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Check out all details about IQ Option Trading Platform here.

IQ Option is a reliable and highly reputable forex broker. With a wide array of tool selections and multi-functional specs, the platform makes you a smart online trader.

Already millions of people from 210+ countries are trusting and using the IQ Option MetaTrader5.

That’s the key reason drawing both new and advanced traders’ attention to this amazing online broker.

IQ Option has so much to offer its users on its trading terminal, and in this review, we decode everything about it to conclude how it is a pretty good choice for traders.

So without losing a moment, let’s get started.

About IQ Option Trading Platform

IQ Option Trading Platform is the most trusted in the financial market. The awards that this trading platform has earned from 2017 to 2021 in a row prove it.

IQ Option Trading Platform

This trading solution is a finding of European financial service providers from Cyprus that first made headlines in 2013.

Before, IQ Option online trading platform was open to European clients only, which later grew popular due to its brilliant performance, and expanded to serve traders on a global level.

Similarly, now traders from all across the world count the IQ Option trading platform among the best due to its features and dynamic functions.

A wide range of tradable assets e.g.-Forex, Binary Options, Digital Options, Stocks, and Crypto is another key reason behind this.

One can invest in multiple assets at the IQ Option trading portal all at once. Simply create an account, register with the IQ Option, and start your first and forever trade with the IQ Option.

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    IQ Option Trading Platform – Top Features

    Let’s carry on with the discussion and take a sneak peek into the features of the ‘IQ Option Web Trading Platform’ that fuels its success in the market.

    Below we weigh up all the features of the IQ Option trading terminal so you can make a clear decision over choosing this online broker for trading.

    Diverse Investment Products to choose

    The best point about the IQ Option trading platform lies in its diverse investment offering. Users can choose an ideal investment port based on their likings.

    For instance- one can invest in Forex, Binary options, Digital options, stocks, and crypto, all at once through a single interface.

    Mobile App

    The mobile app makes IQ Option a handy and convenient online trading broker. In simple words, one can use the app to carry out some urgent work on pop-up notifications of the app.

    In addition to these minor pros, the app is helpful in lots of other ways.


    IQ Option Trading Terminal isn’t far from educating its users. To simply put, the app comes up with the best tips and suggestions to achieve your trading goal.

    How trading can turn more productive, the platform clears it to you.

    Technical Indicators/Charts

    Technical indicators are undoubtedly the premier thing a pro-level trader looks for before accessing a Trading Platform.

    Since the IQ Option pays close attention to the user’s experience, you can find all these essential indicators and charts for technical analysis once you drop in and start trading with this online broker.

    Practice / Demo Account

    You can’t skip taking a quick trial of any trading platform before you start using it.

    That’s why the IQ Option Online Trading Platform offers you practice and a demo account so you could better grasp all the pointers of the IQ Option.

    24/7 Responsive Customer Support Team

    The customer support team is available to assist you. Simply drop a message, and they connect with you.

    How to Set-up IQ Option Trading Terminal?

    Before you get started, it is vital to first grasp the basic know-how of this IQ Option Trading Terminal. Only then you would be able to work on your trading goal with this online broker.

    In simple words, while registering with the IQ Option, a window will pop up on your screen. It may ask you to choose the account type from the two- Standard account or VIP account.

    Standard account gives you standard access to the features of IQ Option and is recommended for beginners or medium-level traders.

    Similarly, the VIP account is the best choice for traders with a good budget.

    A standard account asks you for $10 initial deposits, whereas a VIP account asks you for $1900 deposits.

    Under a VIP account, you get support from a personal manager as well (additional benefits included). Once you are fully aware of the ideal account type for you, proceed to set up your account.

    Log in and review the interface and options available. Select your investment products, and place your orders.

    Stop loss, multiple orders, take profits, and pre-orders features are available to carry out a strategic trade on the IQ Option Trading Platform.

    (Note: Consider going with the demo/practice account first to clear entire doubts regarding the IQ Option Web Trading Platform and learn how to use it)

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    How to Own IQ Option Web Trading Platform?

    It hardly takes a few minutes for revisions to become an expert in trading with the IQ Options trading platform.

    Still, if you are a beginner, then knowing such nitty-gritty points becomes equally essential.

    Follow these steps to kick-start a wise trading journey with the IQ Option MetaTrader 5 right from the beginning:

    1. Start with the log-in process. Use your e-mail id and password and register with the IQ Option (note: make sure you don’t share it with anyone).
    2. Choose the account type between standard or VIP account and proceed.
    3. Make an initial deposit and enter your account.
    4. Now you’ll see the core interface of the IQ Option on your screen
    5. Navigate through the features, note down every option, e.g., Indicators, charts, and so on.
    6. Now, it’s time to set the investment amount and the desired item for trading.
    7. Make a profound analysis of the type of asset you choose.
    8. Adjust or Leave Selecting the multiplier( an added option that multiplies the profit/loss based on what you earn)
    9. Consider putting stop loss and take profits as per your analysis, and here you go!

    So that’s how you get on with trading at IQ Options.

    Advantages of IQ Option MetaTrader5

    After this thorough review of the IQ Option trading platform, we come up with some remarkable pointers that reflect the advantages of using it. Let’s have a look-

    • The app is safe and backed by reliable and reputed brokers from Cyprus, Europe.
    • Creating an account and starting trading with the IQ Option forex platform is instant.
    • A wide array of features makes it a versatile choice for all-level traders.
    • Buy and sell your favorite assets by choosing from a diverse range of options.
    • Indicators and analysis features help you make strategic moves.
    • The interface is quite engaging and offers similar experiences on both web-based and mobile platforms.
    • The customer support team is friendly and helps users with quick solutions. Demo/Practice account teaches traders how to get started.
    • IQ Option Web Trading Platform also includes educational content on trading with its users.

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    IQ Option Trading Platform – Conclusion

    Without a doubt, you’ll receive the most out of your desires if you break into trading with this well-renowned online trading platform.

    In the review, we have weighed up everything about the IQ Option trading platform that makes it a pretty good choice compared to others.

    That compels us to come up with a positive conclusion about the IQ Option forex platform. From demo accounts, educational content to real-time trading, everything is remarkable.

    IQ Option Trading Platform – FAQs

    Check out all major FAQs of IQ Option MetaTrader 5 –

    Is IQ Option a Reliable Broker?

    Beyond a doubt, IQ Option is a reliable broker and works under CySec as it complies with MiFID.

    Investors’ money stays safe with the IQ Option if they have invested below 20,000 euros as the company operates under Investment Compensation Scheme.

    How to Access IQ Option Trading Platform?

    You can access the IQ Option Trading platform via a Web-based or mobile-based platform (Application). The log-in process is similar and quite simple on both.

    To simply put, you can access the IQ Option from mobile, laptop, desktop, or even tabs.

    Is IQ Option Trading Platform free to use?

    IQ Option trading platform isn’t free to use as the $10(for standard users) and $1900(for VIP users) are asked from brokers.

    However, the download and the log-in are free, and users can access the demo and practice account without spending a single penny.

    How to download IQ Option Trading Terminal?

    Busy traders, for whom it’s difficult to actively monitor what’s running on the desktop or laptop screen for a prolonged time, an IQ Option app has been provided.

    The app is accessible for both iOS and Android users. Similarly, you can install and run the app from your respective Play-store or Apple App store.

    What features does the IQ Option Online Trading Platform have?

    IQ Option offers a variety of features and functions to its users, making it a versatile choice among traders of all levels.

    From special indicators, market analysis tools, educational contents, multiplier (leverage) to some helpful add-ons, you get everything in the IQ Option.

    Can I trade in Shares via the IQ Option Trading Platform?

    Yes, feel free to trade shares, stocks via the IQ Option. Apart from cryptocurrency, binary options, and other investment assets, the platform offers you the opportunity to invest in other asset classes.

    The process remains the same for every trade.

    Is IQ Option Trading Terminal good?

    IQ Option trading terminal is certainly the best thing that every trader seeks. Traders can hit a thorough market analysis and use indicators to make a strategic move with ease.

    Traders can analyze the market of any asset where they are planning to invest.

    Can IQ Option Web Trading Platform be used without EKYC?

    Yes, you can use the IQ Option web trading platform without EKYC, but by doing this, you won’t be able to trade the assets on the platform due to security reasons.

    You can use a demo account without EKYC, but it is a vital step if you are trading via the IQ Option Trading Platform.

    Does IQ Option Trading Platform provide Tips?

    IQ Option is a well-established online broker that offers its users more than just their mere expectations from a trading platform. In addition to standard broker services, IQ Option shares tips and suggestions on varying trading modules.

    For instance- through video tutorials and practice accounts, IQ Option educates its users on how to reach a goal in online trading.

    How to Buy Currencies via IQ Option MT5?

    You can buy currencies in IQ Option seamlessly. Simply click on the (+) icon in the upper left corner of the interface in your trade room.

    Open a new asset and choose the type of currency you wish to trade. Also, select the dollar value of the currency and click on the buy button.

    Use stop loss and further add-on feature to capture some gainful trading experience at the IQ Option.

    Get Free Access to Platform – Open a Forex Account Now!

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