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IG App is one of the best known Forex Trading App around the world. IG is one of the most popular names in the international stock market.

It is known for its innovative trading solutions and one such product it provides to the clients is IG mobile trading app.

It is an award-winning app that is popular amongst many traders across the globe.

In this article, we will discuss this app in detail, all about its functionality, and performance. You will get to know about this app’s features and benefits as well.

This article will also help you set up the platform in the right way possible.

About IG App

IG mobile trading app is the mobile trading platform provided by the IG brokerage house.

IG App

It is one of the world’s leading brokerage houses and its trading platforms are well sought after.

It has more than 17000+ markets in it which you can trade.

The app has an instant trading facility. It provides a platform for every trader that is easy to use. It is super user-friendly and has a great user interface.

The IG mobile app is a great choice for those who trade anytime and do not want boundaries of place and timing when it comes to trading.

With a gamut of features, it is an application that is made for every trader who loves trading.

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    IG Mobile App – Top Features

    The IG mobile trading app is an application that is heavily loaded with multiple features.

    It has unique features that you might find in a similar mobile trading platform.

    It gives you an edge over other traders with its super-rich features. Let us check the features of this app in details –

    Full-fledged dealing facility

    The app comes with a unique feature known as a mobile deal ticket.

    You can open and close as many positions as you want on different markets available on the platform with this intuitive ticket.

    This ticket helps you trade easily without any delay. Not only buying or selling, but you can also edit, modify, and track your portfolio anytime with this application.

    With this application and its fully equipped dealing functionality, you can also practice trading.

    The practice you need to use is the Demo account and virtual currencies.

    Technical charts

    Trading depends on technical analysis to a great extent and charts are an integral part of technical analysis. You can use the price charts, they are all having real-time prices.

    There are more than twenty-eight technical indicators like MACD, Bollinger Bands, and others.

    The app also provides IG clienteles’ sentiment data to give you a better perspective.

    Risk management

    With the mobile trading application, the risk management function is a really rare find.

    However, with IG mobile trading app, you can mitigate and minimize the risk of your investment.

    You can use the limit orders and also trailing stop-loss orders and others.

    Alerts and notifications

    You can set different alerts and notifications with this application.

    You can set an alert for a price drop, price rise, and other movements in the market.

    Also, you can also get SMS alerts, email notifications, and other types of notifications for trade signals and others.

    You can also keep reminders for market events or announcements.

    All these will help you not only keep a track of the market but maximize your profits.

    You can also track the market using the personalized market watchlist and the indicators for client’s sentiments.

    Advanced options and functions

    You can control your execution of orders using partial fills and also points through current options.

    You can place orders like “good till date/canceled”. Many such functions are available on this mobile platform and that is commendable.

    Wide range of instruments

    There are commodities, currencies, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, and many other markets for trading on this platform.

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    How to Set up IG Trading App?

    To set up the IG app you need to follow the steps mentioned below –

    • Firstly, you need to open an account with the IG brokerage house. You can open it easily with minimum documentation and everything is online.
    • Once the account is open, you will receive a login id and password.
    • Then you open the Google Playstore on your Android mobile or App Store on your iOS mobile. Search for the app and click on the download button.
    • Once the application is installed, you can log in, and then you will find the dashboard.
    • You can here arrange the different markets as per your preference.
    • Set up alerts and notifications.
    • You can buy and sell and edit your orders from the dashboard
    • Track the assets you want by selecting them from the dashboard itself

    How to own IG Mobile Trading App?

    To own the IG mobile trading app you need to –

    • Open the trading account with IG
    • Download the application from iOS App Store or Google Playstore
    • With the login id and password of your trading account, you need to log in to the trading app.
    • Once you log in, you can see your account details on the dashboard. You can track your portfolio.

    Advantages of IG Forex App

    The advantages of using the IG mobile trading app are as follows –

    • You can trade anytime and every time with this app. You can trade while you are traveling as well.
    • Also, you have access to over 17000 market instruments with just this mobile trading platform, isn’t that great?
    • This app lets you access exclusive information and research data from Reuters as well as its research team.
    • With multiple alerts, you can never miss out on an opportunity in the market.
    • The app is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption and this is one of the highest levels of security that any mobile application can have.
    • You can access this app completely free of cost. There are no hidden charges for this application.
    • IG Forex app lets you customize the application as you want. It helps you arrange things according to your priority.

    IG App – Conclusion

    To conclude, we can say that the IG mobile trading app is one of the most sought-after trading applications for both Android and iOS platforms for all the right reasons.

    With its seamless trading experience to its highly advanced and rare features, it provides a unique experience to the traders.

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    FAQs on IG Mobile Trading App

    Here is the list of FAQs related to the IG mobile trading app:

    What is the IG mobile app called?

    The IG mobile app is known as IG trading. It is a highly advanced and feature-rich mobile trading application.

    Does IG provide an iOS App?

    Yes, IG mobile trading app is available on the iOS platform as well.

    It has all the features like multiple markets, charts, indicators, resources on this platform.

    Is IG App Free to use?

    Yes, there are no extra charges for using the IG mobile trading app. You can log in to the application with your trading account’s id and password.

    You just need to download it from the Playstore or App Store which is also free.

    How to download an IG Forex App?

    To download this application you need to –

    • Open the Playstore on your Android mobile or App Store on your iOS mobile
    • Find the IG mobile trading app
    • Click on the installation option

    And you will see this app on your mobile within seconds

    What features does IG Trading App have?

    It features –

    • 17000 markets
    • 28 technical indicators
    • Multiple charts
    • Great clientele support system
    • Easy trading experience
    • 256-bit SSL encryption and others

    Can I trade in Shares via IG App?

    Yes, you can trade shares using IG App.

    Amongst the 17000 markets it has, stocks are there on it.

    So, you can easily find different shares of the companies across the globe and trade.

    Is the IG Android App good?

    With 239000 and more clients all across the globe, this application and the brokerage house ought to be good.

    The IG brokerage house has experience of close to 50 years.

    Their trading applications are award-winning applications.

    Does IG App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, you can complete your KYC using the eKYC feature on IG mobile trading app.

    All you need to do is to upload the documents and the brokerage house will go through them and verify and complete the KYC process.

    Does IG Mobile Trading App provide Tips?

    Yes, with their long years of experience and in-house research and advisory team, they provide tips to the clients about markets.

    How to Buy Currencies via IG App?

    You can buy the currencies using the IG App by clicking on the currency pairs only.

    You will find the buy or sell option just on the side of the currency pair.

    It also showcases all the details which you can check before you buy the currency.

    Get Free Mobile App Now! – Open Forex Trading Account

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