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Check out everything about iForex App here. Nowadays, trading has become quite popular with all age groups.

While earlier it was more of a hectic job where you needed to sit before the desktop, open the trading terminal, and then only you could have traded, now it is simple and very easy with mobile trading applications.

With the iForex mobile app, you can explore different asset classes and financial instruments and trade them anywhere and anytime.

So, this article will help you understand the different aspects of this application.

The article will also help you understand the process of setting up this mobile trading platform and its uses.

It is one of the best mobile trading platforms at present in the international investment arena.

About iForex App

iForex is an international brokerage house that has been in the business for 25 years.

iForex App

It is known for its par excellence services and trading platforms.

Its mobile trading platform is known as the iForex mobile app.

This application has varied features like real data and lives streaming, highly secure and you can trust the app for your transactions.

It has different technical analysis tools inbuilt in it which help you in your analysis. This app is one of its kind with multiple financial instruments and multiple unique features.

The brokerage house has made the application user-friendly and thus it saves a lot of time for the traders.

With this iForex trading app you can trade on the go, and there is no need to sit back at home or carry your laptop everywhere.

You can just install the application and use it whenever you want. This helps in easy tracking of your portfolio.

This also helps in taking rapid actions and making the most of the market situations. For instance, you have been waiting for an increase in the price of a certain stock.

Now suddenly on a fine morning, it starts rapidly increasing but you are not at home in front of your desktop where you can use the trading terminal.

With the iForex mobile app, you do not need to worry. You can buy the stock using your mobile application of iForex and just hold them till the price reaches your expectation.

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    iForex Mobile App – Top Features

    iForex mobile app is a fully functional mobile trading application with hundreds of features, thousands of instruments to trade, and many more.

    Let us see the most crucial features of this advanced mobile trading platform –

    Wide range of assets

    The iForex app has a wide range of assets to trade from.

    You can easily trade more than 700 assets including CFDs, currency pairs, stocks, commodities, and many other instruments.

    There are a huge variety of assets that will help you diversify the portfolio.

    iForex provides all these assets on its mobile trading application as well.

    Trading analysis tools

    For trading, technical tools are necessary and the iForex mobile app is loaded with them.

    There are multiple technical charts which include bar charts, candlesticks, area charts, and many others.

    There are then different types of technical signals and indicators to help you understand when a market is going up or down, whether there is a reversal or not, and others.


    You can easily customize the dashboard of this application.

    You can add your favorite stocks. Also, you can set notifications for price movements.

    Also, you can also use the push notification setup. You can choose the assets that you want to have an eye on always on the dashboard.

    Customer support

    The customer support of iForex is excellent. They provide multiple-language support for clients across the globe.

    Also, they have professional team members who take care of the issues of the customers diligently.

    They provide easy solutions as much as possible. You can reach customer care using this app only.


    The iForex app is fully secure. It is encrypted with the best safety measures to keep all your data intact and personal information safe.

    It is safe for making any transactions.

    Real-time data

    The mobile trading application of iForex helps you remain updated about the market.

    It provides all real-time market data. You can easily access all the market data on the dashboard.

    You can also check the charts which are integrated within the real-time market. So, it helps you analyze the market on a real-time basis.

    Market leverage

    It is not possible to have all the funds to buy the stocks/commodities/ currencies you want.

    However, there is an option with which you can buy even without having your funds and that is leverage.

    Market leveraging is one of the best ways to trade volume without putting all your money into it. iForex mobile app provides the provision for leveraging the market.

    Negative balance protection

    This is one of the unique features of iForex.

    They protect your negative balance. If you have taken leverage and your balance has gone into negative, the brokerage house protects the funds.

    This ensures you do not lose anything more than the capital available in your account. The feature is available with the iForex trading app.


    Finally, with the iForex as your broker and its app, you can get very low spreads. This in turn helps in making more profits.

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    How to Set up iForex Trading App?

    To set up the iForex trading app you need to –

    • Open account with iForex. You get the login id and password
    • Download the app
    • Login into the application
    • Customize the dashboard
    • Add your favorite stocks/ commodities/ currencies and others
    • Setup notifications and alerts as necessary
    • Buy or sell the assets/ instruments by clicking on them from the dashboard

    How to own iForex Mobile Trading App?

    The process of owning the iForex mobile trading app is simple –

    • Firstly, you need to have an iForex account. Your trading account user id and password are mandatory for opening the iForex app.
    • You need to download the application. You can download the same from – Google Play Store or Apps Store for Android and iOS users respectively.
    • For downloading, you need to click on the download option of the respective apps in the store. Then wait until it gets installed on your mobile device.
    • Once you have the mobile application on your smartphone, you can log in using the same user id and password of your trading account.
    • Now you can check all your information about the trading account on the dashboard of the application.

    Advantages of iForex Mobile App

    The benefits of using the iForex app are –

    • You get to trade multiple assets and financial instruments. This helps you diversify your portfolio to a great extent.
    • iForex trading app is super fast and efficient. The orders get executed within a very short time.
    • You have access to multiple analytical tools for studying and researching the financial instruments you want to invest in. There are multiple charts, indicators, and many other resources.
    • The brokerage house provides 1-on-1 trading training for the new clients. You can avail of the facility by using the iForex mobile trading app. It is a great feature especially for the new traders who want to learn about the market.
    • Your trading account balance cannot be even negative as iForex provides a negative balance protection facility.
    • The lower spreads help you earn more from the market.

    iForex App – Conclusion

    Using the iForex mobile trading app can be really for the traders who are trading in the international markets.

    With all the advanced trading and analytical features, the app has, the traders can have a gala time. With multiple asset classes to trade, different technical tools, it is an application par excellence.

    The customer support is excellent at the same time and there is no worry for the international clients as multi-language support is being provided.

    So, all in all, this app is a great application for your trading needs.

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    FAQs on iForex Mobile App

    Here is a list of FAQs related to the iForex mobile trading app:

    What is the iForex mobile app called?

    iForex kept the name of their mobile application for trading very simple and it is called the iForex mobile app.

    This trading app might have a simple name but it is one of the highly advanced trading platforms at present.

    With more than a 4.3 rating on the iOS store (App Store) and also on Google Playstore, it is one of the most sought-after trading applications.

    Does iForex provide an iOS App?

    Yes, iForex has an iOS application for iOS users.

    You can download the application from the App store.

    The broker provides a supremely advanced mobile trading platform that has multiple unique features.

    Is iForex App Free to use?

    Yes, the iForex mobile trading app is free of cost. Whether you download it from Google Playstore or App Store, you can have it for free.

    There are no hidden charges for using the mobile trading application of iForex.

    The account opening charges don’t include any charges for the trading applications. You can download and use it for free.

    How to download the iForex App?

    You can download it from either Google Play Store or App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. For downloading it from Google Playstore –

    • Visit the Playstore
    • Find the application – iForex mobile app
    • Click on download
    • Install the application
    • It is ready for use

    What features does iForex App have?

    The features of the iForex mobile trading app are –

    • 750+ assets to trade
    • Wide range of technical indicators, charts, signals
    • Superfast platform
    • Free of cost
    • Lower spread
    • Negative balance protection
    • Market leveraging feature and others

    Can I trade in Shares via the iForex App?

    Yes, you can trade shares using the iForex mobile trading app.

    With this application and iForex broker, you can trade over 750+ assets which include shares, commodities, currencies and ETFs, and others.

    Is iForex Android App good?

    iForex mobile trading app is a really good choice as a mobile trading platform.

    With all the high ratings on the App Store and Playstore is evident that this platform is loved by many traders globally.

    Does iForex App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the iForex app has the eKYC feature. You can easily upload the documents and complete your eKYC with iForex using the mobile application of the brokerage house.

    Does the iForex App provide Tips?

    Yes, as a full-fledged international brokerage house with more than 25 years of experience, it has dedicated research and advisory team.

    They are researching the market all the time.

    They share tips, and suggestions for trading with all their clients and you can access the tips using the iForex mobile trading app.

    How to Buy Currencies via the iForex App?

    With the iForex mobile trading app, you can buy currencies by clicking on the currency pair from the dashboard.

    Then clicking on the buy option. It is as simple as that.

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