FXTM has already made a mark with its all-new Mobile trading app – FXTM App in the global trading arena.

Being one of the most sought-after brokerage houses across different parts of the world, it has designed its mobile application to suit every trader’s requirement.

It is one of the most user-friendly applications with lots of features. We will be discussing the FXTM mobile trading app in this article in detail.

We will cover the features, benefits, and other aspects of the FXTM Mobile App.

About FXTM App

FXTM Trader App is the mobile trading application of FXTM brokerage house. It has multiple features which help you trade multiple assets – stocks, forex, currencies, commodities, and others.


It is a complete online trading application. You can use it for monitoring your trades. You can buy and sell using this simple yet effective FXTM App.

It helps you trade and monitors your positions all the time. You do not need to always open your computer to check your portfolio.

You can trade major, exotic and minor currency pairs. Also, You can also trade spot metals like gold and silver and others and many other asset classes.

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    FXTM Mobile App – Top Features

    FXTM mobile app is loaded with features. It has multiple features that assist the traders to trade easily and make a profit out of the trades. The features of the this App includes –


    The mobile trading app of FXTM comes with a proper dashboard.

    It has all the information regarding your account balance, open positions, margins you are left with and profits and losses, and everything else.

    So, you can get an idea of your whole investment profile using this one simple mobile app. You can check all the details anywhere and anytime.

    Live streaming

    The FXTM Mobile App has the feature of live streaming. It shows the prices of the stocks, forex, commodities on a real-time basis.

    Thus you can keep yourself completely updated about the price movements. It helps you track the live performance of your portfolio as well.

    You can monitor the assets you have invested in easily.

    Easy deposits and withdrawal with MyFXTM

    You have the access to MyFXTM which lets you deposit and withdraw money from your account with FXTM.

    You can check the margin and refill it if necessary easily with this. MyFXTM is available on this App as well.

    Multiple trading options

    The FXTM Mobile Trading App provides all the instruments available with the broker on the mobile platform for the traders to trade.

    There are CFDs, major and minor as well as exotic currency pairs, and multiple shares of different companies across the globe.

    You can diversify your portfolio easily with so many options on the platter.


    With FXTM mobile app, you can leverage your trades easily. The broker provides a wide range of leverage and that you can avail yourself of using their mobile app as well.


    Using the App, you can also check the spread which is the difference between bids and ask price.

    The spread differs with the account type. It generally starts from 0.1 pips and the range is 0 pips to 1.5 pips.

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    How to Set up FXTM Trading App?

    Setting up FXTM Trading App is easy and simple. You can just follow these steps and your app will be ready to use –

    • First and foremost you need to open an account with FXTM. Once you have the account with them even if it is a demo account, you can access the FXTM App.
    • You need to download the application on your smartphone – you can download it from Google Playstore or App Store for iOS.
    • Once you have downloaded the application, you have to log in using the login id and password you have received for opening the account with FXTM.
    • After you log in, you can see the dashboard.
    • You can now set up the watchlist where you can put all your stocks, currencies, commodities that you are interested in trading.
    • You can check all the features by taking a tour of the app
    • Also, you can check the balances and margins from the dashboard itself
    • You can place an order by clicking on the particular asset
    • You can check your orders and open positions from the order book

    How to own FXTM Mobile Trading App?

    It is very easy to own the FXTM Mobile Trading App. All you need to do is to open the account with the brokerage house – FXTM. Once you have the account, you get the login id and password.

    You need to then download the FXTM Trader App from the Playstore if you have an android phone or from the App Store if you have an iOS mobile.

    Once you have downloaded the application, you just need to log in with the password and login-id of your trading account and you own the application.

    Advantages of FXTM Forex App

    There are multiple reasons why FXTM Forex App is worth all the praise –

    • It has superfast execution of trades. Your orders can be executed within a blink of an eye.
    • There is a huge leveraging option. You can leverage all your trades
    • Spreads to help you trade easily
    • You can easily download the application and set it up
    • You can make deposits and withdrawal using the mobile app
    • Also, you can get customer support in more than thirty languages
    • Great resources are available for learning about forex, commodities, shares, and the financial market as a whole.
    • Within seconds you can open, modify, and even close positions
    • You can trade using your mobile app anytime and from anywhere
    • 1-click trading options are there to help you buy and sell superfast
    • You can check all your open positions on the dashboard within a glance

    FXTM App – Conclusion

    FXTM App is an exceptional mobile trading application for both professional as well as new traders.

    It has all the required features from easy trading options, to tools and high-speed execution of orders.

    It has been one of the highest-rated mobile applications for trading on both Google Playstore and App Store.

    You can just buy and sell within one 1-click on the mobile screen. Moreover, setting up this mobile app is super easy and hardly takes few minutes.

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    FAQs on FXTM Trader App

    Know everything about FXTM Trader App here –

    What is the FXTM mobile app called?

    FXTM mobile app is known as FXTM. It is one of the world’s popular mobile trading applications at present.

    It is known for its speed and range of tools and supports it provide. Also, it is available on iOS as well as Android platforms.

    Does FXTM provide an iOS App?

    Yes, it is available for iOS mobiles. You can download the application for iOS mobile phones from the App store.

    You can download it easily and then set it up. It works exceptionally well on the iOS platform.

    Is FXTM App Free to use?

    Yes, The App is completely free to use. You can download it free of cost. The broker – FXTM doesn’t charge a penny for using their mobile app.

    There are no hidden charges as well for this application.

    How to download FXTM App?

    You can download the FXTM App by vising the Google Playstore and iOS store. You can click on the download option on these sites as per your mobile OS.

    Then install the application like any other application you install on your mobile. Once it is installed, open the app and set it up with your favorite assets.

    What features does FXTM Trading App have?

    The features of FXTM Mobile Trading App are –

    • Speedy execution of orders
    • Multiple technical tools for analysis
    • All-in-one dashboard
    • Live-streaming of prices of assets
    • One-click buy and sell
    • Multiple language customer support
    • Easy deposit and withdrawal
    • Safety and security at their best

    Can I trade in Shares via FXTM Forex App?

    Yes, you can trade shares of different companies using the FXTM Forex App. There are multiple shares of around 180 major companies around the world.

    You can easily trade all these shares using your FXTM mobile application.

    Is FXTM Android App good?

    Yes, it is one of the best trading applications for your mobile phones.

    It got the best trading experience award in 2020, Best ECN Broker award in the same year, in 2019, it was awarded as the Best Investment broker and Best trading conditions as well.

    So, you can trust this application and the broker and use the same for your trading.

    Does FXTM Mobile Trading App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, it provides the EKYC feature for the account holders with FXTM. You can easily complete your KYC using this application.

    For the EKYC you need to submit the required documents to the brokerage house.

    Does FXTM App provide Tips?

    Yes, you can find valuable tips and suggestions from the mobile application. It features different tips and expert’s suggestions. You can also search for different news and market-related data.

    How to Buy Currencies via FXTM App?

    You can buy currencies using the App easily. You just need to select the currency pairs you want to trade from the dashboard.

    Then click on the same currency pair and click on buy options and enter the units you want to buy and your order will get executed in seconds.

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