You need to get yourself accustomed to the functionality of the XM App, which would be of great help for you.

Traders need the assistance of the best trading app and know how to make the best use of it. XM likewise provides the best of the XM Mobile app, along with other trading terminals.

Features of this app are multiple or you could say the app is stuffed with the best of offers, making it easy for clients to trade on the go.

About XM App

XM Mobile App is a remarkably built mobile application, for forex trading. The broker offers its clients the best trading services and features via the application.

XM AppThe application is the best medium to keep p with your trading need from the forex market.

The app lets you perform a massive range of trading activities and invest in multiple instruments.

Using your mobile, you can use this powerful app from the broker and enjoy the diverse range of forex-oriented features it offers.

It is meant for the beginner as well as expert traders, giving everyone access to the best of forex-related tools.

You can make money from investing in the forex market, from anywhere and everywhere, facilitated with the right resources.

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    XM Mobile App – Top Features

    Here are the host of features the app provides to its users. All these features collectively offer the best trading experience to the clients.

    Check out what the app lets you do, while you are invested with XM and increase your knowledge.


    Access to this app is provided for both MT4 as well as MT5 users. The dashboard is jam-packed with a bit of all the parts of the app.

    The configuration of the app is such that you can reach out for any other options via the dashboard of the app.

    The app dashboard provides you with instant access to activities of your live trading account as well as the global market.

    You may seamlessly manage your account in the best possible manner.

    Charts & Order

    The app lets you place several orders including stop loss. You, as a trader, can invest in around 1000 instruments, with assistance to multiple chart types and indicators

    The tools help you make the best trading decision. You can also check your trade orders from the past, as in, go through your trade history to check which trades were the most profitable ones.

    Market Analysis

    Trading decisions are difficult to make, and clients need all the assistance they can to make the likely investment decision.

    Performing a deep and in-depth analysis of the market and the investment option is crucial and the app has all the materials you would need.

    There are a host of trading tools you can expect from the app such as multiple chart types and indicators.

    You can furthermore weigh-in or rather compare your investment options on the grounds of detailed analysis.

    Track your Orders

    The history of trades you attempted is stored for your consideration. You can thereby check them at your convenience and see how they performed.

    You can check in the trades which were profitable and also the ones which fetched in the loss.

    This is a really great opportunity for you to learn a lot about your strategies and see which ones would work for you. You can also learn from losses to a minimum the future possible losses.

    More Features

    Real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll, market tips, landscape charting, technical tools, and a lot more options are provided in the application.

    You can use the customized app and all of its features in favor of profits.

    All the options are thereby open for you to use, and you can strategize your investment options and thereby use the tools and features as per your need.

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    How to Set-Up XM Trading App?

    Using the application is entirely easy and seamless. It is similar to any other apps you have used, and in case you are a beginner, you can use the following pointers to use the XM App.

    This section briefs on how to use the app, while the next one has the process to download the app.

    • For the first thing, you need to get an account with XM. You need to open a demo account for starters which will let you get access to the app.
    • When your account is activated for use, the broker will provide you with the essential log-in credentials. You need to use them to gain access to the app. Before you get to the dashboard, the app will first ask you to enter the login ID and password.
    • When you gain access to the account, you must take a tour of it. You need to check how each and every feature of the app works. Check out account funding mediums too to get accustomed to the same.
    • You must now place your order. Choose an investment option and move ahead to place the buy order.
    • When your order goes live, you will be able to see them all in the order book.

    Furthermore, you can make use of the vast number of tools to use. Such tools are a major lending hand for experienced as well as beginner traders.

    How to Own XM Mobile Trading App?

    The process in which you can own the app is easy too. In this section, we have included the essentials of the process to download the app.

    Before that, you need to know that, the app is available for both Android as well as iOS users, who can use it to their advantage.

    Start with locating the app in your respective app store, i.e, iOS app store or the play store. Use the credentials of the app – XM Mobile App in the search bar and click on search.

    When you find the app with the company logo, you can further download it. You will find an install button at the beginning of the app, click on the same to download it.

    When the install process finishes, the app would appear on your phone for use.

    You need to have an account to gain access, and if you do, you can log in instantly. In case you are new, you can avail of a new life or demo account.

    Advantages of XM Mobile App

    If you still find yourself on a fix regarding the app and if you wonder if they are the right choice, check the advantages.

    The list of advantages shall be your assurance measure in multiple facets. They would tell you why you can get associated with this forex broker, especially the application.

    • This app is the favorite of many traders as it is rated 3.8 stars in the play store.
    • Download statistics of the app are 1,000,000+ installs.
    • The app is in line with the present need of investors from the forex market, especially in terms of technology.
    • They have multiple tools and charts for better market analysis.
    • Furthermore, they have a wide array of instruments available for trading.
    • They also offer a host of indicators to help support your decision.
    • Commission and other charges of the account are minimal.
    • The compatibility of the app is in context with all kinds for traders, i.e. both the beginners as well as the experts.

    XM App – Conclusion

    Since you have a keen determination into the forex world and are looking out for brokers you can invest with, we offer you this article.

    You can make use of the information from this article and compare XM forex broker with other brokers and make your decision.

    As for the XM App in general, the app is indeed a pretty great offering from the company at almost zero cost.

    This app is free to download and does not cost you any additional money for the same.

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    XM Forex App – FAQs

    Check out the FAQs on XM Forex App –

    What is the XM mobile app called?

    The XM app the forex broker offers is known as XM – Globally Leading Investment Firm.

    The app features everything you would need to successfully carry out your trade order. The app is available for both android as well as iOS users and is available free of cost.

    Does XM provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the XM App for investment and trading is available for both iOS as well as Android users.

    There is no charge associated with the app whatsoever and it is provided free of charge for download.

    Traders can refer to the play store, search for the app and instantly download it for use.

    Is XM App Free to use?

    Yes, the XM App the broker offers is free of any kind of charge. There is no attached download charge with the app, but the account-related charges shall be constant.

    Charges and all other statistics would be as per the kind of account you opt for.

    How to download XM Trading App?

    The process is the same as any other app you use on your mobile phone. You need to refer to your respective app store, as per the OS of your mobile device.

    Search for the application in the search bar and locate the app XM – Globally Leading Investment Firm. When you find it, click on the install button.

    What features does XM App have?

    Features of the XM App are multiple and include multiple types of orders, charts, and indicators.

    You can perform a fully-fledged analysis of the instrument you wish to invest in, right from the app, and also keep a track of the same.

    You can take a closer look at the forex market via the app.

    Can I trade in Shares via XM Mobile Trading App?

    Yes, there is a facility for trading in Stocks as well with the XM App. You can invest in the stocks of your choice and make good returns from the same accordingly.

    The experience of stock trading with XM is as well a pleasant one, as compared to currency trading.

    Is XM Android App good?

    Yes, the app is indeed a great option you could go for which has multiple options to offer.

    The app is firstly free of charge, secondly, it has an easy and seamless interface, and the app has a good rating of 3.8 stars in the play store and around 1,000,000+ installs.

    Does XM App have EKYC Feature?

    You can get yourself verified via the app seamlessly. There is an option of EKYC in the app, which lets you seamlessly verify your identity as it is required to avail for the account.

    The broker requires you to submit certain kind of documents which proves your identity and residence.

    Does XM Mobile App provide Tips?

    Yes, the XM Mobile app assists industry experts. The app features experts from the industry, who have views to share with you, and their best of industry tips.

    You can use them to the best of your knowledge while strategizing your trades.

    How to Buy Currencies via XM App?

    The process of acquiring currency pairs is pretty simple. Start with the dashboard of your application which features all the currency pairs you can trade-in.

    Click on the currency you wish to trade and then click on the buy option which would fetch you the currencies.

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