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Know everything about MarketX App or Markets.com App here. When you seek the simplest and handy way to start trading at, you think about a mobile app.

After all, a well-built online trading app is more than just a mere trading platform. It works more like a tool that empowers your trading moves.

You receive instant reports in your hands when any movement is observed in your portfolio.

Markets.com values this important thing and offers its official trading app that delivers a comfortable trading space to traders.

With a single click, users gain access to every trading feature. In this review, we uncover every point of the Markets trading app that makes it the best thing for traders.

About Markets.com App

Markets.com has a well-built online trading app that is reliable as the world’s leading forex broker runs and manages it.

Markets.com App

Markets adhere to the legal norms set by top-tier authorities in Europe, making this app a trusted partner.

It is a primary reason why people from all across the world trust and use Markets’ official online trading app.

The app grew popular after its first launch and currently helping thousands of traders in carrying out their trading tasks seamlessly.

Markets.com App is easy to install; you can get it from both the Google play store and the Apple App Store. It is 100% free and supports a variety of features that cheers users.

If you want that your portfolio continues to yield results till the end you want, don’t forget to install this app.

Next, we will shortlist every vital feature of the Markets trading app that makes it the best over other apps in the market.

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    Markets.com Mobile App – Top Features

    Let’s get into the list of features that make Markets.com App a well-packed trading solution for all.


    The chart is the core of any trading platform. Without it, there’s no means to use an online trading platform for trading.

    But it must be clear and brief; that’s something you see in the trading app by Markets.com.


    You can install markets.com mobile trading app on both android and iOS devices.

    Good Quality User-Interface

    The interface of this trading app is also neat and clean and serves a brilliant user experience. Every vital trading tool is within reach. Once you install and log in to the app, you observe ease.

    Demo Account Available

    Markets.com demo account is also available to mobile users. Inside the demo account, you receive $10,000 as virtual currency that gives a real-life trading experience.

    You can find the demo account on the sign-up page or look for it in the options panels.

    Educational Content

    Markets.com has never been short of educational content. That’s why you get the same in its mobile app. From virtual tutorials to textual info about trading, find everything in one place.

    50+ Trading Indicator

    Markets.com trading app comes with a 50+ Indicator that is pretty helpful in making a wise trading move.

    Though, it is relatively not that useful to predict the accurate asset price using these indicators. Still, you can find it helpful at numerous points.

    Trade Innumerable Assets

    In addition to forex trading, users can also trade digital currency, CFD, stocks, etc.

    CFD Trading Opportunities

    Markets.com mobile app brings you the opportunity to invest in 2000+ small, medium, or large-cap stocks. Users can even invest in precious metals and oil using the app.

    Additional Tools

    Besides all these features stated above, users also reap the benefits of further tools and features at the Markets.com mobile trading app.

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    How to Set-up Markets.com Trading App?

    Markets.com makes trading much easier through its official trading app. Getting access to the critical feature is now a matter of seconds.

    Simply install the app and take your first trading moves with markets.com.

    1. Like any other app, you can find Markets.com App in Playstore (if you are an android user) or Apple App Store ( if you are an iPhone user). Once the download is finished, and the app is ready-to-use in your phone, click on it.
    2. Now follow the sign-up procedure and submit the deposit amount of $250. If you are registered on the Markets web platform, log in to your account using a registered email id and password. Similarly, you can now explore the interface of the app.
    3. However, you can see that every feature is adjusted in one frame. Get into every feature and educate yourself on every segment listed on the trading portal. Move to the assets option that puts forward an extensive list of tradable assets.
    4. Tick mark your favorite assets that you find more profitable for your trading. Markets.com offers 1:300 leverage that enables you to trade 300x times with your trading. The same feature you receive in its mobile trading app.

    Next, we will understand how you can use Markets.com mobile app.

    How to own Markets.com Mobile Trading App?

    As discussed above, following a simple log-in process, you can get access to the mobile trading app.

    Simply click on the desired asset you want to trade and hit the “Buy” option to make a purchase and the “Sell” option to sell out the purchased assets.

    Make sure you don’t skip features, indicators, charts, and further tools on the screen. Besides, you can also tick mark on further add-ons.

    For instance, you can use the stop-loss and take-profit option provided inside the app.

    Set the limit at which you are ready to bear losses and set the desired limit for profit that is a fair deal for you.

    This setting will automatically sell out your asset once the price goes above or down as per the market behavior.

    Use the leverage when you are confident about the price of a specific asset that is likely to make a high. Or avoid using it.

    (Note: Users are required to choose between “retail” and “professional” accounts. To review the features of both and proceed with the best one that suits your trading needs. Use demo account for extra guidance.)

    Advantages of Markets.com Mobile App

    Here we list down the primary advantages of the Markets.com trading app. If you are all set to start your trading with Markets, you are more likely to experience it.

    • com mobile app comes with educational contents
    • A free demo account is available for mobile users
    • Two different live accounts offered to meet the varying needs of users
    • User-interface of the mobile app is quite friendly and easy to use
    • 1:300 leverage enables you to trade more than you spend
    • The app is available for both android and apple users
    • 50+ indicators and charts make it a pretty good choice
    • 2000+ tradable assets add more joy to your trading
    • Extra add-ons make whole trader life easier

    That’s all that comes into the advantage basket of Markets.com that you can’t fail to spot if it is your first tour time with the Markets.com trading app.

    Markets.com App – Conclusion

    The popularity of Markets.com is already on the rise, and with this app, this online broker is all set to turn everyone’s head over it.

    Throughout this review of the Markets.com app, it seems that the trading platform has left no stone unturned.

    From a free demo account to great features, you find lots of things on this online trading platform.

    1:300 leverage is quite appealing to the eye, but make sure you only go with it if you are fully confident about your strategic moves.

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    FAQs on Markets.com Mobile App

    Here are the most searched FAQs on Markets.com Mobile App –

    What Is Markets.com Mobile App Called?

    Markets.com Mobile App can be found in play store and apple app store by the name of MarketX App.

    Simply type Markets in the search box or find the download link on the official Markets.com website. Users also search for MarketsX when hunting for the app.

    Does Markets.com Provide an iOS App?

    Markets.com offers an iOS app to its iPhone users. Simply open your apple app store and search for the app and install it.

    Features and overall integration of the mobile app are the same as a web-based platform or android app. There’s nothing different to get confused about.

    Is Markets.com App Free To Use?

    Markets.com is a free app that you can download from Playstore and Apple AppStore without spending a single extra penny.

    However, there’s a deposit amount of $250 that is mandatory to be submitted by users.

    But there’s no need to submit the deposit amount again on mobile if you have already submitted it on the web-based platform.

    How To Download Markets.com App?

    Android users can go to Google Play Store and download Markets.com App there. Similarly, Apple or iPhone users can visit the Apple App Store and download the app there.

    The app doesn’t consume ample space in your smartphone, so feel stress-free about that.

    What Features Does Markets.com App Have?

    Markets.com has every feature that is required to serve the best user experience. For example- you get indicators, charts, educational contents, and further add-ons in one app.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via Markets.com App?

    Yes, you can trade shares via the Markets.com app. It is simple as trading other tradable assets offered by markets.com.

    Pick the best shares from the given list and hit the “buy” option. Press the “sell” button when the price sets a desired high.

    Is Markets.com Android App Good?

    Markets.com android app works well as any other best trading app. The app is light which is a big plus point, but it is more likely to hang if the storage isn’t that good in your android app.

    Mobile with 4GB ram can expect a good performance, but it will work flawlessly if your phone has more space.

    Does Markets.com App Have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, most users aspire to register at Markets.com broker via mobile app. Therefore, the app offers you the EKYC feature.

    Not only this, but the app also enables users to gain complete access to the markets.com trading platform.

    If you don’t have a PC, no problem! Use the app and get your personal trading account in one go.

    Does Markets.com App Provide Tips?

    Users who seek some helpful tips before proceeding with trading can find markets.com app a highly helpful tool.

    In addition to the demo account, the app features some mind-blowing tips and advice on trading in its education option.

    Users can follow any best tips that they find unique and interesting. Beyond a doubt, your every trading move will deliver most of your expectations at Markets.com.

    How To Buy Currencies Via Markets.com App?

    For forex or digital currency traders, Markets.com isn’t less than a goldmine. From Bitcoin to Etherum, choose from a wide range of categories and invest accordingly at Markets.com.

    The platform has innumerable assets, including cryptocurrencies that are also available in varieties.

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