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Libertex App represents Indication Investments Ltd that operates from Limassol, Cyprus. Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulates Libertex.

The Libertex brand, with more than 20 years of experience, commenced in 1997. They now have 2.2 million clients spread over 11 countries.

The trendy online Forex and CFD broker deserves to be trusted with more than 30 industry awards earned. They offer 200 plus instruments across different industries.

The mobile version enables trading and access with extreme portability while you travel. The Libertex Mobile App offers similar capabilities to the browser version.

Available in both Android and iOS versions, the mobile app may also be downloaded from the Libertex website.

About Libertex App

Libertex Mobile Trading App offers a range of smart advantages. Extreme easy to access and use, you can say goodbye to sweat and tears.

Libertex App

Safety and security are assured which is so important when it comes to money dealing.

A demo account helps get adjusted to the app features before handling a real account.

When it is time to switch between the demo and real accounts, a few seconds is all it takes to make the change.

Deposits of funds are easy and quick with many options. Ordering, pre-ordering, and inserting a stop-loss are easy procedures.

Free technical analysis paves the way to positive trading with Libertex Trading App. Recommendations offer guidance at crucial points.

Where and when to invest in the question that always haunts traders. Reducing risks is the primary aim and that is often possible by being on the alert and trading wisely.

Heeding recommendations and trading accordingly would significantly reduce the possibility of loss.

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    Libertex Mobile App – Top Features

    Libertex Trading App helps you trade with all the required facts and figures at the fingertips in a clear and convenient user interface.

    Knowing market trends being so important, the Live Trades section informs of what activities the other traders are busy with.

    Trend Indicators

    Choices are many. Get to choose from 22 trend indicators. You can choose from 8 volatility indicators and 13 oscillators. Research the 43 indicators and 9 timeframes.

    The trading platform brings you to live quotes with the use of the Order Management facility.

    Personalized List

    Modify the personalized list according to preferences whenever desired.

    Whether it is the browser trading platform or mobile app, it is a super trading experience no matter what device is used.

    The simple interface supports 250 financial instruments. They include Forex pairs, indices, and stocks, commodities, and crypto-currencies.

    Account types

    Novice traders naturally wish to avoid financial dangers with Libertex Mobile Trading. They could easily download the app and start a demo account with virtual money extending to $50,000.

    Once they understand the trading process, the next step is to choose a retail or professional account type with real money.

    Multiple Language Support

    Retail accounts work in several languages like German, French, and Portuguese. Easy and fast registration leads to trading within minutes.

    A few questions test competency levels. After the deposit, uploading documents for validation will be required. All the procedures are completed within three business days.


    Multiplier Features in live retail accounts include trading with leverage that differs across countries according to the financial regulations existing there. Leverage differs across instruments too.

    Demo Account

    Changing from a demo to a live account and back again carries advantages. New trading strategies may first be practiced in the demo account without financial risks.

    When confidence is achieved and the trading processes properly understood, it is time to take on the real trading challenges where money risks are involved.

    A variety of strategies minimize the risk. Experts in the company offer recommendations too.

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    How to Set-up Libertex Mobile Trading App?

    Libertex Mobile Trading App has two versions, one each for Android and iOS users.

    Accordingly, you need to download the Libertex Mobile Trading App by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store for iPhones respectively. The app download process is quick and easy.

    After the download and installation, go through the registration process that includes the payment and EKYC by uploading certain official documents to establish proof of identity and personal particulars.

    A demo account for beginners is a safe policy that helps in understanding the trading process in a virtual environment without risking money.

    After knowing the trading system, you are ready to trade with real money but weigh the risks carefully. Avoid reckless trading.

    How to own Libertex Mobile Trading App?

    The web browser trading platform does not require any download. When it comes to the Libertex Mobile App, choose between Android and iOS versions for download.

    Libertex offers only two choices, a demo account, and a real-time account. Let us explore the hidden layers in the accounts.

    They are Gold and Gold Plus, Platinum, and VIP Status membership types. They bring certain additional benefits.

    • A one-time cost of 250 pounds brings you the GOLD STATUS that attracts a commission discount of 3%.
    • GOLD PLUS STATUS requires a membership fee of 1,450 pounds to earn a commission discount of 4%.
    • PLATINUM STATUS membership fee being 1,500 pounds, you get a 20% commission discount and gain access to early withdrawals.
    • Registration fee of 5,000 pounds entitles you to VIP STATUS that attracts a 30% commission discount, early withdrawals, and first-class customer support.

    Advantages of Libertex Mobile App

    With 23 years of trading experience and an advanced reputation, Libertex Mobile Trading App ensures the safety of funds.

    You receive vigorous customer support. Technical analysis tools help the process of trading with knowledge of trends.

    Placing orders is quickly done. Withdrawals are fast and quick. Using live quotes and trading signals, trading gets a boost with expert recommendations.

    Though the financial risk is always present, the dangers are minimized with dedicated customer support by the Libertex Mobile App experts.

    While it is true that 83% of investors experience losses at some stage, you need to weigh all the options carefully. How much money can you afford to lose under the present circumstances?

    Trading professionals with lots of experience receive greater opportunities like leverage as far as 600:1, according to the financial instrument.

    To qualify for such a professional account, traders must have a portfolio of $500,000 or more.

    Along with derivatives, shares and debt instruments should make up the portfolio. A minimum number of transactions is also insisted upon.

    Libertex Mobile App – Conclusion

    Hesitating trainee or secure professional, everybody benefits from Libertex stupendous offers as a leading global online trader.

    Libertex offers a powerful trading platform loaded with rich features. Their commissions offer attractive rates.

    Expertise and experience help traders make the best decisions about their sometimes risky investments.

    The efficient software interface in the browser platform and mobile apps facilitate smooth and fast trading.

    Educational tools may be somewhat lacking but the many other supreme advantages make up for this deficiency.

    It would be a good idea to make a decision and start a demo account to begin learning the procedures.

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    FAQs on Libertex Mobile App

    Here are the most searched FAQs on Libertex Mobile App –

    What is the Libertex mobile app called?

    Libertex mobile app is called the Libertex Online Trading App that is available in the Google Play Store. The statistics are impressive.

    It has over 10 million downloads, and the size is 33 MB only. Rated 3plus with 67,000 reviews, it is one of the best trading platforms.

    Libertex has both the browser tradition platform as well as the Libertex Mobile App.

    Does Libertex provide an iOS App?

    Libertex does provide an iOS app for online trading that is available at the App Store for iPhones. Having a star rating of 4.5 with 142 ratings, the app stands at #83 in Finance.

    Financial markets have come closer to almost everybody on the planet with the app that is trusted by 2.2 million people in numerous countries across the world.

    Is Libertex App Free to use?

    The downloading of the Libertex Mobile App for Android or iOS is completely free with no charge for the software download.

    While the app is free to download, using it is not free because a payment has to be made in the process of registering and setting up the app.

    How to download Libertex Forex App?

    You need to visit the Google Play Store or App Store to download the mobile trading apps for Android or IOS respectively.

    When you click ‘Install,’ the download process begins and it takes a short duration.

    When the download is complete and the app is installed on your device, the button ‘Open’ appears. Click on that.

    What features does Libertex Trading App have?

    Libertex App figures prominently among the leading online trading apps of international repute.

    Libertex offers a demo account for learning trading with no real money involved. The app is easy to operate and very user-friendly with a simple to understand interface.

    Intense technical and personal support ensures that trading is most often successful.

    Can I trade in Shares via Libertex App?

    Libertex trading offers the advantage of every kind of trading under a single roof.

    You can trade in the shares of global corporations like Facebook and Apple, according to preferences and market trends.

    Further, you can trade in indices, metals, and currencies, oil and gas. Simplicity and convenience in trading apply to Libertex.

    Is Libertex Android App good?

    Judging from the ratings and reviews and number of downloads, Libertex Android App certainly encourages traders.

    Android systems have become truly universal nowadays, more accessible than iOS in most parts of the world.

    The robust and well-designed app facilitates easy trading with simple, easy-to-understand procedures.

    Does Libertex App have EKYC Feature?

    After the app is downloaded, the process of registration commences with a minimum deposit.

    During the process that may last three days, certain documents need to be uploaded as a part of the EKYC process.

    Identity and personal details are thus verified as a bonafide trader. It is an important procedure since money is involved.

    Does Libertex Mobile Trading App provide Tips?

    In addition to strong customer support, the research base of Libertex App provides tips and recommendations to ensure safe trading.

    Along with intense technical support, emerging trends need to be carefully studied while trading.

    The Libertex App demo account with virtual money ensures that no unnecessary monetary loss is faced during the learning stage.

    How to Buy Currencies via Libertex App?

    As an online trader with Libertex App, you have the opportunity to buy currency pairs – major, cross, Russian rouble, and exotic.

    Major currencies like the euro and British pound, along with the American dollar are very strong.

    Buying and selling currencies can be very lucrative since the value is always changing. You need to first decide which currencies would form the best investment and buy and sell accordingly.

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