Know everything about App here. This App is also known as Mobile.

Founded in 2001, it was initially known as GAIN Capital Holdings. It is a global online broker and caters to individuals who wish to trade in retail FX and CFD markets.

It offers an extensive variety of trading options. Commodities like stocks, bonds, EFTs can be tradeable. has a mobile application and a trading platform as well.

About App is an online broker offering services to all types of traders. But it is more preferred by traders dealing in high volume trade. App

This broker provides access to major financial instruments. The commission costs are on par with the industry rates.

The broker offers a plethora of account options. The user interface options are numerous. The educational and resource for research are numerous.

ESMA rules are the guidelines for mandating them. While NFA/CFTC/FCA regulates them.

This gives it an upper hand in being credible and a global online broker. The mobile application is fully functional and gives access to all the trading information.

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    Here are the list of Top Features provided by Mobile Trading App –

    Easy access

    The mobile application gives the traders full access to their trading accounts. The traders can have a look at the history of trading.

    It enables them to add and withdraw funds. The traders can create playlists, have access to the news section.

    It is not at all difficult to set up. One can navigate through it easily.

    Tracking order

    The conditional order and full order functionality are available. It enables you to see stop losses and profit targets while trading.

    The demo accounts provided are free. The clients can have access to the demo accounts before setting up the account with live money.

    The demo accounts are available for thirty days. There is a limited period of usage of the demo account. Thus, one cannot extend the validity.

    Charting features

    The mobile application has 10+ types of charts including lines and bars. The technical indicators are above 60.

    Drawing tools are also available. The users can save their charting preferences for future use.

    They can also manage their orders from charts. Moreover, they can compare multiple markets by overlaying.

    Economic calendar

    One of the highlights of the app is the economic calendar. It contains all market updates and training features.

    The traders can manage positions using the mobile application. The support of complex orders like OCOs, close all buttons for exiting multiple positions is available.

    The MT4 and MT5 mobile application features are available. In the year 2020, the app saw a major transformation.

    The changes were mainly in the design and responsiveness system.

    Notification alert

    The users can create any number of alerts. Moreover, they can see all the push notifications.

    This prevents the traders from missing important information of any kind. The price alert system is handy and useful.

    The watchlist function allows combining assets to a list. This list is readily accessible. Depending upon the strategy, one can create many watchlists

    How to Set-up Trading App?

    One can set up the mobile trading application using a few quick steps.

    The first step to having the application is downloading it from the Google Playstore or Apple store.

    Search for and clicking on the install option would lead to the app download.

    Once you have downloaded the app, simply click on create an account to set up the trading account on your device.

    You will have to input personal details like name, address, email, and phone number. It will further ask some questions about the trading experience.

    The identity verification process gets completed using the social security number.

    The users can do the funding of their account using a credit or debit card or wire transfer. One has to deposit a minimum amount of $50 to get started with the process.

    The app’s dashboard will allow you to click on any asset and open the trading page. One can buy and sell to start their trading.

    How to own Mobile Trading App?

    The process of owning an account with is easy.

    One simply needs to download the application from google play store or apple store.

    After installing the application, the trader can set up the account after filling in the information as asked.

    It would ask for the necessary proofs. Once submitted, people can start trading. The feature of the Demo account is available.

    After thirty days, they can switch to the live trading option. It allows using actual cash for trading. The user can then continue trading using this account.

    Advantages of Mobile App mobile application offers a wide range of products. The products range over several classes of assets.

    It allows you to see all push notifications. Hence you do not miss important updates.

    The mobile application has multiple charting options which also includes lines and charts.

    It allows the application of high-volume trade which is great for traders trading for a long time. offers an extensive range of trading starting from CFDs to spread betting to futures. It offers US clients access to over 80 currency pairs.

    The application is easy to download and install with all rules set to industry standards.

    Forex is regulated by a few famous regulatory bodies and that gives it an added advantage.

    One of the highlights of the app is the economic calendar. This has market updates and training features. The traders can manage positions using the mobile application. App – Conclusion App serves all types of traders. It helps in the reliable execution of high-volume trade.

    The commission costs are at par with the industry standards and it helps in the easy execution of the trade.

    The application is easy to download and work upon. Customer report is available and it has other learning resources as well.

    Because it is regulated by NFA / CFTC and FCA, it is credible. It is a good broker and the mobile application is suitable for traders.

    It gives access to a variety of assets, especially suited for the high-volume trader.

    FAQs on Mobile App

    Here are the major FAQs searched by users related to Mobile App –

    What is the Mobile App called?

    The mobile application goes by the name one can easily download it from the play store or apple store.

    The application is easy to use and set up. It has all the features needed for smooth trading. It is more preferred for traders who are into bulk trading.

    Does provide an iOS App? has an iOS application. You can download it from the App Store. It is compatible with use on ios mobile devices.

    The traders have all features needed for trading. The application has advanced trading options. These options facilitate a good trading experience for those who trade in bulk.

    How to download the Mobile Trading App?

    You can download the mobile trading application through the apple store or play store.

    Once the application is installed, the user can open an account after inserting the necessary information and stating the identification requirements.

    They can initially trade using the demo account and then shift to live to trade.

    What features does the Trading App have? offers an extensive range of securities for trading. Starting from CFDs to spread betting to futures, it offers everything.

    It offers US clients access to over 80 currency pairs. The application is easy to download and install with all rules set to industry standards.

    Forex is regulated by a few famous regulatory bodies and that gives it an added advantage.

    Can I trade in shares using the Mobile App? allows trading in shares. One can trade in particular types of shares using the application.

    Apart from shares, it has the provision of trading in a variety of other instruments and assets. It is a suitable application for those trading in high volume.

    Is Android App good?

    Yes, the android application is smooth. In fact, it has an easy downloading and setting up process as well.

    The android application has all the features needed for a good trading experience. Once the user inputs all details needed for setting up the account, they can start trading.

    Does App have EKYC features?

    Yes, has EKYC features. Once the user has downloaded the application on their mobile, it would ask for certain proof of identity.

    Once you have given the identity proof, the account would be functional. They can then start trading using the account on their mobile.

    Does Forex App provide Tips?

    The application does provide tips. It has additional resources needed to get information about trading.

    The customer support base is available to answer queries that arise while trading. Other research resources available can be used to understand trading rules.

    It is a good mobile application.

    How to buy currencies using the App?

    After selecting the currency pair for trading, and analyzing the market, the trader can pick their position.

    They can either choose the buying or selling position. They can then get started with the trading on trading of currencies.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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