Know everything about FBS App here. Since you have FBS forex broker in your mind already, we wish to give you the further assurance you need.

While you check the charges of FBS, it is also crucial you check the FBS Trading App as well. The efficiency and the features of the FBS Trader are as well pretty crucial for you to check.

It is since the apps are the gateway which makes trading easy. So, let us get going with the discussion.

About FBS App

The company denotes the app as an all-in-one trading platform, which contains all the trading instruments.

FBS AppSuch instruments are basically the most wanted instruments in the entire world, the demand for which is exponentially high.

The app gives its users, the facility of trading right from their pockets, with all necessary functions.

Such functions are incorporated together in the lightweight application which also facilitates great power.

The app ensures to provide access to trade round the clock, from any device, i.e. either iOS or Android.

You can trade smart in the forex market via this application which has all necessary tools that contribute to efficient trading experience.

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    FBS Mobile App – Top Features

    Being puzzled, investors or forex traders perform a lot of mistakes as the knowledge they possess is basically limited. This section lets you expand your knowledge regarding all the aspects of the FBS App.


    FBS Trading is pretty smartly configured so management becomes easy for you. You can manage the app in the best possible way, rather the easiest way, getting hold of all the items it offers.

    Speaking of the dashboard, it is the first page you see when you successfully log into the application.

    It contains basically everything you will ever need for the purpose of trading. It lets you monitor your favorite currencies, check prices, and more from here.

    Charts & Order

    This section lets you track the currency rates in one place. The visualization is of price charts and you can see real time rates, which makes it easy for you to monitor the prices.

    You never to need to miss even a single movement of the instruments you like, and the forex market in the whole.

    Market Analysis

    You get the facility of trading almost 50 currency pairs as well as metals. Traders can monitor them all while also analyzing their price movement on the go.

    You can feasibly monitor each and every option, create trading strategies and then make active trades. You can get the best possible trading experience.

    Track your Orders

    Managing your orders and your account is as well seamless now. You can go through the smart interface of the app which lets you easily edit your orders.

    You can also edit your account settings in a stance and monitor all the previously placed orders.

    In this case you will be able to check which order incurred loss and which one incurred gains.

    Transactions which fetched you likely returns can be an encouragement, which the other transactions teach you what not to continue with.

    More Features

    There are a bunch of other features the app provides and they are pretty fascinating if you may check. The app is speed, while also being efficient. Check the other feature here –

    • Instant deposits and withdrawals are part of the app, since it supports over 100 payment systems.
    • Customer support assistance is provided 24/7 for all the clients and the users.
    • You get access to detailed order information such as contract type, order volume, current bid or ask price and take profit and stop loss information.
    • The broker also provides offers and cash withdrawal options for the app users.

    How to use FBS App?

    If you have questions regarding the app usage, we would like to help you out with the same. We have put up the entire process in which you can use the app instantly, in this section.

    You can follow up with the steps and start your trading journey with the best help we have to offer.

    • Essential of using the FBS trader app is a demo or a live trading account. You have to get one with the broker FBS specifically. If you do not have it already and want one, follow up with the process specified in the next section.
    • With the account, the broker will also send you the log in credentials which are required to log into the application. Use the same to log into the application you have downloaded from your respective mobile phone.
    • The next step includes taking a tour of the application. Check up on all the features provided in the app. Read through the terms and instructions the app provides and check the demo account.
    • You can now monitor the instruments you are interested in and trade in them using the demo account or the trading account.
    • Place the buy order now, and the order gets executed, you can monitor it for further instances and consideration.

    How to own FBS Trading App?

     In this section, we would like to make our readers accustomed with the process to own the RBS Mobile App.

    This is basically the account creation as well as the application download process. If you do not have a hold of them both, you must give it a read.

    So basically, when you make a decision and choose FBS as your forex Broker, you need to then open an account with them.

    You can apt for a demo and a trading account and the process starts from here.

    Click on the button which reads “Open Demo Account” and fill the pop up form which appears right in front of you.

    Now, you can seamlessly fill out the form, as per you convenience and submit it accordingly. For the next step, the broker will get in touch with you.

    Now is the process of verifying your account where you need to fulfil the EKYC Norms. Provide the details as asked, and submit all the documents to verify your account.

    Furthermore, when your account gets verified, the broker would release the log in credentials to you, and disclose the details of you account. Keep the credentials handy.

    You can now visit your app store and search for the app – FBS Traders. When you find it, click on the install button instantly.

    When the app is downloaded, you can furthermore use it by logging into it using the app credentials. 

    Advantages of FBS Mobile Trading App

    Advantages of the app are multiple, and some of their offerings are pretty unique in the market.  Such perks, you won’t find them with any other brokers.

    Check the following pointers to know about them.

    • The app has 4.6 star rating in the playstore which is a great feat it has achieved. This shows the high level of satisfaction present users have.
    • High leverage of up to 1:1000 is part of the app.
    • 20% spread Cashback is as well a perk that FBS offers, and is not a part of offers other brokers provide.
    • Users may also make quick start bonus while trading with the app,
    • Top trading assets are part of the application
    • Withdrawals as well as deposits are as well fast and secure
    • Customer service is available 24/7 and would assist to your query anytime

    FBS App – Conclusion

    This app is indeed a great online tool the forex broker provides. You can use the FBS Trader app and ace forex market investment and trading.

    Get yourself established with FBS and make the most of your money. The broker provides a lot of assistance and it includes the powerful FBS App.

    Check through all the offers and features, compare them all and then choose this broker and its product.

    FBS Mobile App – FAQs

    Here are the most wanted FAQs on FBS Mobile App –

    What is FBS mobile app called?

    Forex broker FBS offers the app called FBS Trader, which is available for use and download for both android as well as iOS users.

    It is one powerful app, packed with the best of items which would contribute to the wholesome experience of trading in forex market.

    Does FBS provide an iOS App?

    Yes, the broker as configured the app to provide to the need of the iOS users as well. This app has earned 4.8 star rating in the app store which is indeed a remarkable fleet it has achieved.

    The app is the personal favorite of a lot of forex traders.

    Is FBS App Free to use?

    Yes, the FBS Trader app is indeed free to use. The app from the playstore, i.e. the android app is free for download.

    The iOS app available in the play store is free to download as well. You can enjoy the added facilities of the app, to the best possible way via the free app.

    How to download FBS App?

    You can hit up the respective playstore of your mobile phone and search for the app. Use the credentials of FBS trader and place search.

    When you find the application, click on the install button and you are good to go. This app is however not available for the windows users.

    What features does FBS Trading App have?

    Constituents of this app are not limited to just the features. They offer great offers such as cashback and joining credits.

    As for the basic features, they are active trading, market monitoring, instant deposits, professional customer support, detailed order information and more.

    Can I trade in Shares via FBS Mobile Trading App?

    Yes, the broker provides the facility of trading in shares feasibly to the clients. You can invest in shares of the company you like and enjoy profit making.

    Take all the factors of shares investment the company provides into account and commence with it.

    Is FBS Android App good?

    Yes, the android app is definitely a great online platform FBS provides. They have won the hearts of the customer base with their features and services.

    The present rating of the FBS trader app in the playstore is 4.6 stars which speak of the quality of the app.

    Does FBS Forex App have EKYC Feature?

    Yes, the app supports the EKYC feature which is a part of the registration process. We suggest you go through the KYC process at the time of availing the live and demo trading account.

    This would ensure unhampered services in all facets of the trading process.

    Does FBS Mobile App provide Tips?

    Yes, the FBS app has tips for traders who require help from the broker and experts.

    Beginners often have difficulty with placing orders and hence, the assistance that FBS provides is quite helpful for them.

    Anyone can avail for the insights from the broker’s end, and then use them to make fruitful decisions.

    How to Buy Currencies via FBS App?

    Buying currencies via the app is placing trade orders. You need to first monitor the currency pair you wish to invest in.

    Then, you must select the one you find profitable. Enter the transaction details as asked at the time of order placement, following which you can place the buy order. 

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