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Dukascopy is a stock brokerage and swiss online bank in Geneva. The award-winning broker was established in 2004 by physicist Andre Dukas and his partner Veronika Duka.

The Dukascopy Trading App offers many services, including stocks, indices, binary options, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

Traders from Cuba, Iran, Angola, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Uganda, Botswana, Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Somalia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Pakistan, Japan cannot open an account here.

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) regulates the firm. The Dukascopy Mobile App is a one-stop solution for traders dealing in financial services online.

About Dukascopy App

Dukascopy allows traders to trade on their Android or iOS devices. Also, the company owns its JForex Trading mobile app.

Dukascopy App

The best part is that the App is available for free of cost on all the play stores so that traders can be stress-free.

Additionally, the company takes pride in announcing its top position in the industry. In 2020 also, the App led the market.

The mobile app options are way beyond the industry standards. It also provides at least 46 technical indicators besides offering support for planning strategies for their community.

The traders can also get a hand on some research tools. Also, a live news feed and instant chat option are available for traders if there is some issue in technical terms.

Above all, the trading accounts are pretty easy to use.

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    Dukascopy Mobile App – Top Features

    The Dukascopy mobile App is available for both ios and android users. The traders can find the App easily and start trading.

    Online FX quotes

    The feature of the Dukascopy Mobile App allows traders to check the real-time prices for the various commodity pairs, stocks, and currencies.

    Some of the instruments include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/PLN, XAU/USD, USD/CNH, USA500.IDX, JPN, etc.

    FX market news

    It mainly offers an effective way to keep up with the latest fads across different fads. On a daily basis, traders can see the support and resistance broadcast.

    The highs and lows are also available when new, weekly, or monthly highs or lows reach. Traders can see sharp moves on prices on the trigger.


    The traders can filter the data as per its impact on the market or nation. They can also search by keyword or analyze the historical values of some indicators.

    Daily highs and lows

    The feature allows traders to see the highest and lowest price of the instrument’s trading. Additionally, historical data is also available.


    It allows the traders to keep their fingers on the market’s pulse. Additionally, the feature can indicate the ebbs and flows following the call.

    Pivot points

    The feature allows the traders to get some information about reversal, resistance, and support levels. Users can also calculate the pivot points based on their personal data.

    Movers and Shakers

    The movers and shakers feature will show traders the changes in prices of the currency pairs. Traders can click on any currency they like and make it their reference instrument.

    FX market watch

    The market watch feature allows one to get access to live price information.

    Current index

    Ideally, the feature helps in measuring the changes in values of the currencies available. They tend to track the exchange rates of the most liquid currencies. It includes USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF.

    Dukascopy TV

    It is a customizable feature on the App. Users can get high-quality video content that is entirely customizable. The users don’t need to register.

    How to use Dukascopy Trading App?

    To start trading on the App, the users need to follow some basic steps. These steps allow you to place orders in no time.

    • The android and iOS users can respectively download the app from the Google Play store or the App
    • Search for the Dukascopy trading app and install it after clicking the install button.
    • After installation, users can tap on the app icon to start the application.
    • After the application starts users can put their login ID and password.

    Once login is successful traders can start investing in no time.

    How to own Dukascopy Mobile Trading App?

    If traders wish to start trading with the Dukascopy Mobile Trading App, they can place the order as and when they want.

    • All the traders need to head to the respective play stores and download the apps.
    • But before downloading the App, they need to ensure that they have an active account with the broker. The App is available for free for all users.
    • At the time of account opening, the traders need to ensure that they have some relevant documents including Pan card and bank details.
    • The traders need to connect with the brokers before opening an account.
    • After checking if the account is active or no, the broker will give them the login details. Once the login is successful, traders can change the password also.
    • The traders can start trading by depositing and withdrawing funds to check if the App is working fine.
    • Also, the Dukascopy Mobile trading app is easy to use, so even beginners can access it. Once the traders get the hang of the App, they can access it more confidently.

    Advantages of Dukascopy Forex App

    Here are the various benefits of the Dukascopy Forex App –

    Easy to use – The Dukascopy Mobile trading App is a one-click currency convertor that features all the major currencies and ideal rates.

    Basket change -The traders can convert several considerable amounts in one currency

    Wallet – The wallet allows traders to keep all the records in one place.

    Adjustable Currency – Ideally, the flexible currency lists allow traders to remove unnecessary coins from the Dukascopy Mobile trading App.

    Offline mode – Traders can save their money while traveling abroad as the App can quickly load the historical rates even if the internet isn’t available.

    Dukascopy App – Conclusion

    Dukascopy App is the first swiss mobile App that is a perfect blend of banking security and trustworthiness besides the latest technologies.

    No matter where the traders are, they can open an account anywhere in the world and start trading. At least 1,00,000 people use the digital Swiss bank account.

    It offers various trading tools, including SWFX Sentiment Index, Market News Dukascopy TV, and Forex Calculators.

    Additionally, traders can trade with at least 60 forex currency pairs on the App.

    The users can start selling without any prior experience in trading as the Dukascopy Mobile trading app is relatively easy to use.

    FAQs on Dukascopy Mobile App

    Here are the Top FAQs on Dukascopy Mobile App –

    What is the Dukas mobile app called?

    The dukascopy mobile App is also known as the Dukascopy trading app. Users can locate and download the app in no time.

    The App is available for both Apple and ios devices. To get started, the users need to enter the conditionals correctly.

    Does Dukascopy provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the App is available for Ios users. The App allows traders to get all the foreign market information in real-time.

    Also, users can get access to a plethora of tools, including quotes, news updates, charts, etc.

    Is Dukascopy App Free to use?

    Yes, the Dukascopy trading app is available for free to both ios and android users. No matter what download process the traders follow, the App is available for free.

    The traders don’t need to stress about the cost.

    How to download Dukascopy Trading App?

    The download process of the Dukascopy Trading App is relatively easy on both ios and android devices.

    The traders need to head to their respective play store or app store and download the App. After downloading the App, the traders need to log in to start trading.

    What features does Dukascopy App have?

    Ideally, the Dukascopy App offers a plethora of features.

    It includes online FX quotes, live charts with technical analysis, FX market news, Economic Calendars Dukascopy TV, and SWFX Sentiment Index.

    Besides that, the App also offers pivot point tables.

    Can I trade in Shares via the Dukascopy Forex App?

    Yes, with the Dukascopy Forex App, one can trade in shares.

    Besides shares, the company also allows users to change CFD trading, cryptocurrency trading, forex trading pairs, and binary options.

    The spreads for the major currencies include 0.1 pips.

    Is Dukascope Android App good?

    Yes, the Dukascope is quite a low-risk option. Several people tend to consider downloading the App.

    Additionally, the app has a rating of 3.9 ratings on the play store, and it is indeed fair enough.

    How to Buy Currencies via Dukascopy App?

    Placing orders with the Dukascopy App is relatively easy. One needs to determine the currencies that they wish to trade in.

    The platform offers at least 60 forex pairs. It includes everything major, minor, and exotics. The maximum leverage available is 100.

    They can buy currencies including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.

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