OctaFX App is a smart solution for trading. If you prioritize mobile trading over trading on a web-based platform, the app is made for you.

OctaFX trading app features a similar interface and user experience as you get on its OctaFX web-based trading platform.

Still, few qualities make it the best app for trading that pleases traders. In this article, we will talk about every feature of this app that unleashes its real potential.

If you choose OctaFX broker for trading, this review will help you identify what works great for you.

About OctaFX App

OctaFX App is an official trading platform built for mobile users. Using the built-in tools in the app, traders can manage varying trading tasks with ease.

OctaFX App

The app ensures you take prompt action and make changes in your portfolio in a flexible way, even wherever you are.

This eliminates the need for big screens or laptops for trading that are difficult to carry.

In addition to the convenience, the internal features of the app are pretty simple but highly useful. To simply put, you get a demo account that educates you on trading with the OctaFX Mobile app.

Users can even manage transactions and deposits using the app and join contest accounts which is an extra benefit that engages users.

On the first tap, you fall in love with the app as the easy-to-use features, and interactive design binds users.

You can execute any trading task seamlessly via this app. The app has been officially launched by OctaFX broker that you can download from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

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    OctaFX Mobile App – Top Features

    OctaFX mobile trading app offers you a wide array of features that amplify your trading experience in Forex. Let’s have a look –

    Simple Log-in

    OctaFX app is the easiest way to kick-start your trading journey with a mobile app. Traders can log in to the app via a simple sign-up process.

    Mention your e-mail id and password, qualify for the verification, and enjoy trade.

    Manage with ease

    A simple interface makes trading like a breeze. It hardly takes a few minutes for new traders to turn experts in OctaFX Trading App features.

    Manage your portfolio, including deposits, volumes, and transactions manually using one app.

    Access Wide-Range of Assets

    Users can participate in CFD trading, Crypto-Currency, and Forex Trading as the app offers a wide range of tradable assets.

    Practice on Demo Account

    A demo account is an added feature you get in the OctaFX mobile trading app.

    The broker offers simulated funds on its mobile trading platform that enable users to execute a strategic trade without any real investment.

    Gather Market Insights

    The mobile app helps OctaFX users to gather market insights in one go. Thanks to the news sources as you get some of the vital information about the market.

    Moreover, standard features such as Charts and indicators are also available in the app.

    Apply Filters

    Based on the detailed overview of the market, users can even apply some helpful filters.

    Apply these filters, which enable the app to take prompt action in response to an uncertain situation on your behalf. It is a helpful thing if you can’t actively monitor price shifts.

    Supports Multiple Languages

    OctaFX mobile app also supports multiple languages as the app is currently serving worldwide users.

    Traders can use the app in Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, English, Malay, Indonesian, and many other languages.

    Profit Calculator

    You can even check your profitability on specific assets and monitor prices using MT4, MT5, and cTrader in the app. Though, the calculator counts additional fees in trading as well.

    Next, we’ll talk about how users can set up a trading account in the OctaFX mobile trading app.

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    How to Set-up OctaFX Trading App?

    Setting up an account at the OctaFX mobile trading app is pretty simple. Follow this step-by-step process and launch your first trade using the app.

    1. Register on the OctaFX mobile app using an e-mail id or password (or log in using registered details if you are an existing user).
    2. Similarly, go ahead and fill in the additional details for verification and create your personal account.
    3. Choose an ideal trading platform between Meta trader 4, Meta Trader 5, or C trader and click on the proceed.
    4. Finally, you will be redirected to your trading account from where you will be managing your trading move. Explore the features, don’t leave even a single corner. Proceed to trade once you are familiar with the entire interface and features of this app.

    Users can install the app on both Apple and Android devices, but make sure you aren’t using an older version smartphone.

    The app is more likely to hang if you carry Android version 21 or below. Meanwhile, users can even access demo accounts if they are beginners and seek more practice.

    OctaFX charges 100 USD from minor users and 500USD from professionals. So make sure you don’t pay more than your expectations.

    Users from UAE can access Islamic-swap-free accounts. In most events, it may take a total of 3 hours to account for opening on OctaFX whether you are using a web-based platform or mobile.

    How to use OctaFX Mobile Trading App?

    OctaFX app for mobile trading is counted among the best because of its features. But many traders still find it a bit hard and take more time to learn how to trade on this trading platform.

    But it is pretty simple, you just need to understand a few basic concepts, and you are all set for your first trade at the OctaFX app.

    First of all, traders must choose the ideal trading platform that suits their needs. Broker offers three trading platforms to its users to choose from.

    Such as the Meta Trader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader. MetaTrader 4 is the most reliable software that both individuals and an institution can choose for trading.

    Similarly, MetaTrader 5 platform is defined as a next-gen trading platform carrying all benefits that a pro-level trading platform must provide.

    If you are a professional trader, go with this alternative. cTrader is an ideal platform for traders who invest in forex or CFDs.

    The platform includes some coolest tools and indicators that make trading more strategic. Moreover, the leverage offered by OctaFX is also quite impressive.

    EU users can get leverage up to 1:300, whereas Non-EU users can get leverage up to 1:500 on CFD trading. OctaFX also offers leverage on varying forex currencies.

    Advantages of OctaFX Forex App

    Traders enjoy several advantages when they trade their favorite assets at the OctaFX mobile app. Let’s have a look.

    • Multiple trading platforms are offered. For example, invest vita cTrader and Meta Trader.
    • The broker even run contests and further programs to encourage its users
    • The app offers services in multiple languages
    • Leverage is huge for non-EU users
    • Helpful tools and features and available
    • A demo account makes the practice more robust
    • The lightweight app smoothly runs on a smartphone
    • The app is available to both android and apple users
    • Great customer services
    • Invest in a variety of assets through a small frame
    • Manage your portfolio with ease on the app

    All these benefits give us a clear indication that this app has a lot more to cater to your needs.

    OctaFX App – Conclusion

    OctaFX App is one of the coolest things for traders. The app is loaded with every vital feature that can yield excellent results into a trader’s portfolio.

    Till now, the app has earned thousands of positive reviews and 4+ stars rating on the Google platform and more to come.

    If it is also difficult for you to stay for long hours on the desktop watching your assets’ position, install this app and enjoy trading.

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    FAQs on OctaFX Mobile App

    Here are the various FAQs on OctaFX Mobile App –

    What Is OctaFX Mobile App Called?

    OctaFX mobile app is undoubtedly the best thing a trader must have on his smartphone. The app makes the trading task relatively more convenient for traders.

    You can download the app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store by typing the OctaFX app in the top search bar; the app is also called OctaFX alone.

    The one with maximum downloads and the brand’s logo is your stop.

    Does OctaFX Provide an iOS App?

    OctaFX provides an iOS app for its apple users. Simply go to your apple app store, type OctaFX on the search bar, and the app will be next to you.

    Users can even get the link for the iOS app through the official website.

    Is OctaFX App Free To Use?

    Unlike other trading platforms, OctaFX is free to use. But it isn’t entirely free.

    The app asks you to submit an initial deposit amount of 100USD to 500USD; only then can you start trading. The app also charges fees that are subjected to the terms and conditions.

    How to Download OctaFX Trading App?

    It depends upon who is asking. Android users can download the OctaFX app simply by going to Playstore search for the name “OctaFX,” and hit the install button.

    iPhone users can visit the Apple App store to find the app. Users can even download the app from their official website.

    What Features Does OctaFX Forex App Have?

    OctaFX Forex app offers a wide array of features to its users, which includes demo account, news sources, indicators, charts, exposure to a great variety of assets, impressive leverage, and so on.

    The app turns out super cool with an interactive interface that makes it dominate over other trading apps.

    Can I Trade In Shares Via OctaFX App?

    Traders can invest in shares via CFDs and pick some of the most popular companies or industries shares where you find vast potential.

    In a few seconds, traders can even gain special insights into price fluctuations.

    Is OctaFX Android App Good?

    OctaFX android app works smoothly like any best app you have ever tried on your smartphone.

    But make sure your android version is above 21, else the app is more likely to hang or may fail to give you the best user experience.

    Does OctaFX App Have Ekyc Feature?

    Yes, the OctaFX Mobile App comes with an eKYC feature. Since OctaFX work under the supervision of top-tier regulators from the EU, the EKYC feature is mandatory.

    Does OctaFX Mobile App Provide Tips?

    Though the OctaFX App may not provide you interesting trading tips, it may share some of the most valuable news that impacts the market prices and your portfolio.

    How to Buy Currencies Via OctaFX App?

    Simply log in to your account. Click on the menu button in the top right corner. Now find the options where you see options related to assets, click on them and find the currencies.

    Take the help of indicators and tools for strategic execution and click on the buy button.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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