eToro App is a great trading application for mobile users. It has all the prominent features needed for smooth trading on the phone.

The application has seen great growth over the years. eToro is a trusted name for investments and trading. Some features that eToro offers make trading smooth and efficient.

The mobile application is easy to install and work on. This review talks about the features of the application in detail. It also tells how it will enable a good trading experience for traders.

About eToro App

eToro Trading Application is one of the world’s leading trading applications. Users from more than 140 countries have an access to this application.

eToro App

The application has been designed in such a way it offers financial assets.

Traders can trade and invest in a variety of assets. The application has some stunning features which include a copy portfolio.

It is an easy-to-use platform. It is an intuitive and innovative application. eToro App allows trading and investing at any point in time using a tablet or a phone.

This App is great for social copy and cryptocurrency trading. The application is great for traders just starting. It is also recommended for regular investors as well.

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    eToro Mobile App – Top Features

    The process of downloading The eToro trading app from the Playstore is very easy. The features of e toro include:

    Social Trading

    The mobile application also allows traders living outside the US to use it as a social media trading platform. The feature is specifically for traders trading in cryptocurrency.

    The copy trade feature allows replication of portfolios of traders. The feature is however limited for users outside the US.


    The trading application is easy to install. One can just download it from the play store or apple store. The registration process is simple too.

    The interface is easy and simple and hence even new investors can invest using interesting concepts. It is easy to understand and use.

    Management Options

    The application works for both of those who like day trading and also want a managed portfolio. The users can choose from several mentioned risk levels from the CopyFunds program.

    Charting tools

    The application has the same charting tool feature as the web version. The charts are equally responsive to the web version.

    Although drawing tools aren’t available through the applications, the charts are. It has a very detailed and powerful trading offering.

    Forex Education

    The application gives access to educational information. It gives access to trading in forex pairs, commodities, indices, stocks and ETFs, and cryptocurrencies as well.

    It also means that one trader can interact with other traders on the web. The social trading experience is remarkable.

    The copy options allow readers to receive rewards from eToro. The number of rewards depending on the number of copies received.

    How to Set up eToro Trading App?

    The eToro application is easily available for iOS and Android. The user can download it from the play store/apple store.

    After downloading the application, the user needs to follow certain steps for setting up the account.  The account opening process is simple and hassle-free.

    One can open the account in one day only. One can register him/her using the email account or with Google+ or Facebook feature.

    The trading app is readily accessible. One can start trading using the demo account that has a worth of $100000.

    If one finds the demo account comfortable, they can verify the identity and residence proof by submitting the documents asked.

    This would let the trader trade with real money The documents include:

    Proof of identity: Any personal ID or passport.

    Proof of residency: A bank or a billing statement.

    After completion of all the processes, the user gets eligible to trade using real money.

    The Mobile application allows trading and investing anywhere, in any part of the country. It has great features and is easily usable.

    Since it is available on major phone downloading platforms, it is suitable for users with a smartphone. The trading app is innovative and intuitive.

    How to own eToro Mobile Trading App?

    The process of owning an account on the app is very easy. The first step is to install the application on your mobile devices.

    One can do the same through the play store or apple store. After downloading the application, the account opening process can start.

    Using the signup option, all basic details get filled in.  After successful submission of ID proofs, real money training gets activated.

    The trader can initially start with a demo account. Once comfortable with trading using virtual money, the trader can use real money.

    The mobile trading application is easy to set up and own. It has all the features needed for smooth trading.

    Advantages of eToro Mobile App

    The mobile application has a great chatting feature and it has many technical indicators. The charts are automatically saved. One doesn’t have to waste time setting indicators.

    The application is user-friendly and has good chatting options. The users can raise queries and contact customer support who is efficient to answer them promptly.

    The copy portfolio option allows investment in the portfolio of eToro traders. The CopyTrader helps in social trading. The application also provides all major functions of the trading platform.

    The alert and notification feature allows the user to have up-to-date information. The news section features allow the trader to analyze global activities.

    eToro App – Conclusion

    eToro platform is great for investors who are looking to invest in new decisions. It is also suitable for individual currency investments.

    The investments also let the users earn money over the short term. It is however suggested to see the type of investment that is being made.

    Options like Copy Portfolio are great for someone who is looking for long-term investments. The app is great and suitable for trading.

    Since the process of downloading the application is easy and quick, one can have it on their phone and trade from any part.

    Hence, eToro is a great social trading platform that has seen widespread growth in the last few years.

    FAQs on eToro Mobile App

    Here are the most searched FAQs on eToro Mobile App –

    What is the eToro mobile app called?

    The eToro mobile app goes by the name eToro. The app is available for download on the play store and the apple store.

    One can set up the account and start trading accordingly. The application hosts numerous features enabling quick and efficient trading. It has a good mobile interface.

    Does eToro provide an iOS app?

    Yes, eToro allows the downloading of the application on iOs. The users can download it from the apple store.

    The rules for trading remain the same for all users. The functions are great and easy to use and operate. iOS users can enjoy it with ease

    Is eToro Forex App free to use?

    The eToro mobile application is free to use. One can simply download it on their devices and continue trading after registering themselves.

    One can register using the asked details. It would also include submitting the required proofs. The trading can begin soon after.

    How to download the eToro mobile app?

    One can download the eToro mobile app through the play store or apple store. It is easy to download.

    The trading can start after downloading and completing registration. eToro mobile application is easily available and compatible with mobile usage.

    What features does eToro Trading App have?

    The copy trade feature allows replication of trading activity. The interface is easy and simple and hence even new investors can invest using interesting concepts.

    There are several other interesting features as well which the app provides.

    Can I trade shares via the eToro mobile application?

    Yes, traders and investors can buy shares and ETFs on the application. During the buy position, no brokerage is chargeable. Hidden charges or management fees are also not there.

    Is the eToro Mobile Trading App good?

    Yes, the application is smooth and easy to download and use. It has great features. The traders can trade at their comfort through mobile screens and stay updated with the trading trends.

    Does the eToro application have an EKYC process?

    It is mandatory to go through the EKYC process for opening an account with eToro. The trading can start only after a thorough check of the user gets done.

    The process of verification is easy. It is possible to complete this process within a day.

    Does eToro App provide tips?

    Yes, the eToro Application provides tips. The trader can use them in taking decisions. The application provides news, podcasts, and updates that enable easy trading.

    The guidance helps the traders in trading efficiently.

    How to buy currencies using the eToro mobile app?

    One can check the list of currencies available on the website. They can then select the currency they wish to trade in and choose the buy and sell option.

    Enter the number of units and finally, place the order using the open trade option.

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