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Find out all details about IQ Option Demo Account or Virtual Trading Platform here.

A demo account is undoubtedly the most requisite offering that every online Trading Platform must-have.

At a glance, it provides a brief overview of the Trading Platform you intend to use for your next trading moves.

In simple words, the demo account educates you about the features, tools, and options on a Trading Platform you choose.

Similarly, the forex broker in its demo account gives all such offerings including virtual currency with which you grasp knowledge on how IQ Option trading works.

The demo account mitigates the fear of risking capital. Instead of practicing trading strategies in the real world by risking money, you learn a lot from the IQ Option Virtual Trading Account for free.

What benefits the demo account bring to you, let’s explore in this review.

About IQ Option Demo Account

The demo account or practice account is an extremely helpful offering by IQ Option on its Trading Platform.

IQ Option Demo Account

Brokers-whether new or expert- never fail to explore this vital thing before becoming a part of any Trading Platform.

The Brand itself considers it a vital offering to its users; that’s why you see everything about trading briefly described in the IQ Option demo account.

Without depositing any amount, get a full-fledged idea of how it looks and feels on trading with IQ Option. You understand the varying mechanism of trading in the simplest way.

Without risking even a single penny, you grasp every nitty-gritty of trading with IQ Option.

Mainly for beginners, the forex broker isn’t less than the biggest supporting hand. You receive an accurate understanding from scratch of varying modules of trading.

The best feature is, IQ Option provides you virtual money that makes your demo account relatively more realistic.

Let’s get a detailed insight into the core features and functions of the demo account.

Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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    IQ Option Demo Account Features

    IQ Option demo account is entirely similar to the live-trading account, with the only difference that a user doesn’t invest his own capital.

    The demo account is entirely free, and without losing money, a trader can learn from his mistakes. Let’s decode more about the Demo account through its features-

    No Deposit

    Traders can start using the demo account after following a simple log-in process that is absolutely free of charge.

    Using a virtual balance of $1000, a trader can begin learning how to trade with IQ Option.

    No Time Restriction

    Unlike other Trading Platforms, there’s no time restriction on users who wish to use IQ Option Practice Account.

    Till you don’t become fully confident about your trading experience with IQ Option, you can keep using the demo account for the long term.

    Real Money Experience

    $1000 virtual money gives you real-life experience on using a Demo account. Without risking even a single penny, you can see how an investment amount grows.

    You can even restore the balance to learn core points from scratch again.

    Feels Like Live Account

    The entire interface of the IQ Option demo account entirely looks similar to the live trading account.

    This ensures you don’t get confused when entering the original live trading account.

    Seamless Performance

    Demo accounts work seamlessly, and you can use all the indicators and charts to strengthen your technical analysis skills.

    Switch Accounts Instantly

    Once you are finished with your practice time with IQ Option, switch to a live trading account with a single click.

    Next, we will discuss how you can access the Demo account using a few simple steps.

    IQ Option Demo Account Charges

    Demo Account Details
    Virtual Money$ 10000

    Before you make any judgment and check out for a trading account, it is vital first to clear your doubts on fees and charges.

    Neither demo account charges any commission nor it asks you to subscribe for any of its paid plans. Luckily, a demo account can be accessed for free.

    You can review your preparations for free. If you aren’t familiar with the new features and interface you get in IQ Option, the demo account teaches you.

    Even though you wish to grasp a basic understanding of the IQ Option, the step becomes vital.

    In most cases, traders take moves in haste and try to become masters in trading within a single day.

    But it is better to give more time to learning and practicing when you are getting it for free.

    How to open an IQ Option Demo Account?

    Here are the steps by which you would be able to open your demo account with IQ Option; based on it, you can think about moving ahead with IQ Option Virtual Trading.

    • First, begin with a standard log-in process; be prepared with your email id and password.
    • Tick mark the “Terms and Conditions” option
    • Hit on the “Start Trading” button
    • Now you’ll see an option on the screen in orange “Start Trading On Practice Account” click on it.
    • Ultimately you will be at your IQ Option practice account. Without risking your capital, go ahead and learn from the mistakes that you often make while trading.

    (Note: Be a bit careful while choosing a demo account if you already have a live trading account. The interface of both trading accounts is entirely similar. So make sure you double-check when you intend to use a demo account only.)

    However, the process remains the same for both mobile and web users.

    Simply log in and hit on the “practice account” button, and start learning trading with the demo account.

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    Advantages of IQ Option Virtual Trading Platform

    Still, confused about whether to choose a demo account or not? Take a look at these advantages that give the best reply to your queries.

    Understand the risks

    Take a look around, how share prices go up and down and when it makes a peak.

    When you find everything relatively riskier to decide, consider taking help from the demo account.

    Review your preparations

    Practicing trading on an IQ Option Virtual Trading Platform isn’t necessary for all.

    To simply put, if you are an expert trader and possess years of experience in trading, you might wish to enter an IQ Option live trading account in one go.

    Live accounts are more intricate.

    Live trading accounts can be more challenging; every moment tests your patience level and skills. Therefore, it is vital to give time to demo accounts as long as possible to become better at trading.

    IQ Option Demo Account – Conclusion

    IQ Option Demo account is unarguably the most vital feature of this brilliant Trading Platform.

    However, not every broker serves such a helpful offering on their online trading platform, but this does. The demo account makes the practice more realistic with virtual currency.

    Similarly, you strengthen your basic know-how in trading with IQ Option making it the best thing for beginners.

    Even though you are an expert trader, the demo account gives a big boost to your trading journey.

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    IQ Option Virtual Trading Account – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IQ option Virtual Trading account:

    Does IQ Option have a practice/demo account?

    Yes, IQ Option has a demo account that offers you an accurate tutorial on using the IQ Option Trading Platform.

    The demo account looks similar to a live trading account, so make sure you double-check when switching from demo to live trading account.

    Is there any fee involved with IQ Option Demo Account?

    The demo account that IQ Option offers to its users is absolutely free.

    Users can access the demo account through a simple log-in without submitting any fee or deposit amount.

    Once they become fully trained and confident about their trading moves with IQ Option, they are free to proceed with a live trading account.

    How much Virtual Money do you get in an IQ Option Demo Account?

    Users get $1000 virtual currency by using the IQ Option Demo Account. However, the account doesn’t use real currency.

    Users only see virtual currency offered by IQ Option to traders for practice reasons.

    Moreover, the currency has no use and value in real nor in virtual life.

    But always do remember that you double-check that you are in a practice account if you also run a live trading account at IQ Option.

    Can I earn from an IQ Option Demo Account?

    No, you can’t earn from a demo account at IQ Option.

    Users can only use a demo account for learning purposes as it has no contribution to the real-life trading environment.

    You neither spend anything nor earn anything from the demo account.

    Can I Use the IQ Option Demo Account on all devices?

    Yes, users can use a demo account on all devices, be it a laptop, desktop, mobile, or tab.

    However, the process of accessing is the same on all devices.

    Whenever you wish to learn new things about trading at IQ Option, log in and go ahead even with whatever device you are on.

    Why use Demo Account on Trading Platform?

    The demo account has its own underlying advantages to the traders.

    Usually, traders struggle to become familiar with the new environment of the respective trading platform.

    You can make innumerable mistakes and learn from them without risking any capital if you are on a demo account.

    Is IQ Option Virtual Trading mandatory for all?

    No, IQ Option doesn’t recommend a demo account to everyone, but it is up to the trader whether they wish to use it or not.

    Still, it is an extremely helpful feature that every Trading Platform must offer because it speeds up the learning process for traders to learn better how IQ Option Virtual Trading Platform works.

     Is the demo account legit?

    The demo account is 100% legit as you aren’t disrespecting any law, policy, rules, or regulation. It is entirely for educational purposes.

    Similarly, it turns into a completely safe option you get on every trading platform. IQ Option offers you a free demo account that is legit to use with no exceptions.

    Does IQ Option have the best demo account?

    IQ Option has a well-structured demo account that gives a real-life trading experience.

    From virtual currency to indicators and charts, everything is offered in the IQ Option demo account, making it one of the best demo accounts for trading in the market.

    Is PAN required for Opening IQ Option Account?

    Yes, Pan Card is mandatory in order to access an IQ Option trading account.

    No matter on which trading platform you are, a pan card is a valuable ID proof that needs to be submitted when any monetary items are involved in a process.

    What Documents are required for IQ Option Demo Account?

    IQ Option may ask its users for some essential documentation for verification reasons.

    These documents may include the user’s id card, current passport size photo, driving license, and some other documents.

    IQ Option gives 15 days to users for completing the document verification process.

    How to Set-up an IQ Option Virtual Account?

    Setting up an IQ Option virtual account is as simple as signing up for a game or an app.

    Only your email id and password are needed to log in and start your trading practice with IQ Option. It hardly takes a few seconds to start using virtual trading platform.

    Open Demo Account Now! – Zero Commission on Trades

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