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Know everything about IQ Option Commission or Brokerage Charges here.

Recently, a dramatic surge in demand for online trading platforms has been seen. The financial sector is welcoming new traders.

Perhaps you are also a beginner who is currently on the lookout for the best trading platform.

Beyond a doubt, like millions of users, you might have found IQ Option an ideal online broker for you as compared to others.

But, after selecting the best trading platform, the next biggest concern traders often have to wrestle with is the fees and commissions.

It must be as low as possible; else, it wouldn’t be taking a while for a trader to run into problems.

If you find IQ option is the best online broker, let’s provide you a clear insight into IQ Option fee and commission structure.

IQ Option Commission or Brokerage Charges

Opening and Closing positions are the premier activity involved in online trading.

But in most cases, traders may have to deal with certain issues at this stage if they don’t choose an ideal broker for trading.

IQ Option Forex Broker

Unlike other trading platforms, IQ Option doesn’t even ask you for even a single penny to spend when you aim to enter and explore its features.

This trait makes it a special alternative, as hardly a few online brokers offer free access to the users.

These unnecessary fees can easily cut down a big chunk of profits that may impact your emotions as well. But IQ Option always follows an ideal fee structure that is appropriate to its users.

To simply put, this online broker isn’t free. There are some underlying commissions and fees involved in the IQ option. But these are reasonable about which we discuss below.

More on IQ Option Brokerage or Commission

IQ Option commission and fee charged from the users is the primary way with which this online broker generates income.

IQ Option also depends on fees and commissions as it is the income source for it like other brokers.

In simple words, the activities you perform at the IQ Option trading platform decide the margin or profit for the company.

When users earn a profit, IQ Option earns a significant profit in terms of commission.

Even though you earn losses, IQ Option is liable to charge fees from you. It all depends upon the operations you carry out at the trading platform.

If your investments are big, the charges vary and may exceed one’s expectations. Still, charges often turn out quite confusing for traders.

As mostly charges are fixed, whereas charges are subjected to the type of investment asset you choose at IQ Option.

Next, we’ll take a glance at how and where IQ Option charges fees and commission from its users.

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    Types of IQ Option Commission Plans

    Types of Commission Plans
    Account TypeTrading AccountReal AccountVIP Account
    Initial Deposit$1$10$1900
    Spread5 pips5 pips0
    CommissionNo commissionNo commission0

    Here are types of fees that IQ Option charges from its users that you must know before you kick-start your trading journey with this fantastic online trading platform-

    Swap fee

    Any online trader platform charges a swap fee only when a trader doesn’t close the position but keeps it open overnight.

    However, such types of IQ Option fees typically start from 0.6%; still, the type of investment you choose decides the final charges.

    Swap fees can turn into a headache if you often invest in Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETFs, or any CFDs securities.

    Therefore, before you park your money on specific assets, click on the (i) button available on the asset profile.

    Similarly, select the “Trading Conditions,” and you’ll see the swap fee option on the screen.

    You can also avoid inviting swap fees if you close the position on time before the trading hours end.

    Dormant fees

    Online trading platforms are likely to charge you a dormant fee if you don’t use your trading account for a couple of months.

    But it also depends upon the terms and conditions of the online broker you choose for trading.

    For instance- if we talk about the IQ option, the dormant fee is $10 if you don’t use your account for more than 90 days.

    If the user is still inactive on his account, the same fee will be charged every month.

    The dormant fee is free of terms and conditions subject to the account type and asset type you choose.

    The fee is the same and applicable on all account types that remain inactive for more than the specified time.

    Account Closure fee

    Account closure fees can be confusing for many.

    traders often assume it is a fee charged on the closure of an account; however, this statement is correct to some extent, but the actual meaning is slightly different.

    Almost every trading platform charges a fee like IQ Option fee on the closure of a user account. But the terms and conditions vary from one broker to another.

    At IQ Option, verification account closure fees are charged for verification reasons.

    To simply put, users aspiring to start trading at the IQ option submit the essential documents and deposit fee ($10 on a standard account and $1900 on a VIP account).

    If, due to any reason, they fail to meet the required condition before 15 days, the deposited amount will be refunded.

    During the period, if the trader earned any profit, the broker is likely to keep it as a closure fee.

    Similarly, if the account balance is only $5 or below, an additional fee of up to $50 is charged.

    IQ Option Account Opening Process

    IQ Option charges are almost zero which undoubtedly encourages traders to enter this trading platform.

    Let’s have a look at how to open your first trading account at IQ Option.

    Begin with the registration process

    First, sign up for an IQ Option account using email id and password.

    Tick mark the “Terms and Conditions” page and go ahead.

    Mention all information about you in Registration form

    Now you will be at an interface where IQ Option trading platform will be asking you to submit the requisite information including documents.

    Receive Message for Account Activation

    After successful submission of documents, you will receive a message regarding account activation at your email-id or phone number (if provided)

    Sign in to your account

    Now you are all set to sign-in to your new trading account.

    Make Initial Deposit

    Make an initial deposit of $10 if you are on a standard account or $1900 if you are on a VIP account.

    You can start trading from even $1 once you successfully create your trading account at IQ Commission.

    IQ Option Payment or Withdrawal Methods

    Transaction Options
    Deposit OptionsCredit Card, Cryptocurrencies, Moneybookers, Neteller, PayPal, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer
    Withdrawal OptionsCredit Card, Moneybookers, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, Webmoney, Wire Transfer

    Don’t worry; IQ Option doesn’t charge any fees on withdrawals; it is free of charge. But if you are choosing a bank transfer method for withdrawals, $31 may be charged.

    Moreover, you may have to contact the customer support team if your account has only $2 or below the amount.

    Here is the most common payment option you can choose for payments and withdrawals at IQoption.com:

    • Skrill
    • PayPal
    • Ecomm-Pay
    • Neteller
    • WebMoney
    • PPRO
    • SOFORT
    • WorldPay

    Trading Fees

    IQ Option doesn’t charge any trading fee from its users.

    But if you forget to close your position before the trading hours end, problems may arrive. In most cases, a significant percentage of your profits may be kept as IQ Option commission by the broker.

    For more information, you can check out the broker’s terms and conditions page.

    Deposit Fees

    IQ Option does never charge only a deposit fee from its users. However, $10 and $1900 is a mandatory deposit amount for all.

    The deposit is also refundable if you fail to meet the criteria of becoming members of the IQ Option or you want to discontinue trading with the platform.

    But such steps may affect your profits as we discussed above.

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    IQ Option Investment Assets

    Investment Assets
    Currencies TradingYes
    Commodities TradingYes
    Indices TradingYes
    Stocks TradingYes
    Cryptocurrency TradingYes
    ETF’s TradingYes
    Bonds TradingYes
    FUTURES TradingYes
    OPTIONS TradingYes
    Supported Cryptocoinsbitcoin
    Total Tradable Assets400
    Number Of Currency Pairs64
    Number Of Cryptocurrencies20
    Number Of Stocks200
    Number Of Indices0
    Number Of Commodities5
    Number Of Futures0
    Number Of Options45
    Number Of Bonds0
    Number Of Etfs25

    Here are the most popular types of investment assets you find IQ Option trading platform for buy, sell and earn profits from-

    • Currencies
    • Commodities
    • Indices Trading
    • Stocks Trading
    • Cryptocurrency
    • ETFs Trading
    • Bonds Trading
    • And much more

    IQ Option Commission – Conclusion

    That’s how the fee structure varies in IQ Option. In the article, we share all the pointers where the IQ option charges a significant rate as a fee.

    Since the opening and closure fee is absent in the IQ option, it proves an excellent alternative for all.

    There’s no withdrawal or further fees involved when you trade with the IQ option.

    Still, the IQ option may sound like an annoying broker if they aren’t used to open or close their position actively.

    Moreover, if you hardly find time to glance at your trading account and stay an inactive user for more than three months, you will definitely invite irritating charges.

    But these fees are obvious on all trading platforms.

    Therefore, it is ideal to proceed with an online broker only when you are confident about your trading decision.

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    IQ Option Brokerage Charges or Fees – FAQs

    Here are a few FAQs related to IQ Option Brokerage Charges or Fees:

    How much does IQ Option charge brokerage?

    No, the IQ option does not charge any brokerage from its users.

    However, a deposit amount ($10 for standard users and $1900 for VIP users) must be submitted.

    But these deposits are refundable.

    Still, you should review the terms and conditions of the broker to get more details on it.

    Charges and commissions are also subjected to the type of asset you trade at IQ Option.

    Does IQ Option charge any trading fee?

    No, the IQ option does not charge any fee or commission on trading.

    Users can confidently trade their favorite assets without worrying about trading fees.

    IQ Option doesn’t charge even a single penny from its users on trading; that is the best part of this fantastic trading platform.

    What type of Commission Plans available in IQ Option?

    Unlike other trading platforms, IQ Option either asks you for little or no commissions, making it a pretty popular alternative among traders.

    In simple words, IQ Option commission is charged on its trading platform, but it is reasonable and less annoying compared to other online brokers.

    What are the charges on Withdrawals in IQ Option?

    There are no withdrawal charges on trading with IQ Option.

    Anytime, anywhere, feel free to withdraw the requisite amount from the trading account.

    But make sure the policy is applied only on specific online payment portals.

    If you seek a bank transfer, you may have to incur $31.

    You can use PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller payment options for charges-free withdrawals.

    Is IQ Option a legit Forex Broker?

    Yes, you can trust IQ Option.

    It is a 100% safe online trading platform run under CySEC supervision, headquartered in Cyprus.

    You can buy and sell stocks without worrying about transactions or amounts. Your funds remain fully secured at the IQ option.

    The company’s top-tier regulatory bodies from the EU make it a reliable trading platform.

    What is the Minimum Deposit required in IQ Option?

    $10 is the minimum deposit amount you submit to the IQ Option Trading platform to begin your trading journey.

    However, the account opening is completely free as this online broker doesn’t charge even a single penny from its users.

    Even though you fail to meet the document criteria or wish to close your account, the amount is refundable.

    Are there any hidden charges available with IQ Option?

    No, IQ Option has no hidden charges and the rules are applicable for both mobile users and web users.

    Both platforms serve the same user experiences with similar features and integration.

    Moreover, no additional fees are charged if you want to open and use your account on other devices.

    Does IQ Option charge a fee on the demo account?

    No, the demo/practice account at IQ Option is free.

    The broker doesn’t ask you for any commission or any IQ Option fee to start using its demo account.

    You can access the demo account and practice account through a simple login using your email id and password only.

    Moreover, the amount that reflects in the demo account is the virtual amount that you can neither withdraw nor the company charges any fees on it.

    How much leverage does IQ Option provide?

    IQ Option has a flexible leverage offering and offers up to 1:30 leverage to its users.

    This means users can invest 30 times of their investment on any forex asset they want to trade.

    However, for European users, it stays up to 1:1000.

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