EasyMarkets App is easy to use and claims to offer unique features that seem to attract even beginners.

Established in 2001, EasyMarkets is the trading name of EF Worldwide Ltd and is a safe broker for both CFDs and forex trading.

The App is quite prominent for a proprietary web-based platform. The global trading platform allows all users to trade in shares, indices, and other things.

It is one of the most fantastic trading apps available on the market featuring unique perks for the users. The App is ideal for both professional and newbie traders.

About EasyMarkets App

Ideally, EasyMarkets is a Cyprus launched company that is one of the first online trading firms that is user-friendly.

EasyMarkets App

The trading app was held at least 20 years ago, and it allows investors to trade in CFD, Forex, Indices, commodities, Shares, and crypto trading.

EasyMarkets App is available globally, and its headquarter is in Cyprus, Australia.

As almost all businesses now depend on the internet, the need for the trading app is more than ever before.

It is mainly because the mobile App is quite convenient for almost all users. The EasyMarkets mobile App has become quite prominent these days, all thanks to its easy usability.

The App also tends to offer several ways to trade that are dependent on one’s goals and strategies.

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    EasyMarkets Mobile App – Top Features

    Check out some of the most important features of the EasyMarkets Mobile App here –

    Easy Trading

    The best part about trading on this App is that traders can know the risk, and there is no little margin besides zero trades.

    Traders can set their time and decide to go up or down. The zero spreads indicate no margin requirements.

    Day Trade

    Besides being simple, the trading app is a powerful ticket. Thanks to the free guaranteed stop loss, the traders can protect themselves with the maximum risk-taking appetite.

    Additionally, traders can trade from more than 150 markets.

    Pending Order

    The traders can get not only better flexibility but also better control. Users can set the date and rate when they want to start trading.

    The traders can begin trading once they reach a specific limit.

    Deal Cancellation

    The best part about this feature is that it allows traders to insure their trades against losses. Traders can undo trades for some small amount of fees.

    The deal cancellation will enable clients to trade and protect themselves for at least 1,3 or 6 hours.

    It means that if traders lose, then there are chances that trades can reverse so traders can get the initial amount back.

    The Insider View

    The feature shows the percentage of traders that are buying or selling the tool. It gives traders a better picture of the entire market.

    Market explorer

    It gives traders a list of all the assets that are offered on the App. They can see the live rates, lows, and highs of a trading day besides the percentage difference.

    All traders need to do is tap on the products preferred to load quickly on the trading platform.

    Price Notification

    One can get the market updates, even when they aren’t on the App. Traders need to set up notifications to get all the alerts about their investments and open positions.

    Live rate graphs

    The traders can get help from various user-defined graphs that will help them understand the movement of their preferred investment tool.

    Financial Calendar

    Traders can learn everything about the events that the market is moving, and it is all amid the App. The traders can help one with policy regulations and the upcoming rules.

    How to Set-up EasyMarkets Trading App?

    The EasyMarkets mobile trading app is an ideal app for traders who want to trade while they are on the go.

    The broking house not only features the latest developments but also is relatively easy to use. The setup process is also quite simple.

    • If one is an Android user, then they need to head to the google play store, and an IOS user can visit the app store.
    • In the respective play stores, one can click and install the App.
    • After the installation is complete, users need to click on the app icon to start the application.
    • Traders need to put in their login and password after the App is launched.
    • Once the login is successful, the users can explore all the fantastic features of the App and start investing in the market.

    These are some significant steps to start investing in the market.

    How to own EasyMarkets Mobile Trading App?

    If traders want to start trading in the stock market, they need to own the App first.

    Even though the app is freely available to both IOS and Android users, the traders need to set up a Demat account.

    • Firstly the traders need to download the App from the respective play stores or app stores.
    • Before they can start trading, traders must ensure they have a registered account with their brokers. It means one must have a Demat account.
    • Traders need to ensure that they have all the relevant documents, including PAN card and bank details, at the time of account opening.
    • Traders can open an account with the help of a broker.
    • After the account opening process, users need to check if the account is active or not with a password and ID.
    • To check if the App is working fine or not, the traders can deposit or withdraw funds.
    • The App is relatively easy to use, so users don’t need to stress.

    Advantages of EasyMarkets Forex App

    Find out some major benefits of the EasyMarkets Forex App here –

    • The best part about using the EasyMarkets mobile trading app is that traders can get a hand on analytical tools, including technical indicators and charts.
    • Users can monitor their accounts in real-time on the EasyMarkets mobile trading app.
    • They can also get live trading news which makes trading relatively easy for users.
    • Traders can also see the open and close positions.
    • The withdrawals and deposits process on the EasyMarkets mobile trading app takes minimum time.

    EasyMarkets App – Conclusion

    The EasyMarkets App is one of the best apps for users, and it has gained a lot of popularity of late.

    Nothing is surprising to know that the App has bagged a plethora of awards and rewards globally.

    Besides that, the app has a 5-star rating on famous sites. It is undoubtedly an industry-changing App besides being well regulated.

    The App works well for both professionals and beginners. Traders can trust the EasyMarkets App without any second thoughts as it holds a long operational history.

    FAQs on EasyMarkets Mobile App

    Find out some of the most asked questions on EasyMarkets Mobile App here –

    What is the EasyMarkets mobile App called?

    The EasyMarkets mobile App is called EasyMarkets App. Users can locate them to their respective mobile apps.

    The App is available free so that traders can download it in no time.

    Does EasyMarkets provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the App is available for IOS users. The App allows traders to get market information in no time.

    Besides the fancy tools, traders can access charts, news, and all the latest updates.

    Is the EasyMarkets App Free to use?

    Yes, the App is available for free on both android and IOS play stores. The download process doesn’t matter.

    All the traders need to know that they don’t need to spend a penny on it.

    How to download the EasyMarkets Trading App?

    The download process is relatively easy for both android and IOS users. The traders need to head to their respective app and play stores.

    They can download the App, but they need a registered Demat account with a broker to get access.

    After the download process, the traders need to log in and start trading. The traders can access the App once they log in and also start trading in no time.

    What features does EasyMarkets App have?

    The App offers a plethora of features for traders, including dealing with cancellation, inside the viewer, market explorer, price notification, and live rate graphs.

    They can also access the financial calendar. Besides that App also offers market news that makes the decision-making process easy for traders.

    Can I trade in Shares via the EasyMarkets Forex App?

    Yes, one can trade in shares with the EasyMarkets App. Besides claims, one can also trade in CFD trading, global indices, metals, and energies.

    They also allow people to trade in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ripple.

    Is EasyMarkets Android App good?

    Yes, the EasyMarkets Android App is undoubtedly good. The majority of people tend to download the App. The App also has a fair rating on the Google play store.

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