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Learn everything about Forex trading Strategies here & excel in Forex Trading.

Forex trading requires some basic skill sets along with knowledge about trading and the current market.

If you ask, from where can you learn about forex trading and apply those methods in live trading, then do not worry, we have a lot of assistance to provide.

If you are an expert, then you need to keep updating yourself as per the current trends in the market.

However, forex trading is no problem, the only thing you need to have is passion, and a dream to become successful and financially independent.

To help you better, we have mentioned some popularly used forex trading strategies which, if you apply can lead you towards good profits.

However, before we learn about forex trading strategies let’s understand a few things-

  • What are strategies in forex trading?
  • How to create a forex trading strategy?
  • How often should you keep changing strategies?
  • 10 Forex Trading Strategies

What are Forex Trading Strategies?

Well, to be concise, strategies are techniques that are used to achieve the desired results. It can be a game, a business, and even forex trading.

Of course, strategies can be easy only when you know the basics of the concept or the subject.

Yes, and this applies in forex trading or online trading too, where you have to use specific methods and tactics that will help you to gain some profits.

Indeed, you cannot expect good profits or gains in your first order, especially if you are a beginner.

You can start with practicing in demo accounts that come with virtual balance, which do not affect your money.

A strategy in forex trading determines when to sell, buy and hold a currency pair, where the traders use different types of strategies such as fundamental analysis or technical analysis.

However, if you want to be successful with your trading methods and strategies, you need to be careful and should know the basics thoroughly.

You also need to analyze the market- that includes both the past trends and the current trends that executes a good position and profit with sound strategies and trading techniques.

Yet, these forex strategies can be easily categorized into organizational structures which can quickly assist you in locating the perfect strategy to put in for the particular position.

Applying the right strategy is essential; otherwise, you might get the wrong predictions and might probably end up losing the money.

There’s more to forex strategies; let’s also know them one by one.

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    How to create a Forex Trading Strategy?

    Many traders start with a fundamental trading strategy; however, if you notice, the particular currency pair rebounds from an adequate level of the position.

    Well, in this position, you can create a strategy adding different elements which improve signal trading with time.

    There are different components in forex trading, and that involves:

    Entry Points

    The trader must analyze both the current market and the past market, and only then invest in the market in forex trading.

    You should check for the position of your trading and only then should you enter the market.

    Exit Points

    You as a trader must keep an eye and keep governing the market and the trends, or must develop a suitable strategy which would alert you or indicate you when to exit the position, be it a short position or a long one.

    Choose the Market

    You have to pick the right market before you invest in the forex. Look for the most suitable pair of currency that has less leverage for a beginner to start with, and then you can proceed with the same.

    Position Sizing

    The traders must be completely aware of every position they trade-in and should have control over the amount they have invested in their trade.

    How often should you use Forex Trading Strategies?

    There is no hard and fast rule or a specific timing to change the strategies.

    You can change the currencies whenever you feel like. Of course, you have to check the current market before you change the strategy.

    Forex trading works best when you follow the rules and apply the strategies according to the situation and the trend.

    However, one strategy might not fit all of your currency pairs; hence you have to keep a couple of strategies with you and then look for the perfect and the most suitable currency pair to apply.

    The one-approach doesn’t work every day; you have to keep switching. Some pre-game plans to consider.

    Understand the Strategy

    Whenever you pick a strategy, you have to thoroughly understand the strategy and then only begin with the application.

    If you are not fully aware of the strategies, you might not probably earn any profits.

    When a problem strikes in your trend, and if you don’t know which strategy to apply, then you might lose.

    Risk Management

    Of course, you should have a perfect risk management methods along with you before you sit to trade.

    You can refer to any top investors or traders online and look for their risk management methods, or back up options.

    Even online tutorials can help you with your risk management methods.

    Trading Style

    Well, everyone has their trading style, and you have to choose your own.

    Sure, you can get inspired by the top traders and their style, but you have to have your trading style, and it should match your risk management methods as well.

    Of course, you can change your style as and when required or as per the market trends.

    Market Conditions

    This is another pre-game plan that you must think about and be prepared.

    A trading strategy depends on the market trends, and if you think the specific market won’t suit your strategy, then you have to change or switch to some other strategy.

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    Best Forex Trading Strategies or Top 7 Forex Strategy

    Here you will find out some of the best forex trading strategies used to earn profits in forex market.

    Price Action Trading

    So, what exactly is price action trading? For some of you, it might be entirely a new term.

    It’s nothing but the study and knowledge of historical or past prices that evaluates the technical strategies. You can also use this method with an indicator or even use it independently.

    There are other sub-strategies involved in price action that are, length of trade and exit/entry points.

    The length of the trade determines and lets you know about using the trade for a particular period which involves short, medium and long term.

    When it comes to entry and exit points, you can look for support from indicators, oscillators, trend identification, candle wicks, and Fibonacci retracement.

    However, you can use this strategy as according to the trend, and the requirements of the profits.

    Trend Trading Strategy

    Trend trading strategy is another excellent method to gain good profits in the first trading order itself.

    This strategy is used by many traders, including both the beginners and the experts. This specific trend is mostly used to receive profits without exploiting the market.

    If you are a beginner, then you can choose this strategy too, which has trade length and entry/exit points to be considered accordingly.

    One can also adopt multiple frame analysis when it comes to trend trading strategy. You can make use of oscillator support with this strategy, which is easier to understand and apply quickly.

    Range Trading Strategy

    Range trading method is all about identifying the resistance and support, wherever or whenever the traders will place a trade in a particular position.

    This strategy works incredibly as it involves no market volatility or disturbing trend.

    You have to use technical analysis instead of fundamental analysis in this particular strategy as the primary tool.

    However, with regards to the trade length, there is no length or a time frame involved, as a range trader, you can quickly close any current trading position where you have applied range trading strategy.

    Yes, even range trading strategy can be used with the oscillator support as it validates signals and the breakouts.

    Position Trading

    Position trading is much popular among top traders and the most experienced ones. It’s a long term strategy that is focused on the fundamentals, rather than the technical analysis.

    The traders won’t consider any minor or small markets; all they choose is the vast and big markets. Of course, you can apply this strategy in different assets other than forex.

    The position will have a long term vision and has to be invested only considering the economic factors, or if you are good at forecasting or predicting trading ideas, then this strategy might suit you well.

    However, if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you don’t opt for position trading, as it often involves high leverage.

    Day Trading

    This particular strategy is almost every trader’s favourite, you could say! This strategy involves opening and closing or entry and exit on the same day.

    It’s called same-day trading, pretty short term. You can trade any asset or financial instruments, other than just forex.

    The positions will be closed before the market closes and will be opened as the market opens, all on the same day as per the particular time zone of any currency pair.

    Of course, you can start multiple trades at the same time, and if you are sure about the trends and the gains, you can also place your bids on multiple assets too.

    The trade length is often short term, as its same day.

    Swing Trading

    The strategy name itself suggests that this strategy swings. In this particular strategy, the traders look for both range-bound levels and the trending markets at the same time.

    Of course, this is often used by the expert traders or the top-level traders.

    You can choose to pick up bottom or top, and then decide your position whether it’s short or long term.

    However, the trade length in swing trading is often medium, which involves a period of a few hours to a few days.

    You can also opt for long time trading, and you can gain profits in multiple trades at the same time.

    Scalping Strategy

    Once again, scalping strategy could be an incredible option if you are a just starting your career as a forex trader.

    It is a process of gaining smaller profits regularly, which means it would mostly have low leverage.

    You can achieve this while you open and close multiple positions throughout your trading hours or the day.

    However, there is an option to trade in automated mode, but you can opt to trade manually because it will also help you to learn.

    Well, the trade length is short term, as it is often placed in throughout the day.

    You can also use the indicators as a support in this scalping strategy as it will be helpful for resistance bands too.

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    Conclusion – Forex Trading Strategies

    Indeed, forex strategies work great when you ultimately know the basics of forex trading, and it’s strategies in detail.

    Hence, it’s recommended that you learn maximum theoretical knowledge before you put in your money into trading and investment.

    You can, however, use it to determine the trading and risk-reward ratio.

    It would help if you remembered that every trading position or placement would demand a different trading strategy, and you have to work according to your trading style.

    When you match your trading personality to your style, you are more likely to make good revenue out of it.

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