ Option doesn’t charge any trading fee from its users on using its trading account. It certainly makes IQ Option online trading the best platform for all.

    Unlike other trading platforms, IQ Option doesn’t charge even a single penny from its users except for the deposit fee, which is also refundable.

    Yet, users must be aware of the types of fees that IQ Option does charge on its platform, as stated below.

    Overnight fees

    IQ Option charges overnight fees or swap fees when a user forgets to close its position on the same day and holds its shares overnight.

    Withdrawal fees

    If you choose direct bank transfer instead of other payment options for withdrawals, up to $31 can be charged.


    IQ Option charges 2.9% as a commission fee if you trade crypto-currencies.

    Dormant fee

    After signing up and creating a trading account at IQ Option, if you don’t log in back into your account for 90 days, a dormant fee may be charged.

    Types of IQ Option Trading Account

    Types of Trading Account
    Trading Desk Type Dealing Desk, Market Maker
    Min Deposit $10
    Maximum Leverage No
    Mini Account No
    Premium Account Yes
    Islamic Account Yes
    Segregated Account No
    Managed Account No
    Institutional Account No
    Suitable for beginners Yes
    Suitable for professionals Yes
    Suitable for scalping No
    Suitable for daily trading Yes
    Suitable for Weekly trading Yes
    Suitable for swing trading Yes

    Predominantly, IQ Option offers three types of trading accounts to its users to choose from.

    The first one is a Standard account- for standard users, and the second one is a VIP account for wealthy traders.

    Additionally, there is a practice account for learning purposes. Let’s see what you get in these trading accounts.

    Practice/Training Account

    Training account is a free demo account available for every user who sign-in at IQ Option.

    The account comes with $10,000 virtual currency that has no role in real-life trading.

    You can continue your trading journey with a training account at IQ Option to strengthen your basic understanding and switch to other accounts whenever you feel confident.

    Standard Account

    A standard account is best for beginners or small-level traders. Users can open this account with a mere $10 deposit amount. You can trade 500+ assets in a standard account.

    VIP Account

    VIP account is a bit expensive as the $1900 deposit amount is asked from interested users. But this account comes with significant advantages to the users.

    In the mainstream, you receive a personal manager assistant who personally guides you on various core points.

    Apart from that, VIP account users also receive highly profitable rates at IQ Option, an average 3% benefit over other users.

    Premium accounts are suitable for both beginners to advanced users. Traders can carry out day trading, weekly and swing trading seamlessly.

    IQ Option Account Opening and Trading Process

    Opening an IQ Option trading account is as easy as signing up for a Netflix. A few simple steps and your trading account is ready to use, right on your screen.

    Follow these steps to open your first account at IQ Option.

    Step 1. Sign-up

    Select a secure and private email address as it would be the most important thing to access your trading account.

    Enter email id, set a strong password for your account and tick on “terms and condition” for acceptance.

    Step 2. Register yourself and Choose account type

    Once you sign-up, IQ Option recommends a Training account, Real Account or VIP account. Select any one as per your likings.

    Submit every document asked by IQ Option, including deposits and click on proceed.

    Wait for a few minutes once you submit all the documents successfully.

    Step 3. Receive Approval

    IQ Option then sends an account approval notification to your registered email address and mobile number.

    It indicates that you are all set to start trading with IQ Option. (Note: account approval can take time as it depends upon the circumstances)

    Step 4. Log in to your account

    Log in to your account using the email address and password you entered before.

    Step 5. Fund your account

    Fund your account to start trading. In addition to the deposit amount, a user can start trading with $1 only to a maximum of $20,000.

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    IQ Option Trading Account – Features

    Trading Features
    Educational Services Yes
    Social Trading / Copy Trading No
    Trading Signals Yes
    Email Alerts No
    Guaranteed Stop Loss Yes
    Guaranteed Limit Orders No
    Guaranteed Fills / Liquidity No
    OCO Orders No
    Trailing SP/TP Yes
    Automated Trading No
    API Trading No
    VPS Services No
    Trading From Chart Yes
    Interest On Margin No
    Offers Hedging No
    Offers Promotions Yes
    One-Click Trading Yes
    Expert Advisors No
    Other Trading Features No

    You can’t proceed with any trading account until you are familiar with its key features. Just like the features of IQ Option shared below-

    One-Click Trading

    IQ Option online trading platform brings you a one-click trading solution.

    To simply put, after becoming a registered user of IQ Option, simply log in back into your account using your email id and password.

    Save the log-in details for ease of access.

    Offers Promotions

    IQ Option runs promotional tournaments for VIP users. Interested traders can join these tournaments and win real cash prizes.

    Trading Chart

    A trading platform is useful without trading chart varieties. From candlesticks, linear areas to bar charts, choose the best chart from varying options.

    Trading Signals

    To gather correct buy and sell suggestions, indicators have been provided that you can use to make trading moves more strategic.

    Such features make IQ Option best for traders.

    Trailing SL/TP

    Stop-loss and Take profits are further add-ons provided in the IQ Option trading platform so that you could feel stress-free about your investment in day trading.

    Educational Services

    Educational contents are the best features you get in IQ Option that are solely intended to amp your trading skills.

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    IQ Option Trading Account – Conclusion

    If you aren’t that serious about trading, you must think twice before sign-in in to the IQ Option trading account.

    Beyond a doubt, IQ Option is a free trading platform, but if you will be an inactive user, the broker is likely to charge a dormant fee from you.

    The remaining points about the trading account are noteworthy. There’s no wonder that the IQ Option trading platform is highly gainful for all-level traders.

    You must sign in for a trading account at IQ Option as it is a free online broker.

    IQ Option Online Trading – FAQs

    Here is the list of Faqs related to the IQ option:

    Does IQ Option provide online trading?

    IQ Option is an online trading platform where interested traders can park their money in the desired asset.

    From binary options, CFDs, Currency, stocks to crypto-currency, the platform offers you a wide range of tradable instruments to choose from.

    What are the commission charges in IQ Option?

    IQ Option doesn’t charge any direct commission from its users. But there is a deposit fee asked from every user who wishes to begin trading with the platform.

    Apart from that, dormant fees, swap fees, and withdrawal fees (on direct bank transfer) exist.

    Does IQ Option provide demo account trading?

    Yes, IQ Option provides a well-built and highly informative demo account to its users.

    New traders can learn a lot from this practice account: by this means, they feel fully confident about their trading moves.

    Demo account also features virtual currency and appears like a real account which makes the practice advanced to users.

    Is there trading free at IQ Option?

    Trading at IQ Option is 100$ free except for a deposit amount that isn’t a fee as it is refundable to the users in case they don’t wish to continue with the platform.

    Apart from that, trading is free of cost except for crypto-currency trading, on which the platform charges 2.9% as a commission.

    Does IQ Option provide spot metals trading?

    Yes, a trader can trade spot metals at IQ Option.

    Even though whichever metal you wish to invest in via IQ Option trading platform, be it gold, silver, copper or nickel, the platform enables you to invest seamlessly.

    Take help from indicators in cases if you face any issue.

    What are spot metals trading charges at IQ Option?

    In most cases, IQ Option charges a 0.6% fee on spot metals trading, but it can vary based on the market and related factors.

    There’s no need to panic about the swap fee because IQ Option charges it on crypt-currency, indices, ETFs, Forex, and further CFD securities only.

    Does IQ Option provide stock trading?

    Yes, an investor can even trade stock using IQ Option, as it is an all-in-one trading platform. It serves multiple needs of the users.

    However, the platform ensures you build a solid and strategic portfolio and diversify your assets in the most productive way.

    Predict which way the stock or your favorite company will go using charts.

    What is spread at IQ Option?

    IQ Option doesn’t offer extensive spread on its trading platform.

    Due to a limited number of currencies, forex traders may not find IQ Option an appealing alternative.

    In a nutshell, IQ Option offers 5 pips if you trade GBP/USD, similarly, 14 pips if you trade EUR/USD, and 15 pips if you trade EUR/GBP.

    Is IQ Option safe for trading?

    IQ Option is one of the safest trading platforms of this era regulated by CySEC- a famous European top-tier regulatory body.

    It proves that IQ Option will keep serving you for many years without putting you into an unforeseeable risk or threat.

    The company is headquartered in Cyprus.

    Does IQ Option provide trading tips?

    IQ Option shares trading tips with its users as the platform is also famous for its educational content offerings.

    Users can learn lots of things from the IQ Option trading account, which makes it best for all level traders.

    Particularly if you are a beginner, IQ Option will guide you in detail about trading through its video tutorials.

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