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Find out everything about IQ Option Partner Program or Franchise Models here.

If you want to build a steady income stream, then it’s good to embed your social connections with affiliate programs run by some top-notch brokers online.

Only a few popular online brokers make it feasible, with some of the best commissions and excellent customer service. One such broker is the IQ Option.

Their partner program is an incredible money-making platform where you may earn a decent amount of money before you even wake up.

In light of the partner program run by IQ Option, we have covered a brief discussion in this blog.

Best Partner ProgramAffiliate Program
Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50%
Second Level commissionNA
Commission WithdrawalWeekly
Partner Code Activation2-3 Days
Affiliate Cookie TrackingUp to 90 days

Joining a partner program can get you exclusive access to some fantastic passive income sources.

But is it worth joining the IQ Option Affiliate Program? What benefits do you receive by joining these programs? Let’s talk about it in detail.

IQ Option Partner or Franchise – Overview

Founder / CEOBrittany Adrian
Established Year2013
Publicly TradedNo
Total Employees200+

IQ Option is a well-established broker, counted among the best in the trading sector.

IQ Option Partner or FranchiseWith the back of millions of active users and top-tier regulators, IQ Option has always dominated other online brokers in the industry.

Beyond a surprise, for many, IQ Option is still a great source to start trading at.

But gone are those days when trading was the only way to generate revenue with the broker.

Instead, the online world has been drawing some high-paying opportunities that you must bookmark in your list.

The IQ Option partner program builds a side-income source for you.

You can capture a good income of up to 50% every week in your account if you become an IQ Option advertising partner.

You can even multiply your earnings if any person enters IQ Option through your reference sign-up for a trading account and starts trading.

What types of these programs are? Let’s figure it out next.

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    Types of IQ Option Sub Broker or Partner Program

    Types of Business Models
    Partner TypeAffiliate ProgramIntroducer
    Revenue Sharing or CPAUp to 50%$16 for every CPA
    Cost AssociatedNoNA
    Referred Trader’s Deposit – FTDdeposits $250 & executed 10 closed trades$100
    Code Activation Time2-3 Days2-3 Days

    IQ Option partner program includes affiliate and introducer programs.

    Below we have shared a brief insight into these partner programs and how they carry huge potential. Let’s find out.

    Affiliate program

    IQ Option affiliate program provides you access to 50% revenue sharing.

    To simply put, if you refer a client to the IQ Option trading platform, you make a commission.

    For instance, when your referred client deposits $250 & executes ten closed trades, you get 50% of revenue as a commission.

    If you have a giant public network on your social media accounts or website with the right audience in hand, you must join this program.

    Sign-up, meet the eligibility criteria and get your affiliate account verified within 2-3 Days.


    Besides the affiliate program, the broker runs an introducer program and offers $16 for every CPA.

    So, for instance, if a client takes action on your referral links, you make a meager income.

    But it’s worth noting that your referred client must deposit $100 in his trading account.

    Only then can you expect a commission from the broker, else you make nothing.

    IQ Option Franchise Revenue Sharing

    Revenue Sharing
    Affiliate ProgramUp to 50%
    Introducer$16 for every CPA
    Authorized PartnerNA

    Joining the IQ Option affiliate network comes with significant advantages.

    But your success depends upon how much sales you generate for the company.

    For example, suppose you target the right audience and advertise IQ Option in the best way that draws people’s interest.

    In that case, the chances are that the targeted audience will turn to potential customers for IQ Option surges.

    This is where you step forward to join the IQ Option franchise that works under zero deposit schemes.

    By joining, you attract a whopping 10-20% commission on every sale. Beyond a surprise, it gets you a high income in your bank account.

    However, if you follow some top-notch marketing skills, then such goals are already within your reach.

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    IQ Option Partner Cost or Security Deposit

    Partner Cost or Deposit
    Affiliate ProgramDeposits $250 & executed 10 closed trades
    Introducing Business Partner$100
    Authorized PartnerNA

    The IQ Option partner program brings you some high-paying opportunities on the go.

    But every coin has two sides because drawing commissions isn’t as easy as it sounds.

    If your referred client doesn’t meet the given conditions, you earn nothing.

    For instance, when you are an IQ Option partner, your client must deposit at least $250 in his account, and ten closed trades must be executed.

    Else, you won’t be getting any commission from your affiliate account at IQ Option.

    At the same time, if you are an introducer of Option, your client must submit $100 in his account.

    It is hard to compel any person to submit such a significant amount until they are willing.

    That’s why it is always advised to target only the right audience so that serious customers could come to light.

    IQ Option Franchise Offers

    Zero Deposit schemeYes
    Real-Time Commission calculationYes
    Second Level Commission10-20%
    Personal Account ManagersNot Provided
    Multiple Payment SystemsAvailable
    Sub-Affiliate systemNA

    People willing to join the IQ Option franchise program can access some great benefits.

    The major one is the Zero Deposit scheme.

    If your major network is generating leads in extensive amounts for the broker, you earn a commission.

    Franchise offers include second-level commission that starts from 10% and goes up to 20%.

    Since these are second-level commissions, you earn at the side of other partner programs you join.

    At the same time, you can even get a real-time commission calculator on the interface from where you can detect the income you generate at IQ Option programs.

    Similarly, when you wish to withdraw the amount from your affiliate account, you are exposed to several payment options.

    IQ Option Sub Broker Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    Age18+ Years
    Business ExperienceMinimum 1-3 years
    Minimum Qualification No basic qualification/degree
    Desired ProfileBusiness in Similar Field

    By becoming an “affiliate or an introducer” for the IQ Option, you are automatically entitled as a sub-broker for the IQ Option since you are helping the broker in capturing leads and generating sales.

    But it’s worth noting that to be eligible for an IQ Option sub-broker, you are required to qualify for a few details.

    In short, you must be 18+ Years old; else you don’t get access to the partner program.

    In addition, you must have valid proof that claims you possess experience of a minimum of 1 to 3 years in businesses.

    Finally, the business you operate must reflect a similar field. For instance, you can’t run a financial blog on a fashion website.

    Apart from that, the broker doesn’t ask you for any qualifications or degrees.

    So whether you are a passed-out student from school or study in college and run a business alongside, you can join the IQ Option sub-broker program if you meet the basic eligibility criteria.

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    How to Become an IQ Option Business Partner?

    Not even a single broker will assume you are a qualified partner until you meet the eligibility criteria.

    Therefore, when you approach the IQ Option partner program, you must be well-prepared before going further.

    IQ Option runs mainly two kinds of partner programs which include affiliate and introducer programs.

    You can opt for the best one that suits your needs.

    Similarly, you can follow a standard process and become a business partner with IQ Option. The process includes

    • Sign-upon on IQ Option trading platform
    • Submit the mandatory documents, including Your ID and business proof
    • Accept IQ Option terms and condition and get the contract finalized
    • Get referral links within 1 to 5 days.
    • Share the referral links on your platform and market your business that attracts customers for IQ Option.
    • Get handsome income every week in your bank account

    Documents required to Start IQ Option Franchise

    To get started with the IQ Option franchise, you are required to submit some essential documents, along with the operating manuals.

    The documents include

    • Your ID, Bank Details, and Home Address
    • The marketing initiatives you take
    • You overall franchise system
    • Franchise Agreement between you and broker
    • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

    Support Provided by IQ Option Partner Program

    Back Office SupportAvailable 24/5
    Trading SupportYes
    Dealing SupportYes
    Marketing SupportNo
    Multilingual Promotional MaterialsYes
    Training SupportYes
    Commission TrackerProvided

    A robust support system plays an integral role in cheering up an affiliated partner for giving its best once they join the program.

    That’s the key reason why IQ Option offers full support to its partners because it wants you to grow.

    • The support system network includes Back Office support where all the technical issues are resolved.
    • Trading support offered, so your referred traders get instant resolution
    • Dealing support eliminates issues and confusion in dealing
    • Training support is provided that train beginners on how to use the IQ Option partner program

    Similarly, promotion material is also offered, but this doesn’t include marketing support as it is solely up to you how you promote IQ Option services.

    Benefits of IQ Option Sub Broker Program

    Getting an IQ Option sub-broker tag provides you access to significant benefits. In a nutshell, the considerable benefits include-

    • You get Attractive commissions
    • Access High CPA
    • Customer support ease out the process
    • Training removes hassles
    • Become a partner in few simple steps
    • Earn with a certified and reliable broker
    • Multiply your commissions

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    IQ Option Partner Program – Conclusion

    No wonder being an IQ Option partner, you draw some significant benefits in one go.

    If you also want to build a side-income stream that gets you an immense amount with minimal effort, join the IQ Option affiliate program.

    The broker offers some of the highest commissions.

    Moreover, you don’t deal with any issues related to trust as top-tier regulators license the broker.

    Thus, you can invest your precious time in building customers for IQ Option and capture great commission.

    IQ Option Franchise or Sub Broker – FAQs

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IQ option partner program:

    Does IQ Option have an introducer model?

    Yes, the IQ Option partner program includes an introducer model that allows you to draw $16 in your account for every CPA.

    You make this commission if your referred client submits a $100 minimum deposit amount at IQ Option.

    Does IQ Option have multiple franchise models?

    IQ Option runs dual franchise models, which include affiliate program and introducer mode.

    The affiliate program can get you a 50% commission on every sale you make for IQ Option.

    What is IQ Option sub-broker commission?

    IQ Option sub-broker second level commission starts from 10% and goes up to 20% depending upon your marketing strategies and sales you generate.

    How much does the IQ Option franchise cost?

    The franchise cost depends upon your business.

    If you want to capture a big chunk of commission from IQ Option, you can invest high.

    But it solely depends upon your strategies and skills in marketing as people are making a good amount with minimal effort.

    Does IQ Option provide a referral program?

    Yes, IQ Option provides referral programs or affiliate marketing programs that you can join to build a side-income source that draws you significant earnings.

    What is the IQ Option referral revenue model?

    IQ Option referral revenue model is an affiliate program in which you share a referral link (generated by IQ Option) to your website or social media channels where the audience interacts with you.

    Is the IQ Option partner program free?

    Yes, the IQ Option Partner program is free of cost, except for doc fees.

    Does IQ Option provide training assistance?

    Yes, IQ Option offers you training assistance, so the confusion and issues you face or likely face are sorted out before they turn prevalent in the long term.

    Does IQ Option Affiliate Program provide support?

    Yes, IQ Option does provide sub-broker support as the company does care about its connections and partners since your audience becomes the customer for the trading platform.

    Similarly, the broker always offers you full support, so you don’t encounter any issues.

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